Goat Locker Get Togethers

Phoenix Mini-Muster on 9 Jan. 2008.

Musters like this are great. Names and faces can be matched.
There was NO bs-ing allowed, so everything was this is a no $hitter.
Everytime a sea story was being told, no one listened. They were thinking of a better one.
All in all, everyone enjoyed themselves, and new friendships were launched.
Those present for muster were Duane Clifton (grampturk) and wife Marcy; Tom Landreth (chiefer) and wife Marlis;
Hans Brakob (RMCM-Hans) and wife Colleen; Walt Blackburn (yoyo) and wife Jackie; Clark Osburne (ozzie); and Duane Bledsoe.

The Banner

Hans Brakob, Walt Blackburn, Clark Osbourne

Duane Clifton & Duane Bledsoe

Duane Bledsoe & Tom Landreth