This Chief

by LCDR Ryan King as guest speaker at the retirement ceremony of HMCM (SW/AW/FMF) Anna Sanzone (ret).

This Sailor was once asked the secret of his success,

I responded without hesitation – This Chief

This Chief, she noticed something deep inside of me,

Potential, Character, Leadership – perhaps it was all three

This Chief, she was salty, could smoke and curse and fight,

She alone was there the day I told the LT she wasn’t right

This Chief’s expectations though high as the sky,

Were not meant to be reached alone, she would be the guide

This Chief, she invested in the future of the Navy and in me,

When she took note of something deep inside and helped to set it free

This Chief gave me the opportunity to succeed in every way,

She is a major reason why I am where I am today

This Chief is coming ashore today, bidding the Navy ado,

But she will always be a Chief to me…and hopefully to all of you