Ode to a U.S.Navy Chief Petty Officer

There are many ratings and ranks in a U.S. Naval Force;
and none are considered inferior as a matter of course.
They are justifiably worthy and deserving of any crew;
one rate stands out especially because it's tried and true.

The year 1893 was the origin of the modern Navy Chief;
since that time there has been comforting sighs of relief.
Conformity of orders changed abruptly from the past;
and the real backbone of the Navy was created at last.

A disciplinarian yes, but also a comrade and shipmate;
with special expertise and know-how tied to a crew's fate.
The Chief expects trust, loyalty and especially compliance;
for they know that is necessary to create an alliance.

A Navy Chief stands out symbolically, alone or in a crowd;
their bearing is usually exceptional, confident and proud.
When there are problems in a task a Chief will find a way;
Specialists look to their Chief to get them through the day.

Bakke, Hans C.P.O.[P.A.] U.S.N. WW2
April 21, 2004

I enlisted in the Regular Navy on 12/22/41 at age 18 [#224 52 57] and included all grades from Apprentice Seaman through Carp.Mate 1st Cl. and made Chief Carpenters Mate [AA] during my 20th year of age and CCM [PA] one year later at age 21. Included in my service record is a Commendation for "Outstanding performance of duty prior to, during and subsequent to the D-Day invasion of Normandy " at Omaha Beach.


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