The Goat Locker

Selection Board Results

CMC, CPO, SCPO, MCPO Active and Reserve Selection Board results. If you have any previous years please forward them to the Goat Locker Webmaster for inclusion.


E8/9 Results

E7 Results

CMC/CSC Results

FY 2025
FY2025 Reserve E8,9

FY2025 Active E8,9

FY2025 Active Legacy E8,9

FY2025 Reserve E7

FY2025 Active E7

FY2025 CMC,FY2025 CSC
FY 2024
FY2024 Reserve E8,9

FY2024 Active E9

FY2024 Active Legacy E8,9

FY2024 Reserve E7

FY2024 Active E7

FY2024 CMC,FY2024 CSC
FY 2023
FY2023 Reserve E8,9

FY2023 Active E8,9

FY2023 Reserve E7

FY2023 Active E7

FY2023 CMC,FY2023 CSC
FY 2022
FY2022 Reserve E8,9

FY2022 Active E9

FY2022 Active E8

FY2022 Reserve E7

FY2022 Active E7

FY2022 CMC,FY2022 CSC
FY 2021
FY2021 Reserve E8,9

FY2021 Active E9

FY2021 Active E8

FY2021 Reserve E7

FY2021 Active E7

FY2021 CMC,FY2021 CSC
FY 2020
FY2020 Reserve E8,9

FY2020 Active E9

FY2020 Active E8

FY2020 Reserve E7

FY2020 Active E7

FY2020 CMC,FY2020 CSC
FY 2019
FY2019 Reserve E8,9

FY2019 Active E9

FY2019 Active E8

FY2019 Reserve E7

FY2019 Active E7

FY2019 CMC,FY2019 CSC
FY 2018
FY2018 Reserve E8,9

FY2018 Active E9

FY2018 Active E8

FY2018 Reserve E7

FY2018 Active E7

FY2018 CMC,FY2018 CSC
FY 2017
FY2017 Reserve E8,9 FY2017 FTS E8,9

FY2017 Active E9

FY2017 Active E8

FY2017 Reserve E7

FY2017 Active E7

FY2017 CMC,FY2017 CSC
FY 2016
FY2016 Reserve E8,9

FY2016 Active E9

FY2016 Active E8

FY2016 Reserve E7

FY2016 Active E7

FY2016 CMC,FY2016 CSC
FY 2015
FY2015 Reserve E8,9

FY2015 Active E9

FY2015 Active E8

FY2015 Reserve E7

FY2015 Active E7

FY2015 CMC,FY2015 CSC
FY 2014
FY2014 Reserve E8,9

FY2014 Active E9

FY2014 Active E8

FY2014 Reserve E7

FY2014 Active E7

FY2014 CMC,FY2014 CSC
FY 2013
FY2013 Reserve E8,9

FY2013 Active E9

FY2013 Active E8

FY2013 Reserve E7

FY2013 Active E7

FY2013 CMC,FY2013 CSC
FY 2012
FY2012 Reserve E8,9

FY2012 Active E9

FY2012 Active E8

FY2012 Reserve E7

FY2012 Active E7

FY2012 CMC,FY2012 CSC
FY 2011
FY2011 Reserve E8,9

FY2011 Active E9

FY2011 Active E8

FY2011 Reserve E7

FY2011 Active E7

FY2011 CMC,FY2011 CSC
FY 2010
FY2010 Reserve E8,9

FY2010 Active E9

FY2010 Active E8

FY2010 Reserve E7

FY2010 Active E7

FY2010 CMC,FY2010 CSC
FY 2009
FY2009 Reserve E8,9

FY2009 Active E9

FY2009 Active E8

FY2009 Reserve E7

FY2009 Active E7

FY2009 CMC,FY2009 CSC
FY 2008
FY2008 Reserve E8,9

FY2008 Active E9

FY2008 Active E8

FY2008 Reserve E7

FY2008 Active E7

FY2008 CMC,FY2008 CSC
FY 2007
FY2007 Reserve E8,9

FY2007 Active E9

FY2007 Active E8

FY2007 Reserve E7

FY2007 Active E7

FY2007 CMC, FY2007 CSC
FY 2006
FY2006 Reserve E8,9

FY2006 Active E9

FY2006 Active E8

FY2006 Reserve E7

FY2006 Active E7

FY2006 CMC,FY2006 CSC
FY 2005
FY2005 Reserve E8,9

FY2005 Active E9

FY2005 Active E8

FY2005 Reserve E7 SelRes

FY2005 Reserve E7 FTS

FY2005 Active E7

FY2005 CMC 1
FY 2004
FY2004 Reserve E8,9

FY2004 Active E9

FY2004 Active E8

FY2004 Reserve E7 SelRes

FY2004 Reserve E7 FTS

FY2004 Active E7

FY2004 CMC 1
FY 2003
FY2003 Reserve E8,9

FY2003 Active E9

FY2003 Active E8

FY2003 Reserve E7 SelRes

FY2003 Reserve E7 FTS

FY2003 Active E7

FY2003 CMC 1
FY 2002
FY2002 Reserve E8,9

FY2002 Active E9

FY2002 Active E8

FY2002 Reserve E7

FY2002 Active E7

FY2002 CMC 1 , 2
FY 2001
FY2001 Reserve E8,9

FY2001 Active E9

FY2001 Active E8

FY2001 Reserve E7

FY2001 Active E7

FY2001 CMC 1 , 2
FY 2000
FY2000 Reserve E8,9

FY2000 Active E9

FY2000 Active E8

FY2000 Reserve E7

FY2000 Active E7

FY2000 CMC 1 , 2
FY 1999
FY1999 Active E9

FY1999 Active E8

FY1999 Reserve E8,9

FY1999 Active E7

FY1999 Reserve E7

FY1999 CMC 1
FY 1998
FY1998 Active E8,9

FY1998 Reserve E8,9

FY1998 Active E7

FY1998 Reserve E7

FY1998 CMC 1 , 2
FY 1997
FY1997 Active E8,9

FY1997 Reserve E8,9

FY1997 Active E7

FY1997 Reserve E7

FY1997 CMC 1 , 2
FY 1996
FY1996 Active E8,9

FY1996 Reserve FTS E8,9

FY1996 Active E7

FY1996 Reserve E7

FY1996 Reserve FTS E7

FY1996 CMC 1 , 2
FY 1995

FY 1994

FY 1993

FY 1992

FY 1991

FY 1990

FY 1989
  • Fy89e7 Navy Times partial
  • Fy89e7 Navy Times partial
  • FY1989 Active E8,9

    FY1989 Reserve E8,9


    FY 1984
    FY1984 Active E8,9


    FY 1978
    FY1978 Active E8,9


    FY 1977

    FY 1977 Active/Reserve E-8,9

    FY 1977 Active E-7

    FY 1976

    FY1976 Active/Reserve E7

    FY 1975

    FY1975 Active/Reserve E7

    FY 1971

    FY1971 Active/Reserve E-8,9

    FY 1969

    FY1969 Active/Reserve E-8,9

    FY 1968

    FY1968 Active E7

    FY 1958
    The Super Chiefs    
    FY 1951

    FY1951 Active E7


    1918 Active E7


    1917 Active E7


    1916 Active E7


    1915 Active E7


    1914 Active E7


    1913 Active E7