Two Crossed Cutlasses

By FCC(SW) Anthony F. McCloskey (2008)

Two crossed cutlasses, the original weapon of the enlisted sailor, representing our role as enlisted warriors….

Rough seas, frozen in time, representing not only the seas we dominate around the world, but also the tireless perils we must endure while at sea, and the constantly changing environment in which our Navy must continue to progress, overcome and succeed.

In the middle, a warship braves the rough seas, symbolizing our steadfast dedication to the Navy core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. Vigilance is our watchword, for we know that complacency is the bedfellow of defeat.

Since the late 1970’s the badge which you have earned, and are being pinned with today has represented the professionalism of all those who have earned it. It is a symbol of those who have taken the time and made the effort to go above and beyond to master all areas of surface warfare as they pertain to their ship.

Your “pin” is something which you should continue to wear with a great deal of pride for the remainder of your career, knowing that it is the mark of a professional sailor. But it does not come without responsibility. Indeed, it comes with the challenge that you keep your knowledge and skills sharp and pass them on to those who have yet to earn their pin.

Today, each and every one of you is officially being recognized as an ENLISTED SURFACE WARFARE SPECIALIST. Walk tall, and where your pin with pride. YOU EARNED IT!

Bravo Zulu on a Job well done.