Our lives were mired deep in secrecy
No talking of the things that we did
Places we went and the Ports we did land
While at sea twas our job to stay hid
They talk of others having Brotherhoods Marines and Army and such
Not many could live in tight quarters And care for each other so much

Black tubes living under the surface
Unforgiving are the oceans so deep
Stacked were racks made for sleeping
Some in the torpedo room would sleep
The watches for all were demanding
Port and Starboard for most of my time
While the time we had between watches
Spent doing drills and cleaning up grime

The food was awesome for the most part
Cooks were trained just the same
If ever we needed to fill a man's shoes
We could slide one of them in the game
Sometimes we got under the skin now
Of our Brothers while underway
But don't go pissing one of them off
Lest the price you are willing to pay

I stay in touch with a lot of them now
Talk daily to some on the Net
The lives of these men all intertwined
And our time I will never forget
We wear on our chest proudly Dolphins
They set us aside from the rest
Salute to all my Brothers of the Phin
You are simply the Best of the Best

Randy Broughton MM3 SS A-GANG