Ode to the Goat Locker

By AGCM Fred Baillie
alias Dancing Bear
and Goat Locker CMC for 2000

An Ode to the Goatlocker...

We joined the NAV and did our time
The years went by so fast.
We served at sea and then on land
those wonderful navy years...soon became our past.

The next career brought dollars many
They seemed to flow like wine.
But it wasn't the same...no fun...no pride
CIVLANT...it's anything, but divine.

Then one day as we surfed the net
We found by happen stance.
This site for chiefs, both young 'n old
So happy, we wanted to dance.

We owe so much to that bubblehead
Who made it all come true.
He built this site to bring us back
And it's just for me and you.

In the mess again, we take our seat
Our coffee cup is full.
We can spout and fume or sit 'n listen
it's great to shoot the bull.

We meet old friends from days gone by
new mates too, it's really swell
we chew the fat...praise those we like
And the rest can go to hell.

There are some rules we all observe
Porno cussing brings dark frown.
We show respect and turn our cheek
And Goats don't lie... lest our story run aground.

Yes, we've found that home... for most long gone
The Goatlocker makes all feel great.
Well done Master Chief for a helluva job
Big BZs and kudos, Greg... we luv ya shipmate !!