While her Sailor answered the call from the Sea, she stood on the shore fighting down the fear that he would not return.

In his absences, she has had to deal with car repairs, home maintenance, financial worries, children's injuries and illness .....

All these and more she has taken in stride so that her Sailor could proudly serve our nation.

Today the Sideboys are posted and the Boatswain stands ready to pipe.

And as she has for so many years, a Sailor's wife stands waiting on the shore.

Soon the pipe will sound and her Sailor will come ashore for the last time .....

his watch stands relieved ..... so too, does hers.

We gratefully honor her courage and steadfastness and offer our best to the both of them for the new life they now begin.

Author Melinda Baker wife of Ken Baker AMEC [AW] Retired