The flag presentation ceremony performed at retirements. This is a very touching ceremony- there is never a dry eye in the house if the ceremony is properly performed. Flag ceremony participants always wear gloves and it takes practice to get it right. A good MC is a must. The text of "Olde Glory" is divided into the number of segments needed to represent each of the ranks held by the retiring member during his/her career. .

MC: "Flag ceremony participants, post!"

MUSIC: Low volume - Navy Hymn.


Seaman/Fireman Recruit:
I am the Flag of the United States of America. My name is OLDE GLORY.

I fly atop the world's tallest buildings I stand watch in America's Halls of Justice.

I fly majestically over Great Institutions of Learning.

I stand guard with the Greatest Military power in the World.

LOOK UP! and see ME!!!

Seaman/Fireman Apprentice:
I stand for Peace Honor Truth and Justice.

I stand for Freedom!!

I am confident I am arrogant I am proud.

When I am flown with my fellow banners, my head is held a little higher - my colors are a little truer


I am recognized all over the world.

I am worshipped - I am saluted - I am respected - I am Revered - I am loved - I am Feared!!

Petty Officer Third Class:
For more than 200 years, I have fought in Every battle of Every war;

Gettysburg, Shiloh, Appomattox, San Juan Hill, The Trenches of France, the Argonne Forest, Anzio, Rome, The Beaches of Normandy

Petty Officer Second Class:
the jungles of Guam, Okinawa, Tarawa, Korea, Vietnam and in the heat of the Persian Gulf and a score of other places.

Long forgotten by all, but those who were there with me.

I was there.

Petty Officer First Class:
I led my Sailors and Marines,

I followed them, I watch over them, they Love Me.

I was on a small hill on Iwo Jima.

I was dirty battle torn and tired but my Sailors and Marines Cheered Me!!!!


Chief Petty Officer:
I have been soiled burned torn and trampled on the streets of countries that I have helped to set Free.

It does not Hurt for I am invincible.

I have been soiled burned torn and trampled on the streets of my own country

And when it is done by those whom with I have served in battle. It HURTS!!!

But I shall Overcome for I am strong!!

Senior Chief Petty Officer:
I have slipped the surely bounds of earth and, from my vantage point on the moon,

I stand watch over the New Frontiers of Space.

I have been the silent witness to all of America's finest hours.

Master Chief Petty Officer:
But my finest hour comes when I am torn into strips,

To be used as bandages for my wounded comrades on the Field of Battle

When I fly half mast to Honor my Sailors and Marines

and when I lie in the trembling arms of a Grieving Mother - at the graveside of her fallen son or daughter

I am proud!

My Name is "Olde Glory" Long May I Wave Dear God, Long may I wave.

MC: "Flag ceremony participants - dismissed."

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