Just Another SAILOR

He was just another sailor
Who was called into the war
Among the many heroes
I had seen his face before.

Just barely out of high school
Still wet behind the ears
And called to serve his country
I had felt his Mother's tears.

When they handed him his papers
He stood there like a man
His family, filled with sorrow
They could not understand.

To fight for truth and valor
To make an oath with God
To know of future perils
On foreign soils abroad.

To know the sounds of gunfire
To lay awake at night
To fear the evening shadows
And hope for morning light.

To dread the looming forces
Pressing onward, come what may
To place his life in danger
With every passing day.

He waited for a letter
So many miles from home
Just praying for answer
And feeling so alone.

He was just another sailor
Like many you will meet
A son, a friend, a brother
The boy just down the street.