Navy version of the Hot Rod Race song

Sang to music of Hot Rod Lincoln

Well me and my buddy, ol' Swabby Joe,
took off in a can from ol' Sasebo.
The chow was poor 'n' the fuel was low,
but the doggone can could really go.

Along about in the middle of the night,
we were steamin' along like a tin can might,
when a cruiser behind us blinked her lights,
blew her whistle and pulled to the right.

Well we had twin screws on our old can,
which makes you think that we're in a jam,
but f'you swabs who don't get this kinda jive,
we had six boilers with overdrive.

Now we're tin can men, and we likely knew,
that we'd race all night, 'less somethin blew.
The stern was down from the turn of the screws,
as on through the waves we flew and flew.

Our exec was pale, he said he was sick,
but us tin can men knew he was just a hick.
Why should we worry, what the heck,
that cruiser 'n' us were still neck-and-neck.

Yes on through the ocean we did glide,
a'flyin' low with the throttle wide.
Our skipper screamed and the crew they cried,
but the doggone cruiser was still right beside.

Well we looked over the fantail, where sumpin' was a comin'
we thought it was a jet by the way it was a hummin'.
It was a'comin' along at a terrible pace,
and we knew right then was the end of this race.

As it steamed passed us we looked the other way,
and the cruiser's crew, they had nothin' to say.
For there goin' by was a reserve JG, pushin' a hopped-up LST.