Chiefs on board the USS Maine ACR-1 circa 1896

This picture was taken of some of the Chiefs on board the USS Maine ACR-1 and in the Chiefs quarters. The Chiefs were just hanging out and relaxing. The picture was taken by a Mr. Edward H. Hart in late 1896. Besides the historical importance of the USS Maine all the Chiefs in the picture lost their lives when the USS Maine was blown up in Havana in February 1898. These Chiefs were also among the first Chief Petty Officers of the US Navy. When the USS Maine exploded and Sunk in Havana, Cuba the total death toll was 260 Sailors and Marines were killed, 232 Sailors and 28 Marines. There were only a total 95 survivors, 83 Sailors and 12 Marines. All Chiefs on board the USS Maine were either killed by the explosion, drowned or who subsequently died of their injuries.

There were no Chiefs listed among the survivors. The Chiefs who died on that day were:
Chief Machinist Becker
Chief Gunner's Mate Brofeldt
Chief Machinist Faubel
Chief, Yeoman Gardner
Chief Yeoman Graham
Chief Carpenter's Mate Hamilton
Chief Yeoman League
Chief Machinist Mero
Chief Boatswain's Mate O'Conner
Chief Machinist Rushworth
Chief Apothecary Sellers
Chief Master-at-Arms White
Chief Quartermaster Wilson

The Identifiable ratings in the photo are left to right:
Seated: Chief Machinist, unknown, Chief Machinist, Chief Gunner's Mate.
Left to right, standing: Chief Machinist, Chief Yeoman, unknown, Chief Carpenter's Mate.
Mate would not be added to Chief Machinist until 1904 when they would become Chief Machinist Mates.