Door to CPO Mess, click to enter

Behind this door is "The Goat Locker". All Non-Chief Petty Officers make sure to remove your cover (hat) and knock before entering.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your visit. You will find lots of useful CPO/Navy information and links on the website. There are over 100,000 plus Chief email addresses in a searchable database available to CPO's only. Lots of other CPO related information including history and traditions, anecdotes, graphics, cartoons, retirement info, a private CPO only Forum and much, much more.

For the visitors with no military background some additional information is necessary. No other armed force has a rate or rank equivalent to that of the United States Navy or Coast Guard. Granted that all armed forces have two classes of service, enlisted and commissioned, however, the United States Navy and the Coast Guard have the distinction of having four (i.e., Enlisted, Bureau appointed CPO, Bureau appointed Warrant and Commissioned. This makes the title "Chief" even more distinctive.

The "Chief" is required to be a fountain of wisdom, the ambassador of good will, and the authority on personnel relations as well as the technical expert. "Ask the Chief" is a household word in and out of the Navy and Coast Guard. Onboard boats, (submarines) ships (haze gray and underway), Naval Air Stations and Coast Guard Stations the quarters (berthing/lounge) area for Chief Petty Officers is referred to as "The Goat Locker", hence the name of this site.

At the top of the page are a few of the different pages available at this site so you can jump right to what you want to see. Oh by the way, make sure and sign the Deck Log on one of the pages to record your visit.

MMCM(SS) Greg Peterman USN Ret. founded this website in 1993 and has maintained it since. He donates the many hours of his time to maintain this site as a gift back to the CPO community. This website is not a business of any kind but rather just a website for all Chiefs to enjoy.

All comments, suggestions--what we should or could be doing--what needs to be improved or discontinued--what you think--what you don't like--what you do like--are welcome at all times.