I retired as a Chief Hospital Corpsman 31 March 01. At that time a fellow Chief asked me who I was intending to give my Chief's anchors to. I had a problem with this for two reasons: one- I couldn't see GIVING my hard-earned anchors to anyone; two- I had some difficulty deciding on one single person to bestow that honor on. So I decided to honor two of the most deserving First Class Petty Officers in our command with one anchor each and wrote a short presentation letter that would instruct them how to obtain the other anchor.

One Gold Anchor

11 January 2001

Presented to HM1(SW) Firstperson

I present to you One of my Gold Chief's Anchors

The matching Anchor goes to HM1(SW) Secondperson

I give you this Anchor because I see a potential in you to become a Chief Petty Officer

I give you only one, however, when you need two.

Giving one means competition. You must compete for the other...

As it should be.

I can give you one, you must earn the other...

As it should be.

By earning the other you will understand the value of the achievement and not take it for granted...

As it should be.

I wish you success in your future Naval Career.

HMC William L. Obenour, Jr.