Why Do We Honor "Veterans"?

When you see Old Glory waving in a breeze,
When you hear the silence amongst the trees,
When you,to sleep, you lay your head ,
Your dreams can be happy, not filled with dread.

When you gaze upon a starlit night
And are not filled with constant fright
Because across the sky a star is streaking
And not a missile or mortar shell is shreaking.

When in your streets car horns are blowing
Instead of fires from bombs are glowing
When the sound of sirens means help is near
Instead of "hide until all is clear!"

When a wreath is placed in Pearl Harbor
For those still entombed in the water.
When veterans cry remembering this
And all the friends, forever, they'll miss.

When no one speaks while at "The Wall"
Where tears come freely to the small and tall.
Know that group of veterans wouldn't quit,
Even though Americans upon them did spit.

When young ones ask about the flags
Placed gracefully over cemetary tags.
You tell them that veterans answered the call,
To keep us safe, one and all.

When a lump in your throat rises as "Taps" is played,
And a loved one, to rest, is laid.
This veteran's sacrifice did ensure,
That America's freedom would endure.

We honor our veterans because for their own reasons, they chose to serve this country.
We honor them because without them, this country wouldn't be what it is today.
It may not be perfect, but there isn't a greater place on Earth to live.

Ezra W. Sides
MMC(SW), USN(Retired)