At the Ironing Board

Ruth M Kemper

When I was young and in my teens
I disapproved of boys in jeans
I didn't like civilian clothing:
I greeted civvy dates with loathing.
I thought that uniforms were best,
And tried to date the men who dressed
In khakis, blues, or whites, or greens,
And, boy, I loved to date Marines!
Still, even Army's somber tones
Impressed my trembling teen-age bones.
But most of all, I thought that sailors
Were a tribute to their tailors,
And when I wed, as many do,
I'd pick a man in Navy blue.

How ignorance is steeped in bliss!
How eagerly I longed for this!
Oh, happy, happy days of joy
Before I met that sailor boy,
Whose whites did gleam like shining armor,
Who stole my heart, the well-fit charmer
Those uniforms that filled my dreaming
Still do, but now they leave me screaming,
For all the balmy summer nights
I curse and groan, and iron whites.
And winter dawns with rosy hues
Find me drearily pressing blues.
And now my son is dressed in jeans,
Unironed, wrinkled, lovely jeans.

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