CPO 100 year anniversary patch CPO Initiated and Proud Navy Chiefs, Navy Pride patch The Chief's Fouled Anchor

The Fouled Anchor is the emblem of the Rate of Chief Petty Officer of the United States Navy. The fouled anchor has long been the symbol of the Chief Petty Officer. In terms of the Chief, the fouled anchor symbolizes the trials and tribulations that every Chief Petty Officer must endure on a daily basis. Attached to the Anchor is a length of chain and the letters U.S.N. To the novice, the anchor, chain and letters only identify a Chief Petty Officer of the United States Navy, but, to a Chief, these have a more noble and glorious meaning.

The "U" stands for Unity, which reminds us of cooperation, maintaining harmony and continuity of purpose and action.

The "S"stands for Service, which reminds us of service to our God, our fellow man and our Navy.

The "N" stands for Navigation, which reminds us to keep ourselves on a true course so that we may walk upright before God and man in our transactions with all mankind, but especially with our fellow Chiefs. The Chain is symbolic of flexibility and reminds us of the chain of life that we forge day by day, link by link and may it be forged with Honor, Morality and Virtue.

The Anchor is emblematic of the hope and glory of the fulfillment of all God's promises to our souls. The golden or precious Anchor by which we must be kept steadfast in faith and encouraged to abide in our proper station amidst the storm of temptation, affliction and persecution.Back To Top

Chief Petty Officer Deck Log and Email Addresses

In this area you can sign the Deck Log and search for Shipmates. While there be sure to sign the Deck Log. Ensure you include in your Deck Log entry your rate and duty stations. This makes it easier for shipmates to search for you. The Deck Log is a Chief Petty Officer only listing. Once you sign the Deck Log your email address will be added to the CPO Email address database which contains over 50,000 entries. To help protect my fellow Chiefs from Spam email I have limited access to the database/decklog via email requests for the url. Also those members with access to the password protected Goat Locker Forum can access the database via the Forum. Access to this Email Database is for Chief's only.

If you need to update/change your email address in the CPO Email Database you can email the webmaster MMCM(SS) Greg Peterman USN Ret.

Sign the current Deck Log

If you would like to search the CPO Email Database or view the current and old Deck Logs email the webmaster MMCM(SS) Greg Peterman USN Ret the database/decklog access process will be emailed to you. Access to the CPO Email Database/Decklogs is for CPO's only. All those requesting access will be verified. You will need to send your dates of service and the year you made Chief with your request. If you are not a CPO don't even ask as there are no exceptions. You can search by name or by rate. This database is here for finding shipmates not to send advertisements or solicitations to your shipmates. Please respect their rights and do not use this database for commercial purposes. This level of security is needed to protect all Chiefs.

Chief Petty Officer Forum

You can post messages looking for old shipmates, questions for other CPOs or just share a sea story or ???????. Access to the CPO Forum is for CPO's only. All those requesting access will be verified. If you are not listed in the Goat Locker CPO Email database you will need to send your dates of service and the year you made Chief with your request. If you are not a CPO don't even ask as there are no exceptions. If you are a Chief and want access to the Forum, email the Webmaster MMCM(SS) Greg Peterman USN Ret and you will be emailed the registration information.

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Warfare Communities/Qualifications

Links are provided to sites with information pertaining to each individual warfare specialty or qualification. Every attempt has been made to provide some information or a link to each community. If you know of a Web Site for more information please forward it the Goat Locker. Click on the warfare device picture for additional information.

Navy Enlisted Warfare/Qualification Pins

Sub pin

EAWS pin

Submarines Surface
Warfare Specialist
Warfare Specialist

CB Warfare pin

Navy Parachute Jumper

Naval Aircrew pin

Seabee Combat
Warfare Specialist
Navy Parachute Jumper Navy Air Crewman


EOD Combat Aircrewman SEAL

SSBN Deterrent Fleet Marine Force Integrated Undersea Surveillance System

Special Warfare Combat Crew

Deep Submergence Diesel Boats Special Warfare Combat Crew
Small Craft
Small Craft

Craft Master Master Diver
Expeditionary Warfare Cyber Warfare
Expeditionary Warfare

Information Dominance Warfare Specialist

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Tributes to our fellow Chiefs lost in the line of duty

Chief Petty Officers that have given all in support of their country.

CPO Gift/Retirement Items

Advertising for CPO Related items for Sale. Advancement/Retirement gifts, Shadow boxes, rings, challenge coins, clothing etc. Please note the Goat Locker website does not sell anything but does allow these ads for companies owned by CPOs. This page is the only location on the Goat Locker website that any advertising is allowed. Back To Top

Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund


In November 1994, the USS CHIEF (MCM14) was commissioned in honor of the dedicated service of the Chief Petty Officer Corps of the United States Navy, as well as for the honored wartime service of her namesake, USS CHIEF (AM315), and she sails today as a testament to tradition. The planning and all subsequent activities leading up to the commissioning was an all Chief Petty Officer evolution. One of the significant results of the event was the creation of a Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund (CPOSF). The fund came to fruition with the signing of the Charter of the Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund in January 1998 at the U. S. Navy's Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) in Newport, Rhode Island. Click on the graphic for more information.


Links to Other Resources

Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation

Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

Anchor Scholarship Foundation

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CPO News

This area is for news and Selection Board Messages.

  1. Is this what we really want representing our Mess?
  2. Previous years Chief/Senior/Master Petty Officer Selection Board results.
  3. The FY 2016 Chief Petty Officer Selection Board results.
  4. The FY 2016 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Selection Board results.
  5. The FY 2016 Master Chief and FY 2016 Senior Chief Selection Board results.
  6. The FY 2016 Reserve Master Chief/Senior Chief Selection Board results.
  7. The state of Maryland now has CPO organizational license tags vehicles and motorcycles. More info here.
  8. The state of South Carolina now has US Navy Chief Petty Officer License Plates for vehicles. Contact Jeff Jacobs for more info. More plate info and eligibility.
  9. .