1999 Goat Locker Plank Owners


Enlisted 8/5/52

RTC San Diego Ca 52

HM "A" School Bainbridge Md 52-53

NH, Bethesda Md 53-54

FLDMEDSER School Camp Pendleton Ca 54

Dog Co 1st Med Bn and 1 LVTA's 1st MARDIV , Korea 54-55

3rd LVT's Camp Pendleton Ca 55-56

NNMC, Bethesda, Md 56-59

StaHosp, NavSta Rota Spain 59-62

HM "B" School Portsmouth Va 62

NavFac, San Salvador TWI 63




MCB 133 67- 68 (67 DaNang 68 PhuBai)

NH, Bethesda Md 69

7th Marines 1st MARDIV 69-70 (LZ BALDY)

HQ BN 1st MARDIV 70-71 (Hill 327)


NRMC, Japan 76-79

Retired 10/5/79

GMTC Alonzo S. Lowe

PNCM Tom Leisher

OSCM(SW) Phillip Habib

January 27, 1955 - Enlisted in the Navy in Baltimore, MD

Feb to Apr, 1955 - Boot camp - Bainbridge, Md

Apr 1955 to May 1957 - Naval Air Station, Boca Chica, FL

May 1957 to Jan 1958 - USS Anthony (DD-515)

Jan 1958 to Oct 1958 - USS Lookout (AGR-2)

Oct 1958 to Dec 1959 - Discharged

Dec 1959 to Aug 1961 - Naval Magazine, Cartegena Spain

Sep 1961 to May 1962 - RD"A" School, Great Lakes, Ill

Jul 1962 to Oct 1964 - USS Little Rock (CLG-4)

Nov 1964 to Feb 1966 - Fleet AAW Training Center, San Diego, CA

Mar 1966 - Jun 1972 - USS Fox (DLG-33)

Aug 1972 to Dec 1973 - Naval Publications, Washington, DC

Dec 1973 - Jan 1976 - Naval Education &Training Program Development Center, Pensacola FL

Jan 1976 to Feb 1979 - USS Jonas Ingram (DD-938)

Feb 1979 to Jan 1980 - Naval Education &Training Program Development Center, Pensacola FL

Feb 1980 to Jun 1986 - USS Richmond K. Turner (CG-20)

AOC Roger Austin

Picture was taken aboard the USS Midway CV-41. Chief Austin was the Q/A CPO for VFA-151.

1.NTC San Diego Co.736

2.VA-125 NAS Lemoore

3.VA-125 Desert Rats (NAAS Fallon,NV and MCAS Yuma AZ.

4.NATTC Jacksonville Fl. AO A school.

5.VF-101 DET O

6.VF-31 CVA-60

7.VF-121 NAS Miramar

8.VF-21 CV-61 and CV-43

9.NAMTRAGRUDET 1038 NAS Lemoore Plank Owner


11.HS-12 CV-41

12.VF-151 CV-41

13.VFA-151 Plank Owner, CV-41

14.VRC-50 NAS Cubi PT. R.P.

15.PCU USS George Washington

16.USS George Washington Plank Owner

NAS Back yard Red Wing, Minnesota

MAC Steve Hardy

Enlisted U.S. Army (Hey, nobody's perfect) October 1973.

Served with Company A, 124th Signal Bn, 4th Mechanized Infantry Division.

Honorably Discharged May 1975.

Enlisted U.S. Navy Reserve March 1986.

USS Fife (DD-991), Det 22991 March 86-March 87.

USS Mahlon S. Tisdale (FFG-27) Primary Det 2227, March 87-July 89.

Fleet Hospital 9, Det E July 89-February 92.

(Recalled for ODS January 91-March 91)

Naval Subase Bangor Security Det 2201 February 92-May 96.

Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region 22 Staff May 96-Feb 98.

Fleet Hospital 9 HQ Det Feb 98-October 98.

COMNAVSURFGRU PACNORWEST Staff October 98 to Present.

MSC Barry Watt

PCC Gene R Fanton


Boot camp Bainbridge , Md Co97 1952 Sep, Oct and Nov.


VR1, NAS Patuxent River Md, 1954-1959

USS George Clymer APA27 1959-1964

Naval Hospital , San Diego Calif 1964-1966

USS DALE DLG19 1966-68

USS DIXIE AD14 1968-1969

COMCRUDESPAC, SDIEGO, CALIF, Postal Inspector 1969-1971

My service time was during both the Korean and Vietnam war. Happen to be in Tonkin Golf on USS Dale, when first US ship was attacked by Vietnam. Also had the honor of being on USS George Clymer when it tied up , in downtown Siagon, not to long before Siagon was taken over by viet cong

CTTC Joe Lacey


Great Lakes bootcamp

Imperial Beach, CA (CTR A school)

Bremerhaven, Germany

Cheltenham, MD

(covert submarine duty)

USS Oxford AGTR-1

Rota, Spain

Human Resource Management Center, Virginia Beach, VA

Misawa, Japan

Escapees RV Club is dedicated to providing a total support network for RVers, including the full-time RVing lifestyle.

CTRC Mike Raine

AVCM Oren A Guidry

Current Pentagon OPNAV

LCDR Marvin H Aeder

I am a former Senior Chief Parachute Rigger (Aircrew Survival Equipmentmen), seven years as E7 and E8.. I retired as a LCDR.

AFCM/LCDR George A Everding

Career History

BTCS David A. Wright

RMCM Robert L. Gray

Picture was taken when Adm. Zumwalt presented RM1 Gray the P.H. in Vietnam.

Feb 58 - Entered Active Duty

Mar 58 - USS Taconic (AGC-17) 1st Div. Deck Force

Mar 60 - Service School Command (RM Class A), Bainbridge, MD

Oct 60 - USS Beale (DDE-471)

Oct 61 - USS William V. Pratt (DLG-13)

Dec 64 - U.S. Naval Station, Rota, Spain

Nov 65 - Naval Communication Station, Rota, Spain

Jul 68 - Commander River Squadron Five, South VietNam "PBR Boat Captain - RivSec 523/RivDiv 572/594"

Aug 69 - RM “B” School, Service School Command, Bainbridge, MD

Sep 70 - Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA (9 mo. Vietnamese Language School)

Sep 71 - Naval Advisory Group, South VietNam (Vinh Long/Dong Tam)

Mar 72 - Service School Command, Great Lakes, IL

May 72 - U.S. Naval & Marine Corps Reserve Training Center, Cleveland, OH

Jul 74 - Naval Communications Station, Nea Makri, Greece

Jan 77 - Naval Communications Station, Balboa, Panama Canal Zone

Jan 80 - USS Clark (FFG-11)

Jul 81 - USS Forrestal (CV-59)

Jul 82 - Transferred to Fleet Reserve as RMCM

Nov 85 - Retired

BMCM Jim Gordon

GMCM Dick Nolan

ETC Verne Stucky

SKC John Freiburger

September to October, 1972: Attended Basic Training, Great Lakes Recruit Training. IL (Seaman Recruit)

November, 1972 to May, 1973: Attended Avionics “A” School, Millington, TN (AQAA)

June to August, 1973: Attended “C” School (FRAMP), VF 121, Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA (AQAN)

August to October, 1973: AIMD, Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA (AQAN)

October, 1973 to June, 1976: VF51 (Screaming Eagles), Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA (AQ3)

December, 1974 to July, 1975: WestPac, USS Coral Sea CVA 43 (Hawaii, Philippines, Singapore and Australia)(On station during the Cambodian Evacuation)

July to August, 1976: Drilling Reservist NRC Dubuque , IA (USS Schenectady Detachment) (AQ3)

April, 1979 to March, 1983: Drilling Reservist NRC Dubuque , IA (USS Acadia Detachment) (AT’s: NAS Miramar, CA-3X’s and NAS Glenview, IL-2X’s) (AQ2)

April, 1983 to March, 1984: Drilling Reservist Iowa National Guard Dubuque , IA (Sergeant)

April to September, 1984: Drilling Reservist NRC Dubuque , IA (USS Acadia Detachment) (SK2)

September, 1984 to September, 1993: Drilling Reservist NRC Dubuque , IA (NSD Subic Bay Detachment) (AT’s: NSD Subic Bay, Phillipines-6X’s, NSD Oakland and NSD San Diego, CA) (SK1)

September, 1993 to December, 1999: Drilling Reservist NRC Dubuque , IA (FISC Yokosuka Detachment) (AT’s: FISC Yokosuka, Japan-5X’s and FISC Guam) (SKC)

Present: Drilling Reservist NRC Dubuque , IA (Volunteer Training Unit “VTU”) (SKC)

CPO/LCDR Louis F. Perrinello

EQCM(SWC/SW) John R. Huber

CM/C currently with Amphibious Construction Battalion ONE, NAB, Coronado, Ca.

RDCM George Davis USCG

ETC/CWO2 Victor W. Briggs


CTAC R.M. Broz

STCS(SS) Robert A. Casey

AMCS Jim Frenchy Bedeaux

Military Service: From 1954 to 1976 --- "Duty Stations": 1954-59 @2 NAS Denver; 1959-63 @2 NAS Miramar; 1963-67 @2 USNAF China Lake; 1967-76 @2 NAS Oceana. "West-PAC Cruises: 1959-60, USS Oriskany (CVA-34) RADM "Jumping Joe" Clifton-(Flag) 1961, USS Ranger (CVA-61). "Around the Horn Cruise": 1961, USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) "Shellback & Horned Shellback". "Med Cruises: 1967-1970, USS Saratoga (CVA-60) Two Cruises; 1974-1976, USS Forrestal (CVA-59) Two Cruises. "Aviation Squadrons": VF-142/VF-96 "The World Famous Fighting Falcons", F8's to F4H-1's; VF-31, "The Tomcats", F4B's, AV/Equip Chief; VA-43; "The Challengers", A-4's, A/C Div Chief, Line Chief, Ass't Maint. Chief; VF-11, "The Red Rippers", F4B/J's, Maintenance Chief, Ashore & Afloat, Plus, "Hot-Pad" @2 Key West and "Top-Gun" @2 Miramar. This ole Airdale's got some steaming & Pin-Wheeling time, I'd do it again!.

ABCS Herb Adams


SKC Donald Holland

MSC(SW)Mike Seals

TMCS(SW)Donald Combs

HMCS Robert Bordner

RMCM(SS) James T. Wright

FEB 1954 ENLISTED(quit H.S. 10th Grade)


VW-3, Guam, MI--SA

VW-3, DET ALFA, Sangley Point, PI--Later to become VQ-1--SN(Qual (CAC))

VQ-1, Iwakuni, Japan, Commissioning Crew--SN/RM3


USS Halfbeak SS352, SQD 10--RM3

USS Atule SS403, SQD 4--RM3/2

RM "B" School, Bainbridge, MD--RM2

USS Sarda SS488, SQD 2--RM2/1

USS Abraham Lincoln SSBN602(G), Commissioning Crew, SQD 14--RM1

ALUSNA Oslo Norway--RM1/C

USS Sam Houston SSBN609(G), SQD 14--RMC

USS Lionfish Reserve Training Submarine, Providence, RI--RMC

USS Whale SSN638, SQD 4, Commissioning Crew--RMC/RMCS and Chief Of The Boat


COMSUBFLOT TWO, Subase NLON--RMCM/WO-1 (Navy restarts WO Program)

VQ-3, Guam, MI--WO-1/CWO2 (Save Pay does not work. For Master Chiefs its Frozen Pay)

USS Dace SSN607, SQD 10--RMCM and Chief Of The Boat

JAN 1978 Retired Navy, RMCM(SS)---To help start Sonalysts Inc.

OCT 1982 RCA CORP & Harvard Business School(RCA sent--Senior Executive Training)

MAR 1986 G.E. buys RCA Corp. & Return to Sonalysts

May 1998 Retired Sonalysts Inc, Senior Vice President--To start Enterprise Decisions & Solutions,LLC.

PHCM Robert Furrow

Boot Camp at NTC, Farragut,ID

AO 'A' School at NATTC, Norman OK

NAS, Alameda, CA

CASU (F) 58 and NAB, Sangley Point, PI




NAS, Pensacola, FL

Photo 'BE' and Camera Repair School, NATTU, Pensacola, FL

USS Wasp CV-18

NAS, Pensacola, FL

LANTFLT Comabt Camera Group, Norfolk, VA

Naval Photo Center, Washington, DC

VFP-63, NAS, Miramar, CA

USS Forrestal CVA-59

USNAB, Little Creek, VA

Fleet Photo Center, Norfolk, VA

Retired with 30 years service on 1 OCTOBER 1974

HMCM Gerry Phelps

CTICM(NAC) Richard A. Lundborg

HMC Mike Harms

FTC Stanford Ladner

Enlisted in Navy 14 May 1946

Bootcamp Bainbridge Co 4509

USS Missouri BB-63 1946-1950

USS Roosevelt CVA-42

USS Megara ARVA-6

USS Vega AF-59

USS Guadaclupe AO-32

USS Preston DD-795

USNA Annapolis - Instructor 1960-1966

Retired 1 Aug 1966

GMGC Walter C. Reid

PHCS William A Harper

BMC William Kriekel

PHC Thomas Mackesy

AFCM Al Freeze

1999 & 2000 Plank Owner

Boot Camp, Bainbridge Md Sept 1955

A/N Prep School Norman Ok

A School NATTC Memphis Tn

VA-25/65 NAS Oceana Va (USS FDR and USS Intrepid

NAS Glynco GA

NAF Kenitra Morrocco (Made Chief Nov 1963)

VS-28 Quonset Pt RI (USS Wasp)

NAS Brunswick ME(br> VAQ 130 Det-3 NAS Alameda CA (USS Oriskany)

(Two deployments to FASU Danang RVN)

NAS Barbers Pt HI

VP-48 Moffett Fld CA

NAS Beeville Tx (Retired Nov 1979)

ADC(AW) Zachary C. Zeagler

CSC Irwin B. Barnes

1943 Farragut Idaho Special Assignment

1944 USS Gen M.B. Steward AP-140, USS Okinawa APA-220, COMADPHIBSPAC, USS LCSL 386

1945 US Naval Ammunition Depo Guam

1946 USS PC 1231 Guam

1947 USS Wright Pensacola

1951 R/S NS San Diego Service Craft 1 and 3

1953 Norman OK NATTC

1955 ACB-TWO-2 Little Creek VA

1958 USS Valley Forge CVA-45

1959 NAS Corpis Christi

1962 USS Intrepid CVA-11

1963 USS Utina ATF-163, USS Marias AO-57

1966 Sangley Point PI

1968 NAS Corpis Christi

1972 USS Enterprise CVN-65

1973 NAS Corpis Christi CCI Retired

PNCM Jerry Hays

LNCM(SW) Gary Lemmons

RMC Leo McCluskey

SKCM Carl Lefler

ACC Bill McGrath

Boot camp, San Diego 5-63, Company 196

USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31, Home Port San Diego (flight deck and CATCC)

AC"A" School, NATTC Brunswick, GA

NAS Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico (Control Tower)

AC"C" (GCA) School, Brunswick, GA

NAS Atlanta, GA (GCA-56)

AC"B" School, Brunswick, GA

Antarctic Support Activities, Home Port, Naval Station Mayport, FL (W/O 68/69) (Tower/GCA)

NAS Imperial Beach, CA (GCA LPO)

NAS Lemoore, CA (Approach Controller)

AC"B" (CATCC) School, NATCC Millington, TN

USS Constellation (CV-64), Home Port San Diego, CA (CATTC LCPO)

NAS Lemoore, CA. (Facility Chief)

Retired 9/30/83

RMC John Ellett

CTACS Jim Whaley

MSCS(SW/AW) M.L. Gratton

ETC Edward E. Douglas

HTCS(SW) Charles Sheppard

AGCM Fred Baillie

Enlisted 09 NOV 1954...Federal Building Boston MA.

Boot camp NTC Bainbridge, MD company 352 Nov 54-Jan 55

Aviation fundamentals school Norman OK...Feb 55-Apr 55

Aerographers Mate class A school NAS Lakehurst NJ with a tour of messcooking Apr55-Sep55

NSGA Washington DC/Ft George G. Meade Md Sep 55-May 57

NSGA Bremerhaven Germany May57-Sep58

discharged CIVLANT Oct58- Jan59

NSGA FT George G Meade MD Jan59-Nov60

Aerographers Mate Class B school Lakehurst NJ Nov60-May61

Fleet Weather Central GUAM, M.I. May61-Sep63 (made chief..AGCA(acting)16JAN63)

Naval Air Facility Andrews AFB, WashDC Sep63-Nov64

Fleet Weather Central Suitland MD Nov64-Jan66

USS Forrestal CVA 59 Jan66-May68

Fleet Weather Central Pearl Harbor HI May68-May71

CPOIC NWSED Ellyson Field Pensacola FL May71-Jun74 (advanced to AGCM Sep71)

Naval Weather Service Facility (AG training department) NAS Pensacola, FL Jun74-Jun76

IceReconUnit, Suitland Md Jun76-Jul77

Plankowner USS Dwight D Eisenhower CVN69 Jul77-Aug79

Command Master Chief-author and editor of "the Straight Skinney from the Master Chief", Naval Oceanography Command Bay St Louis MS Aug79-Apr82

Senior Enlisted Academy, Newport RI (first class president of the first real class) Apr82-Jun82

Twilight tour Command Master Chief, Oceanographic Development Squadron(VXN-8) NAS Patuxent River Md...retired 01 March 1985~~30 years and 23 days and loved every minute

OSCS(SW/CC) Al Garza

AVCM Mike Grady

Boot Camp, NTC Great Lakes, IL Sep 1955 – Dec 1955

VC-33, VA(AW)33, VAW-33, NAS Atlantic City.NJ & NAS Quonset Pt., RI, Dec 1955 – Sep 1960

TAD stations while in 33

USS Forrestal CVA-59, USS Essex CVA-9, USS Saratoga CVA-60

NAS Norman, OK Airman “P” School, NAS Lakehurst, NJ, PR”M” & PR”S” A school.

NAS Corpus Christi, TX Oct 1960 – June 1963

NTTC NAS Memphis, TN July 1963 – Feb 1964 AFU & AX "A" School

FAETULANT, NAS Norfolk, VS-30 NAS Boca Chica, Key West Feb –Apr 1964

VS-28, USS Wasp CVS-18 Apr 1964 – June 1967

FAETUPAC, NAS North Island, San Diego June 1967 – Aug 1969

VP-48 NAS Moffet Field Aug 1969 – June 1972

VP-31 NAS Moffett Field July 1972 – Apr 1975

RMCS William (Bill) Shoots

RMC Morris McIntosh






EMCM Donald Johnson

Jun.-Sept. 54 RTC San Diego,

Sept.54-Mar. 55 EM"A" School NTC San Diego,

Mar. 55-Apr. 57 USS Gregory (DD-802) San Diego,

Apr. 57-Jun. 58 Tacoma Group Pacific Reserve Fleet, Tacoma WA,

Jun. 58-Oct. 60 Civilian Life,

Oct. 60-Sept. 63 Service Craft Unit One Vallejo CA,

Sept. 63-Aug. 64 USS Zelima (AF-49) Alameda CA,

Sept. 64-Mar. 65 EM "B" School NTC Great Lakes,

Mar. 65-Feb. 67 USS Witek (DD-848) New London & NewPort,

Made Chief Nov.16 1965.

Feb. 67-Apr. 67 Officer Indoctrination School NewPort RI,

April 67-Mar 70 USS Samuel Gompers (AD-37) Bremerton and San Diego,

Mar 70-Mar 72 Degaussing Sation San Diego,

Mar 72-Sept. 73 USS Mobile (LKA-115) San Diego,

Sept. 73-Feb 75 USS Horne (DLG-30) San Diego,

Feb. 75-Feb 76 Naval Air Station North Island Coronado CA.

17 February 1976 Transfered to Fleet Reserve.

LNC(AW) Al Hedstrom

MRCS George Chase

RMC Aloysius J. Brick

BMCM(SW) Jeff Alcott


ETC James R Hayes, Sr.

NRED 9-17 Champaign, IL

USS Worland PCE 845

ET "A" School Great Lakes, IL

USS Okinawa LPH 3 (Plank Owner)

Nuclear Power School Bainbridge, MD

Nuclear Power Prototype Idaho Falls, ID

USS Enterprise CVA(N) 65 (Operation Sea Orbit & Vietnam)

NRS(T) Dixon, CA

USS Washburn LKA 108 (Vietnam & Decommissioning)

USS Thomaston LSD 28 (Vietnam)

NAS Point Mugu, CA

USS Gray FF 1054

NAS North Island / OLF Imperial Beach, CA

MRC Joe Moore

57-58 USNTC Recruit Training San Diego

58 YFD Mary Ann San Diego

58 MR-A School San Diego

58-61 USS Dixie AD-14 San Diego

61 MR-B/C Schools San Diego

61-65 USS Shenandoah AD-26 Norfolk

65-67 AMD NAAS Kingsville, TX

67-71 USS Samuel Gompers AD-37 San Diego

71-73 AMD NAS North Island Coronado, CA

73-74 USS Thomaston LSD-28 San Diego

74-75 DATC 32nd Street San Diego

After Retirement

76-79 Keyport Torpedo Station Civil Service Keyport WA

79-81 Owned tool and die shop Ballard WA

81-91 PSNS Bremerton WA

91-present Retired on Washington State coast

RMCS(SW) John Reigle

FCCM(SW) Robert H. Pendt Jr.

USS Joseph Hewes FF-1078 77-79

USS Horne CG-30 80-82

GMS Dam Neck, VA 83-86

USS King DDG-41 87-90

SUPSHIP, Portsmouth, VA 90-93

COMSECONDFLT - Flagship - USS Mt Whitney LCC-20 93-97

RSG, Norfolk, VA 97-Present

DCC George Kaiser

July 1968 enlisted in USNR Folsom PA

Sept/Nov 68 - RTC Great Lakes Co 554

Dec 68 - Aug 69 NRSD 4-21 Folsom PA

Sept/Nov 69 DC"A" School NDCTC Phila, Co 6919 (DCFN Nov 69)

Dec 69/July 71 USS Great Sitkin AE-17 (DC3 May 71)

Aug 71/July 74 NRSD 4-21 Folsom PA

Aug 74/Dec 75 broken service

Jan 76/Dec80 USS Corry DD-817, SMR 204 (HT2 Jan 80)

Jan 81/June 89 NAVDAMCONTRACEN, Phila (HT1 Jan 87)

July 89/Nove 91 USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7, Primary crew (DCC 16 Sept 89)

Dec 91/Sept 94 NAVDAMCONTRACEN Phila

Oct 94/Jan 97 FTG Mayport Det 102, Brooklyn NY

Feb 97/Dec99 USNR -IRR

Jan 00 - Retired

AOC Allen L Lester

RPCS John N Booth Jr.

US Navy Retired

SKC Bill Lemocks

USS Wainwright CG-28 Active Duty 1976-1980

USS John Rogers (Navy and Reserve Center Tallahassee)

CB-11, Navy Construction Battalion (NRMC Tallahassee)

CHB-11, Navy Cargo Handling Battalion (NRMC Tallahassee)

NSC Pensacola, Detachment 108 (NRMC Tallahassee)

USS Flatley (Active duty 1991- selected for chief)

Defense Depot Region East (DDRE), NAS Jax

DLA Contingency Support Team, Operation Joint Guard (Active Duty 1997)

Defense Remediation Team DRT Jax (DRMO Jax)

DRMO Panama (active duty 1999)

AGCM George Soulia

HMC(FMF)Bill Penrod

Boot Camp, HM "A" School, Jun 68-Nov68


USS SANCTUARY (AH-17) Jul 69-Jul 70

Break in service Jul 70-Jan-71

NAVFAC Cape Hatteras Feb 71-Jun 74

USS AJAX (AR-6) Jun 74-Dec 75

TDY Schools Jan 76-Apr 76

NAVRESCEN Duluth, MN May 76-May 79 (Made Chief here Sep 78)

NAVHOSP Camp Lester Okinawa May 79-Nov 79

PSD Kadena, Okinawa, Nov 79-Feb 82

USMC OSO, Charotte, NC Feb 82-May 84

FMSS FMF May 84-Jul 84

3rd FSSG Charlie Co Camp Scbwab Okinawa Sep 84-Oct 85

MEPS Wilkes-Barre, PA Nov 85-Dec 88

RETIRED to Columbus, Ohio

Married to my Lydia 25 May 70 in the Philippines and she has been since at my side ever since.

ENC Michael W. Bartik

1958 RTC San Diego, CA C0485

1958 SSC Great Lakes, Il

1959 USS Pinnacle MSO-462

1962 SSC Great Lakes, IL

1963 Plank Owner USS Holland AS-32

1967 USS Albany CG-10

1969 Navy Recruiting Branch Station Piqua, OH

1974 USS Dewey DLG-14/DDG-45

1977 September Retired

Residing in Versailles, OH with wife Martha(marty) Currently Parts Manager of Fleet Maintenance Center in Versailles, OH