"When Military Wives Say I Do!"

By Dianne Collier

There once was a lady who said "I do"
But to what she was agreeing she didn't have a clue
For when cupid shoots his arrow
And it's right on the mark
How could she know life would be a lark?

She married a serviceman strong, proud and true
And her life became one of I do, I do, I do!
"I do" she said as she fixed the car
"I do" she shouted over the snow blower's roar
I should have known in this life I'd go far
I married a serviceman and fight my own wars!

Who's taking all the kids to hockey outdoors?"
"I do every week", she says from her door
While drying tears the kids have in abundance
Because Dad's not there to be in attendance.

For when hubby says ‘goodbye' and the tears are all done
She pulls up her sleeves and knows she's the only one
Who can look after family, home and all
While friends and relatives think she's having a ball!

She becomes mother and dad and all it entails
While exhausted she waits, biting her nails
Waiting for the day when he'll return
Just to see him, for his presence she yearns.

To be in his arms, that fit like a shoe
All the while exclaiming "I do, I do, I do!"

Last Preventive Maintenance December 30, 2005