How To Be A Master Chief

I'd be a Master Chief on a ship that sails the sea.
I'd like to wear that uniform, a youngster said to me.

Said I, Let's ask the Master Chief what a youngster has to do,
who wants to be the Master Chief of a vessel and her crew.

There was a twinkle in his eye as unto us he said,
Well, first I lugged an anchor chain until my hands were red.

I scrubbed the decks and learned the ropes and trundled bales down below.
I washed the dishes for the cook, but that was years ago.

I carried slop and polished brass, when I was young like you.
There wasn't anything about the ship I didn't do.

I stokered and I learned to oil, and in a year or two,
They let me take a trick at the wheel, which I had longed to do.

And well I mind the happy lump, which came into my throat,
The day they made number one of the number seven boat.

I served as a Petty Officer for several years, or more,
And by and by a Chief Petty Officer's uniform I wore.

And when I learned a little more on the deep and by the bars,
My Captain recommended me to wear the Master's stars.

So, when you see a Master Chief in his braided uniform,
It means he's been tried below and tried above in a storm.

He's had many years of service in the crow's nest, and in the hold,
And worked his way from the bottom up to earn his stars and gold.

Last Preventive Maintenance December 30, 2005