Engineers Lament Going Ashore

Avast ye swabs, lands in sight-make haste in sail for we land tonight and in the morn at break of day, we’ll man the rails and gangplank way.

The Bos’ns pipe will trill and shrill—as we send a shipmate to the shore, there to remain forever more.

Tonight we’ll crack a keg or two, gather round and drink a toast to you.

We’ll lift our mugs away up high, for the many years that drifted by.

Remember throughout the many years, you sailed away amidst the tears of loved ones left behind, worried and hoping they’d be fine.

Of our shipmates too, my man, who followed you to many lands, in time their names and faces, will be forgotten as all those places.

But like the morning fog and dew, we’ll endeavor to remember you, and when morning sun lifts the haze, and we sail again for many days you’ll remember us as we will you, until the years leave only a few to recall the good old days, of sailing men o’re the waves.