So God made a Chief

And on a bright and sunny day God looked down on his country formed under his name and with his power indivisible, and their mission being justice and liberty for all and said this new nation needs protection. So, God made the US Navy!

God said I need this Navy to be honorable, courageous, and committed to its mission. I need it to be manned with brave men and women who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice when asked to. So, God made the US Navy Sailor!

God looked upon what he had done and was pleased. He saw a brave young nation protecting its self and offering aid to other nations in need, he saw young men and women working together for one common goal and he saw enlisted and officers building legacy’s that will never be forgotten.

As the evolution of our Navy continued, its daily missions, objectives and successes becoming more and more God saw another need. God saw enlisted Sailors needing guidance and Naval officers needing someone to make this Navy run. God said I need someone to lead these sailors, listen to their concerns, guide them in times of challenge and help build them into future leaders of others. I need someone to have answers or know where to get them, I need someone to help the leaders of our Navy know what the enlisted sailors are facing, feeling, capable of and committed to. I need someone to help bridge the gap between officers and enlisted, take the orders of those appointed over them and make them their own yet advise those leaders with respect, when those orders seemed flawed or lacking additional details, yet following those orders even when they could not be changed. So, God made a Chief!

God looked upon what he had done and was pleased. The US Navy flourished even more and capitalized on the experience of seasoned sailors by letting them lead and giving them more opportunities to advance their career. Yet as times change so do needs and God saw again a need for additional leadership. He saw Chief’s and Senior Chief’s needing someone to go to, He saw questions they needed answered and advice they wanted to hear. He saw a need for someone who was willing to take complete and ultimate responsibility for the actions of their sailors and also direct, lead, mentor, and hold accountable their own mess brothers and sisters. He needed someone who would be the first one here in the morning, the last to leave, know how to evaluate indiscriminately, give advice to anyone regardless of rank with tact, be married to their significant other and the Navy and be successful at both while loving them with the same passion, bleed blue and gold and red when needed but showing none of the pain this inflicts, be real and approachable, shed a tear when needed yet hold them back when capable. So, God made a Master Chief! And he looked on what he had done and was pleased.