Goat Locker Get Togethers

Goat Locker Great Lakes Muster June 2010

A GREAT time was had by all. The night before AgDon and Donna, Chief Jess, Chiefer's Son and Wife, and my Kathy and I met for a mini-muster in Center Point, Iowa so Jess could have one of their famous plate size tenderloins. Special THANKS to Jim Adams for hosting the Great Lakes Muster.  The Chief's Mixer at the Great Lakes Chief's Club on Wednesday night was a lot of fun and attended by a lot of Great Lakes active duty Chiefs including the NTC CMC. Thursday Jim and the guys toured the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  My bride and I passed so we could shop at the Navy Exchange.  I bought a new set of Dress Blues - both the sizes and prices have gone up considerably since I retired in 1985. I had to leave for the Iowa State VFW Convention early Friday AM.  I am sorry I missed the Navy Recruit Graduation planned for that day. I'm already looking forward to next year's Muster in Reno!  

Best regards,  

Rick aka Rick412