Navy Wife

Turning through the pages of their book
Glancing at their pictures, I stopped to look
With her looking glass in hand, she begged me to stay
And stepped from the portrait - much to my dismay
She quietly spoke, "It was a hard but good life
In my role as a Navy wife"

"Come sister," she said, "look through yesteryear
You have much to learn and little to fear."

The glass mists to a time long before
This life of a military wife we explore
To her beloved she was wed
But left alone in their marriage bed
As he pursued his mistress at sea
While protecting our Land of the Free.

We traveled together our tight knit band
Stumbled around our native land
Always orders sending them here and there
The little ones born to this life they share
From waves along Hawaii's sun kissed coast
To the muddy waters of the Mississippi Ghost.

It was her template at each place
The imprint of honor upon which we trace
The communities cleaner and the schools
Even ones that made the rules
Acknowledge her commitment in it all
Her military pride shinning while standing tall

"Yes," she proclaimed, "they called us the weaker sex
But, our nests we do protect
As our Sailors belong to Sail
Without their comfort - we prevail
It is a life that's hard
For those with the brown ID card"

And when the mirror turned to glass
She whispered, "My time to serve has past."
It is your turn to pass the test
Give it your all! Give it your Best!
The citizens, they'll never understand
Your role and sacrifice for their freedom in this Land.

(Author Unknown)