A Sailor's Gone To Sea

by GSEC(SW) Robert Cavalcante Jr.

The time had come to say goodbye,
As sadness filled the air.
Husbands, wives and children cried,
A little piece of each had died,
And each one said a prayer.

The brow was raised, the lines brought in,
The tugs would pull her free.
The whistle blew for all to hear,
But not one person there would cheer,
For their Sailor's gone to sea.

The engines screamed their tortured songs,
As watches checked the skies.
No harm would come to her tonight,
For this is sure, the ship could fight,
And those who sailed her wise.

As days passed on the crew grew strong,
Their confidence was high.
No enemy could touch her now,
None would think to cross her brow,
And no one dare to try.

Their days grew long and wearisome,
The skipper knew the cure.
There's just one thing to ease the stress,
He knew his crew could use the rest,
There'd be liberty for sure!

The port was in a foreign land,
That some had seen before.
They'd show the young ones all the sights,
And try to keep them out of fights,
Then bring them back onboard.

The crew refreshed, the time had come,
To sail the ship once more.
The lines were heaved and stowed away,
In record time was underway,
And sailed away from shore.

The sea had all her lady's charms,
That caused a man to roam.
Far from his home to foreign lands,
Far from his lovely lady's hands,
Into the mists and foam.

The ship would make her presence known,
All nations now would see.
The ship was strong and made for war,
Our enemies would know for sure,
They'd simply leave her be.

The time drew near to end the cruise,
No longer would they roam.
The ship had turned, the crew rejoiced,
And cheered as though a single voice,
The ship was going home!

The day had come, the rails were manned,
As each man's heart had yearned.
To see their loved ones on the pier,
And hear them cry and shout and cheer,
"Their Sailor's had returned!"

But sadness fills another's heart,
Their Sailor's gone to sea.
To take the watch from those now home,
And sail about on seas unknown.
To keep our country free.."

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