Dear Lord...

-- So far today, God, I have lived my life as you would intend.

-- I haven't lost my temper.

-- So far I have not even grabbed the Chief's Mess Cook by the throat, like yesterday.

-- I have said nothing insulting or humiliating to any of the junior officers.

-- I haven't bitched about the coffee, the ship's schedule, the watch bill or Saturday's Personnel Inspection.

-- I have told no lies...

-- I have not cheated at poker.

-- I have put no ship's tools in my personal toolbox.

-- In short God, I believe that so far today I have committed no grievous sins.

-- Thank you, God, for helping me to stay righteous so far. But Lord, it's almost 0600 and in a
little while I'm going to roll out of my bunk and after that I think I will need a lot more