Ode to the Air Traffic Controller

The Final Recovery

Authored by Bruce J. Herman, CDR, USN (Ret)

Rotating beacon is off, no flight quarters to
sound, but another AC is retirement bound.

Tonight we'll crack a keg or two,
gather 'round, drink a toast to you:

We'll toast close intervals, airborne refueling,
accurate ramp times, days that were grueling.

We'll lift our mugs to no-gyros, no TACAN, no radio,
unsafe gear, sometimes laughter, sometimes fear.

We'll toast eve-day-mids, lost aircraft found,
radar hand-offs, the quick turnarounds.

We'll toast liberty calls, the fun we had,
past Shipmates, times both good and bad.

So with this toast we bid a fond farewell….
your "time on position" has passed.

And regardless of what the future holds,
these memories with you shall truly last.