CO's view of a CPO

The Chiefs support their Division Officers and contributes to their professional development.

The Chiefs cooperate and promote teamwork both within and external to the Chiefs quarters.

The Chiefs take responsibility for their work groups both personally and professionally. Chiefs take care of their Sailors.

The Chiefs manage by walking around. They get around their unit to:

The Chiefs take initiative individually or as a group to develop programs, anticipate problems and to recommend new procedures.

The Chiefs use outside resources. They go outside their unit for help or advice whether it be to the staff, the tender, other maintenance activities, or any other group or individual that can help them get the job done.

The Chiefs represent the command at all times and in certain circumstances, represent the Commanding Officer.

The Chiefs always keep themselves sensitive to situations where they represent self, command, or Commanding Officer, and adjust their actions accordingly.

The Chiefs know that there is a time and place for everything; a time to act and a time to react; a time to speak and a time to be silent; and a time to unite or act alone. Only good judgement can dictate what is appropriate.

The Chiefs know that they are the link in the chain of command, both up and down, that can make or break a team effort. It is a vital link that a Commanding Officer relies on.

Author Unknown