The Chief of the Boat

Here's to the sailor called COB, that stands for Chief of the Boat.
He's generally the oldest and smartest of all the old goats afloat.
There have been many like him down through the years, they have served on subs far and wide,
and when work parties are needed from him you cannot hide.
He's the senior Chief on board the boat, on him the officers rely, if they can't get something done real quick to him they run and cry.
This makes him mad that they have to do this, to them he says," Aye, Aye"
He heads for the trouble spot, he yells, snarls and bellows and after a minute of this all you see is navy asses and elbows.
He don't take no guff, no grap, or back talk, you better do as your told, he don't like his sailors to be cockey, surley or bold.
It only takes once to cross the COB and you will never see a sorrier gob.
But if you do the best that you can and give your all to the boat, why he can be the nicest old guy you ever met afloat. Without them who knows what would happen, Chiefs are vital to the Navy it's true, but the smartest and best have taken the test and on submarines they do crew.
So here's to the COB, he ain't pretty, but he knows a lot more than most and if you pay attention to him, someday you'll be able to boast, I learned it all from this old Chief, way back in '53;
He was called the Chief of the Boat, but he was like a God to me.
So get yourselves to working and we'll make our boat the best, I've got to walk this non-qual through and give him a final test.
For I have made the grade you see, I'm the Senior Chief afloat, and my chest swells with a lot of pride for I am now Chief of the Boat. THE END
Dedicated to all COBs past and future, thanks for helping a stupid kid become a man.

Last Preventive Maintenance December 30, 2005