Goat Locker Get Togethers

Clakamas Get Together

Last week I had the honor of meeting up with two examples of our Active modern Navy and I am proud to have been in their company. We meet in the Clakamas Town Center. Portland Ore, a common area for such an event. When I first saw these two smiling shipmates grining from ear, these young kids surely werent, the shipmates that I came to meet up with. I then realized, that I have become as old as the old fogey I see in the mirror each morning to start the new day. Mrs Jones also was a delight with her warm welcome and reminded me of my wife of fifty seven years . Wish now that she would have accompanied me to the meeting, to meet my new friends.

I have mentioned earlier in one of my posts, my memory of the long remembered occasion of my being notified that I was appointed Chief Petty Officer Acting Appointment, Nov 1943. We were in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and had just returned from some action oversea's, in the Med. Chief Eng. called me into his room, shook my hand and said "Go get yourself some proper uniforms." A very formal occasion.---- During my Get Together with Jonesy, Gator Sailor and Denice I was presented with a Coin similiar to the CPO Initation Coin with a speech from Jonesy that sent a chill up the back of my neck and left me speechless. Thanks for the kind and memorable words you three and also the respect and friends and shipmate's I have acquired in the "Goat Locker'----Go Navy-----Smitty

Scott, Smitty, Denice and Jonesy

Scott, Smitty, Jonesy

Scott, and Smitty

Scott, Denice and Jonesy



Scott, Smitty, and Jonesy

Denice and Jonesy