Early CPO Rate Abbreviations
ACRM Aviation Chief Radioman Transmit and receive radio messages. Encipher and decipher messages.
AEM Aviation Electrician's Mate Inspect, maintain, repair and install all electrical equipment in aircraft.
AerM Aerographer's Mate Make weather observations. Read weather codes and signals.
AM Aviation Metalsmith Repair airplane metal parts. Know principles and theory of flying.
AMM Aviation Machinist's Mate Assemble, service and repair airplanes and airplane engines. Splice aircraft wiring. Know principles and theory of flying.
AMMC Aviation Machinist's Mate C Aviation carburetor mechanic.
AOM Aviation Ordnanceman Handle and take care of all aviation weapons.
ARM Aviation Radioman Operate radio transmitting and receiving equipment of naval aircraft.
ART Aviation Radio Technician Maintain all aviation radio equipment.
B Boilermaker Fit pipes, make repairs in boilers. Know construction of marine boilers and fireroom safety precautions.
Bgmstr Buglemaster Know all bugle and drum calls and honors rendered. Lead and instruct a corps.
BkR Baker Operate ovens. Do any kind of baking.
BM Boatswain's Mate Work with canvas and hoisting with block and tackle. Handle rope, wire, and anchor chain. Handle power and sail boats. Steer ship and chart courses. Direct salvage.
Bug Bugler Play in a bugle and drum corps. Know bugle calls and honors.
CK Cook Take charge of galley.
CM Carpenter's Mate Use hand and power tools. Take charge of ship ventilation, painting, watertight control, drainage. Understand shoring and drydocking.
COX Coxswain Work with canvas and handle boats. Know signaling.
EM Electrician's Mate Use electrical tools and repair electrical equipment. Charge storage batteries. Wind armatures. Stand watch on main gyrocompass and in main control room of electrically driven ships. Repair telephone circuits. Apply first aid in case of electrical shock.
F Fireman Fire and tend boilers. Operate, adjust and repair pumps.
FC Fire Controlman Stow, inspect and repair fire control instruments. Take charge of fire control equipment. Know electricity - A.C. and D.C. Man fire control stations.
GM Gunner's Mate Take charge of gun and crew. Assemble and fire all types of guns. Handle ammunition. Handle mines and depth charges.
HA Hospital Apprentice Know minor surgery, first aid and nursing. Maintain sanitary conditions.
M Metalsmith Make plans, time and cost estimates. Work in copper and brass. Temper metals, repair damage. Test for watertightness.
ML Molder Equip and work in foundry. Make castings. Use molding tools. Operate oil furnaces.
MM Machinist's Mate Operate main and auxiliary engines. Adjust, repair, and overhaul engines. Be familiar with ship's drainage systems, distilling plants, evaporators and pumps.
MMS Machinist's Mate S Shop machinist.
MoMM Motor Machinist's Mate Operate machine tools. Operate and maintain internal combustion engines and engine auxiliaries. Knowledge of pressure and air systems. Be familiar with electrical apparatus.
PhM Pharmacist's Mate Take charge of sick bay. Do minor surgery and administer simple medicines.
PhoM Photographer's Mate Organize and direct operations of Naval photographic units. Operate motion picture machines. Develop negatives and make prints.
PR Parachute Rigger Pack and repair parachutes. Parachute jumping experience.
Prtr Printer Take charge of ship's printshop, set type. Read proof.
QM Quartermaster Steer ship and take soundings. Use range finder. Plot bearings. Know signal control and navigation. Send and receive International Code by blinker, searchlight and semaphore.
RdM Radarman Stand radar watch and operate radar equipment.
RE Radio Electrician Maintain radio equipment.
RM Radioman Transmit and receive radio messages. Encipher and decipher messages.
RT Radio Technician Maintain radio equipment.
S Seaman Know naval drill duties, knots, steering and signaling. Stand watch and gunnery duties.
SC Ship's Cook Supervise and prepare cooking.
SF Shipfitter Use hand and machine tools for steel metal work. Bend, repair and fit pipes. Operate fire extinguishers and rescue breathing apparatus.
SK Storekeeper Take charge of ship's storeroom. Issue and account for stock and clothing.
SKV Storekeeper V Aviation Storekeeper.
SM Signalman Stand signal watch on bridge. Identify flags. Use blinker, searchlight and semaphore. Use range finder, searchlights, signal apparatus.
SoM Soundman Operate special sound equipment.
StM Steward's Mate Serve at table in officers' mess.
TM Torpedoman's Mate Lubricate, assemble, charge and fire torpedoes. Lay mines and drop depth charges.
WT Water Tender Take charge of fireroom when under way. Maintain, repair, and overhaul boiler system.
Y Yeoman Take charge of ship's office. Take dictation, write Navy letters. Prepare reports and keep personnel records.

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