CPO's at Work

Researched by ETCM Vic Jeter

1 Picture

(Photograph in the Library of Congress, Call Number: LC-D4-20670.)

U.S.S. Newark, the apothecary

2 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 59628)

[Chief] Quartermaster R.C. Mehrtens in USS Olympia's pilothouse, circa September 1899. He steered the ship during the Battle of Manila Bay, 1 May 1898. (Note: He was QM1c at Manila Bay.)

3 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 52830.)

Battle of Manila Bay, 1 May 1898. Commodore George Dewey (second from right) on the bridge of USS Olympia during the battle. Others present are (left to right): Samuel Ferguson (apprentice signal boy), John A. McDougall (Marine orderly) and Merrick W. Creagh (Chief Yeoman).

4 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 19-N-14187.)

USS Hist (1898-1911) Chief Petty Officer demonstrates the operation of a Maxim 1- pounder machine gun, circa May 1898.USS Topeka is fitting out in the background.

5 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 03049.)

USS Prometheus (AR-3) Yeomen at work in the ship's Repair Office, circa 1919-20.

Note Chief Yeoman's uniform, telephone on bulkhead, typewriters and "bentwood" swivel chairs.

6 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 03056.)

USS Prometheus (AR-3) Scene in a Carpenters' shop, circa 1919-20, with two Chief Petty Officers and another sailor at work.

7 No Picture

8 Picture

(Photograph in the Library of Congress, Call Number: LC-USE6- D-004247.)

Production. Diesel engines. A diesel engine produced for the Navy at a Midwest manufacturing plant, is inspected by a "five[sic]strip" chief petty officer

9 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-312021.)

Battle of Midway, June 1942. Corpsmen treating casualties on board USS Yorktown (CV-5), shortly after the carrier had been hit by Japanese bombs on 4 June 1942. The dead and wounded were members of the crew of 1.1" machine gun mount # 4, in the center background. They were struck by fragments from a bomb that exploded on the flight deck just aft of the midships elevator. This view looks directly to starboard from the front of the midships elevator. The aircraft crane is at left, with 1.1" gun mount # 3 visible in the upper left corner. Note bearded Chief Petty Officer walking by, flight deck clothing worn by some of those present and fire extinguisher in the lower left.

10 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 97142.)

U.S. Marine Aid Station A casualty receives plasma from a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman at a medical aid station somewhere near the Naktong River Front, during the defense of the Pusan Perimeter, 17 August 1950. Note First Class rating badge stenciled on the Corpsman's jacket. [Note: Stenciled badge is in fact that for a CPO. ---Vic]

11 No Picture

(Photo by: SSgt. Robert Knoll. PhotoID: 20034283013 Submitted by: 15th MEU.)

AN NASIRIYAH, Iraq [April 2, 2003] - Chief [HMC] David Jones of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) holds the two-hour old newborn Rogenia Katham, daughter of Jamila Katham. She was born in the Battalion Landing Team 2/1's Battalion Aid Station after arriving at the 15th MEU's position here.

12 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 92530.)

"Diver being suited-up on the ship's deck, in preparation for an underwater repair job, circa March 1914. Note the diver's telephone headset."

13 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 99834.)

"Partially suited diver (apparently a Chief Petty Officer, judging from the hat he is holding) on board the ship, circa March 1914."

14 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-GK-14209)

Caption: "Operation "Fishnet", Korea, 1952. North Korean refugees on board a U.S. Navy fast transport (APD) after they were rescued by Underwater Demolition Team members, during operations intended to reduce Communist Forces' food supplies by destroying North Korean fishing nets. Chief Petty Officer's jacket (right) indicates that the ship is USS Weiss (APD-135). Photograph is dated 16 September 1952. Note UDT rubber boats in the left background."

15 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # USN 1037076.)

USS Nautilus (SSN-571) Judges from the submarine's crew meet in the wardroom to chose the winning entry in the North Pole flag contest, during her North Pole cruise, 12 August 1958. Those present are (from left to right): Lieutenant John W. Harvey, USN; Chief Engineman Hercules H. Nicholas, USN; Commander R.F. Dobbins, Medical Corps, USN; and Chief Hospitalman John A. Aberle, USN.

16 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # USN 1143149.)

USS Taussig (DD-746) Seaman L.J. Kusak and Senior Chief Gunner's Mate A.A. Epperson, both of USS Dixie (AD-14), install a new 5"/38 gun in one of Taussig's gun mounts, at Subic Bay, Philippines, 1969.

17 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # USN 1172267.)

USS William V. Pratt (DDG-44) Chief Personnelman Julius B. Simmons logs reports of simulated damage on a damage control plan of the ship, during a General Quarters drill, 13-26 May 1978. The ship was then taking part in Operation "Solid Shield 1978".

18 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 50969.)

USS Oklahoma (BB-37) Crewmen holding evacuated children, as refugees are embarked at Bilboa, Spain, during the Spanish Civil War, August 1936. These men have been identified as (from left to right): Lloyd A. Payne (possibly), Chief Petty Officer Fuchs, and Slajus. Note dog.

19 No Picture

20 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-19974.)

Battle of Midway, June 1942. Crew of the Patrol Squadron 23 (VP-23) PBY-5A "Catalina" patrol bomber that found the approaching Japanese fleet's Midway Occupation Force on the morning of 3 June 1942.

Those present are (standing, left to right): Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class R.J. Derouin; Chief Aviation Radioman Francis Musser; Ensign Hardeman (Copilot); Ensign J. H. Reid (Pilot)--on wheel-- and Ensign R.A. Swan (Navigator). Kneeling are (left to right): Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class J.F. Gammell (Naval Aviation Pilot); Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class J. Goovers and Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class P.A. Fitzpatrick. Names are as given on the original photographic mount card, in the custody of the National Archives.

21 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-233267.)

Steward's Mates School, Naval Air Station, Seattle, Washington. Group of trainees, under Chief Steward Robert Nargrove, 26 April 1944. Their rifles are M1903 types. Note the Steward's Mates School flag.

22 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-294865.)

Camp Robert Smalls, Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois. A Chief Petty Officer instructs members of the first class to attend the Negro Service School for Machinist's Mates, 30 July 1943.

23 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-339804.)

Surrender of Japan, 1945. Japanese officers' briefcases are searched for possible weapons, in the wardroom of USS Nicholas (DD-449), as the destroyer carried them to confer with Allied representatives concerning the entry of U.S. and British warships into Sagami Wan and Tokyo Bay, 27 August 1945.

(Note: Chief Petty Officer in center.)

24 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-421187.)

USS Missouri (BB-63). Chief Gunner's Mate W.L. Stull (left) and Ensign R.H. Sprince relay an order to load all guns of turret one, during bombardment operations off Korea, October 1950.

25 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 69785.)

USS Kearsarge (CVS-33). SDCS James R. Dawson presents the commissioning pennant to her last Commanding Officer, Captain Leonard M. Nearman, following the hauling down of the ship's colors during her decommissioning ceremonies, at Long Beach, California, 13 February 1970.

26 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 97073.)

USS Pittsburgh (CA-72). Crewmen slip anchor stoppers in preparation for anchoring. On the order "let go", the anchor detail will knock out the single remaining stopper with a sledge hammer, starting the anchor on its way. Pittsburgh is at the Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington, during her initial post-reactivation trials, circa September 1951. She was recommissioned on 25 September. (Note Chief Petty Officer at left.)

27 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 97088.)

Navy Personnel Round Out Eight Months at UNC Advance Camp. John J. Lukasik, chief yeoman, USN, crosses off March 10, 1952, on a calendar in the Navy Administration Tent at the Base Camp. This date marks the end of the eighth month since the military armistice conferences first began. Along side the calendar can be seen folders containing a complete record of the conferences since their beginning on July 10, 1951. Chief Lukasik has been attached to the Naval Contingent at the UNC Advance Camp since the beginning of the conferences. He is chief petty officer in charge of reproducing and distributing transcripts of the record of proceedings.

28 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 97164.)

Stranding of Thai Frigate Prasae, January 1951. "Thorin, D.W., APC, prepares to take off in his helicopter with another load of survivors from the Thailand corvette, the HMTS Prasae, which ran aground during a blinding snow storm off the coast of Korea. Other members of the helicopters stand guard as the rescue was affected behind enemy lines." (Quoted from original caption) Photo is dated 16 January 1951, but was taken several days earlier. Prasae went aground on the North Korean coast on 7 January 1951 and was destroyed after attempts to pull her off were unsuccessful. Helicopter is a Sikorski HO3S-1 of squadron HU-1. Men guarding the rescue operation are armed with M-3 submachine guns.

29 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 73293.)

Navy Recruiting Office, circa 1914. Two Chief Petty Officers and another sailor in a recruiting office, probably in the New York City area, circa early 1914. Calendars on the wall are for February and April 1914.

30 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 97007.)

USS Princeton (CV-37). Gunner's Mate Second Class W.F. Patton gives the "OK" signal after inspecting one of the ship's 5"/38 twin gun mounts, as she is being prepared for return to service from the Pacific Reserve Fleet. Standing on the deck nearby are Commander C.S. Judson, Jr., (left) and Chief Gunner's Mate L.W. Brugler. All three men had served in Princeton's Gunnery Department prior to her decommissioning in 1949. Photograph was released by the 13th Naval District Headquarters, Seattle, Washington, on 1 August 1950.

31 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 53182.)

Navy Department, Washington, D.C. Navy and civilian personnel in an office in the Main Navy or Munitions Buildings, 1918. Note several Yeoman (F) among the women present and (male) Chief Yeoman in lower left.

32 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 95082.)

Yeomen (F), U.S. Naval Reserve Force. New enlistees receive training in telegraphy from a Chief Petty Officer, at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois, in 1917. Some of these women are in uniform while others are still wearing civilian attire.

33 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 52950.)

Chief Yeoman (F) McBride. Probably taken during the Victory Liberty Loan parade in New York City, May 1919.

34 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-17426.)

Grumman F4F-3 fighter undergoes maintenance on the hangar deck of USS Enterprise (CV-6), 28 October 1941. The plane bears the markings of Fighting Squadron Three (VF-3), including a "Felix the Cat" insignia under the cockpit windshield. The part held by the Chief Petty Officer in the foreground bears the number 3973, and is possibly the Bureau # of this plane (# 3973 was the Bu# of an F4F-3).

Note aircraft propellers stowed in the hangar overhead.

35 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 82712.)

USS Macon (ZRS-5). View in the airship's auxiliary control station, located in the lower vertical fin, circa 1933-1935. [Note Chief Petty Officer at left.]

36 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 90493.)

USS Colorado (BB-45). Chief Petty Officers study books on "Personnel Management", in the battleship's "Chief's Quarters", circa 1923-25.

37 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 102847.)

Chief Specialist Robert William ("Bob") Feller. By a 40mm quadruple anti-aircraft gun mount, probably on board USS Alabama (BB-60) in late 1942 or early 1943. The original caption (released 5 March 1943) reads: "GUN CAPTAIN FELLER -- Bob Feller, one of the finest baseball pitchers of the era, is all set to do a different kind of pitching these days. As a Chief Specialist, he is the captain of a 40mm gun crew aboard one of Uncle Sam's new battleships. The former American Leaguer joined the U.S. Navy as a physical education instructor and later applied for Gunnery School. Subsequently he was assigned to sea duty and here he is -- grin and all -- beside his guns on a cold winter day."

38 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 99450.)

USS Penguin (Minesweeper # 33) close astern of USS Scranton (ID # 3511), as a Chief Petty Officer is "putting the heaving line 60 ft." between the two ships, circa 28 March 1919. Note the line's weight in the air above Penguin's bow.

39 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-652604.)

Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center, Trenton, New Jersey Dedication of the bell from USS Lawrence (DD-250) at the Reserve Training Center, 2 October 1954. Those present in the photograph include (from left to right): Electronics Technician 3rd Class R.F. Gilton, USNR; Dr. H.H. Bisbee, of Burlington, N.J.; Mr. Anthony Greski, Mayor of Burlington, N.J.; Lieutenant Commander C.W. Summers, USN, Commanding Officer of the Reserve Training Center; Chief Yeoman C.W. Green, USNR, Senior Stationkeeper; and Sergeant H.L. Pancost, USMCR.

40 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-GK-11913)

The Sixth Fleet Band, led by Chief Musician Eugene H. Albert, USN Performs on the quarterdeck of USS Salem (CA-139), as the Sixth Fleet's flagship was visiting Toulon, France, early in her 1951 Mediterranean deployment. The photograph was received by the Naval Photographic Center on 18 June 1951.

41 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-GK-3736)

USS Alaska (CB-1). Chief Quartermaster John P. Overholt taking a sun sighting with a sextant from the ship's navigating bridge. Taken circa 6 March 1945, during the Iwo Jima operation. Taking notes on the observations is Quartermaster Third Class Clark R. Bartholomew.

42 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 50183.)

USS Maine (1895-1898). "Gunner's Gang", photographed in one of the ship's torpedo rooms.

Halftoned photograph, published in Uncle Sam's Navy, 1898. (Note Chief Petty Officer with gold lace chevrons and individual at far left who is likely then Mess Attendant and later Chief Gunner's Mate John Henry "Dick"Turpin.)

43 Picture

(Photograph in Library of Congress. Call Number: LC-D4-20534.)

One of the most important of the CPO photographs is this one of the Chief Quarters on the USS Maine taken by Edward H. Hart circa 1896. Aside from the historical importance of the Maine and the fact that some or all of those pictured likely lost their lives when the Maine was blown up in Havana, they have to be among the first Chief Petty Officers of the U. S. Navy and in photographs of that period one of only two I have seen where gold lace chevrons are being worn --- in this one by the Chief Gunner's Mate at lower right. For the other photo, see No. 42, that includes who is likely the same CGM with his "gunner's gang".

Chief Petty Officers on the list of officers, sailors, and marines on board of USS Maine, who were killed or drowned when that vessel was wrecked in the harbor of Havana, February 15, 1898, or who subsequently died of their injuries. There were no Chief Petty Officers listed among the survivors.

Becker, Jakob, Chief Machinist; Brofeldt, Arthur, Chief Gunner's Mate; Faubel, George D., Chief Machinist; Gardner, Thomas J., Chief, Yeoman; Graham, James A., Chief Yeoman; Hamilton, John, Chief Carpenter's Mate; League, James M., Chief Yeoman; Mero, Eldon H., Chief Machinist; O'Conner, James, Chief Boatswain's Mate; Rushworth, William, Chief Machinist; Sellers, Walter S., Apothecary; White, Charles O., Chief Master-at-Arms; Wilson, Robert, Chief Quartermaster.

Identifiable ratings in the photo --- left to right, seated: Chief Machinist*, unknown, Chief Machinist*, Chief Gunner's Mate; left to right, standing: Chief machinist*, unknown (maybe CY), unknown, Chief Carpenter's Mate. (*- mate would not be added to Chief Machinist until later.)

44 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-302108.)

Photo caption: British Supermarine "Spitfire" fighter receives maintenance from mechanics of U.S. Navy Cruiser Scouting Squadron Seven (VCS-7), which used these planes to spot Naval gunfire during the June 1944 Normandy invasion. VCS-7 put their SOC floatplanes in storage while flying "Spitfire"s. Photographed at an English airfield, circa June 1944. Men present are (from left to right): James J. O'Connor; C.N. Pfanenstiel; Chief Aviation Machinist's Mate V.G. Disa; Aviation Machinist's Mate Third Class R.P. Theirauld; and Edmund Pachgio. Photo was received by the Naval Photographic Science Laboratory on 17 February 1945.

45 Picture

(U. S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-325534.)

Photo caption: Japanese Prisoner of War exits a submarine's deck hatch, with the assistance of two Marines and a Chief Petty Officer, as the submarine returns to port following a successful war patrol, circa early 1945. Location is probably Guam. The returning submarine is probably USS Balao (SS-285). Note the name "V.C. Mavis" on the back of the prisoner's chambray shirt.

--- Compiled by Vic Jeter, ETCM, USN (ret.)


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