The Deck Log Part 15

USS Jack (SSN605) 1972 - 1976.
Kirk W. Hostek QM3 (ss) <>

On board USS Haddock SSN 621 August 1977 to July 1980.
Mike Chaney FTG2(SS) <>
Retiring 31 August 2023. 22 years of service. Duty stations: PSD New Orleans (2002-2005), VR-46 (2005-2009), NOSC Detroit (2009-2013), NOSC Harlingen (2013-2017) , NOSC San Antonio (2017), MEPS Fort Sam Houston (2017-2021), TSC Norfolk (2021-2023).
PS1 (AW) Kamitria Ballard, USN (TAR) <>
USS Alabama SSBN 731 (Roll Tide!) 2014 - 2020, Just popped in for some research on a book that I'm writing. I'm honored to add my name among the rest.
Evan Kvalvik, MT2(SS), <>
SSBN-656 looking for old friends and shipmates.
Larry D Lively IC1(SS),  <>
USS Louisiana (SSBN 743), USS Ohio (SSGN 726). To all my Dolphin wearing brothers and sisters, we are the best of the best. The world's most elite Mariners and the most dedicated Sailors on Earth. Cheers to all my Silent Service Brothers and Sisters. Run Silent and Run Deep. Stay Salty my friends.
Jakob Harvey LSS1/SS,  <>
Gregg A. Broermann, STS2/SS,  <>
USS Benfold (DDG-65), NBSD to Yokosuka NB, Thank you to all I’d served with and for making the best years of my life.
OS1 (SW) Bella Bardin <>
USS CONSTELLATION CVA-64 68/71 /1MAIN  VN69-70 looking for information on BT1 KILLED IN MAIN SPACE Accident underway, in combat line period. thanks
William M. Trotter BT3 <>
From Ontario CA Duty stations:USS George Washington CVN 73 95 to 2000. Crash and Salvage NAS Fallon NV 2000 to 2003. Fleet Liaison Navy Reserve 2009 to present time NOSC Reno Ops 1961. TAD to NAS Fallon security. NOSC North Island Fire and Emergency services Det B.
ABH1 Jorge Garcia <>
USS Prairie AD-15, 06-68 / 11-71 Looking to hear from fellow sailors from that time.  Kudos to those still on watch.  Fair winds and following seas to one and all.
Edward Theesfeld, SK3 <>
USS Ramage, VRC-40, USS Blue Ridge, and  Comments are: I will officially be a member of the goat locker and the mess in the future. I promise that I will make it happen.
IT2 Merritt, Cody (SW/AW) <>
HSL-47; USS BOXER (LHD 4); ACB-1; COMLCSRON ONE; CJ 1/4/8 Baghdad, Iraq; VFA-94; COMUSSIXTHFLT; COMNAVSURFPAC; USS MICHIGAN (SSGN 727); COMSUBGRU 8 Rep Northwood, UK. urrently onboard CSG 8 Rep Northwood UK. Just signing the deck log.
YNS1(SS/AW/FMF) Suraya N. Mattocks<>
PSD Pearl Harbor, USS Mustin(DDG-89), PSD Bahrain, and Comments are: Married to CS2 Malbrough, Julia USS Hopper(DDG-70) we are proud to represent Dual Military and the United States Navy.
Malbrough, Jordan, PS1<>
USS Bryce Canyon, AD36, Long Beach CA, deployments to the 7th Fleet with ports of call, Subic Bay, PI, Kobe, Sasebo, Yokosuka, Japan, Hong Kong
Richard A Sanger, MR2<>
Jerry Pritchett, E-5/STS/SS <>
USS Topeka SSN 754.
Ken Jones ET3(SS) <>
1978 to 1995, 3 FBM’s South Carolina Charleston, Kittery Maine shipyard, 3 LA Class San Diego, Mare Island, Plank owner Subtrafac Norfolk
Keith Hickman IC1/SS <>
USS Wm. H. Bates SSN680 1974/77 Groton,Ct. Was a great time! Would love to get in touch with any of my brothers...
Richard Gagne MM2(SS) <>
NR ONI 1201. Wanted to connect with Sailors that may need help when it comes to general Administrative tasks to guide you on the correct path.
YN1 Mellissa Virgo-Davis<>
RTC Great Lakes, USS Iwo Jima LPH-2, TPU Norfolk, NTC Orlando, NTC Great Lakes, NTTC Meridian and USS Guam LPH-9 Served during Desert Shield/Storm.
AZ3 David R Peterson <>
Marine Aircraft Group 31.
HM1(FMF) Cox, Thomas J. <>
Kings Bay GA, USS Wyoming SSBN 742 Bangor WA, USS Michigan SSGN 727
McWilliams, Stephen L. MT2/SS <>
USS Cochran DDG21, USS Lang DE1060 and NavComFleetSanMiguelPhillipnes as a MSP. My Son Russell Hamm just made BMC select and I couldn’t be more proud of him and his service. Thanks to all the men and women serving this struggling nation.
David Hamm, BM2 <>
USS Fred T Berry DD/DDE 858?, '57/'59...
Victor E. Guempel, SOG3 <>
Ashley A. Tilton, PS1 (AW) <>
Eric K Bush MS3/OTA2/STG2 <>
USS John S. McCain DDG-36 ’76 - ’78, USS Sterett CG-31 “78 - ’79.
James Crowe OS3<>
NAS Barbers Point, HI USS Deliver ARS-23. SN Pearl Harbor, HI USS Wrangell AE-12, HM2  Charleston, SC
Rick Emery  HM2 <>
NSGA Ft. Meade,Maryland and NSGA Misawa, Japan. Any old OPS 33 or 57 Division folks out there?
Kevin Allen, CTI2 <>
Charles R Easton SN BM <>
USS CHARR SS-328 SAN DIEGO 1960-1963
On the USS Black Dd- 666 Home Port  Long Beach CA. 1955/ 59 
Jim. E Huntington    SN     GM  <>
USS Memphis (SSN 691) Jan '10-Feb '12 (Decom crew) USS Tennessee (SSBN 734)(Gold) Mar '12-Mar '14
EM1(SS) Jeremy Brooks <>
Served on damn best diesel boat USS WAHOO SS565
Richard Henegar MM3/SS <>
USS Rushmore (LSD-47) and USS Comstock (LSD-45); Very proud to have served 1997-2003 and I would love to get a hold of some of my old shipmates, particularly ET1 Glen Olsen.  HooRah Navy!
ET3(SW) Jason Hurt <>
USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN624) Gold USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN657) Gold USS Queenfish SSN651 COMSUBGRU Nine (Staff) TRITRAFAC Bangor, WA NOPF Dam Neck, VA Retired and living in Catalina, AZ Married to SHCS Lori-Jan Loewe, USN (Ret).
RM1(SS/EXW) Kevin J. Loewe, USN (Ret). <>
USS Barb, SSN 596 Point Loma, San Diego Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA The Submariners anthem was pretty shabby. I drank my share on shore and yelled it out with the rest of my mates, but I always thought we should do better.
RM2/SS Gregory Stetson Brooks <>
 USS Haleakala AE25
Steve Purdy BM2 <>
USS Gurnard SSN662
ET1(SS) Tim Galloway <>
Raymond Meyers jr TM3SS<>
1986-89 USS James Monroe SSBN 622 (Blue) 1992-95 USS Rhode Island (Plankowner) SSBN 740 (Blue) Would love to hear from some ol shipmates !! 
Lawrence R Nanoy, MT2/SS)<>
1)RTC-Orlando, Fl 2)NTC-San Diego, Ca 3) FLEASWTRACENPAC 4)USS SEAHORSE (SSN-669). Glad I am out of the service, but wish I could have retired.
George Martin Bauman, STS-2(SS) <>
uss oklahoma city 1977-1979 in1st division.
David J.  Rettinger B.M.S.N <>
USS Halsey DLG 23 Looking for my shipmates who served during Jan. 1965 thru Oct. 1967.
Ken Schwab E-3 BM  <>
Boot Camp - Bainbridge, MD. Class A Radio School - Bainbridge, MD. U.S.S. Newport News (CA-148) U.S.S. Ranger (CVA-61) Discharged - Treasure Island, CA
 RM3 Albert H. Robitaille Jr. <>
Charleston, SC. , Holy Loch, Scotland, Groton, CT. Forget Academic Degrees,  or any other major accomplishments.  No achievement can compare to "earning" my dolphins...period. I can still draw and explain any "system" we worked with. Can we name any other work environment that trains and prepares us as well for life....
  Jon-Michael Parker  E-5 TM2/SS <>
1995 USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71) 1998 EAOS 2001 TEMDU NAS JAX 2005 2002 TEMDU S FLEASTCPACSDGO 2002 2002 DUTY SECDET 22 2005 2005 TEMDU CB CEN GULFPORT 2005 2005 DUTY NEGB GTMO 2007 2008 DUTY CNRSW SEC DET 2008 2008 DUTY NAVBASE CORONADO 2011 2011 DUTY NB CORONADO SD 50211 2012 2012 DUTY NAVSECFR BAHRAIN Present I am a NAVET, prior service time as you can see. My prior rate before I became an "MA" was "ABH3". I was out for two and a half years, and after September 11, 2001, I decided to come back in, serve my country and kick a little ass! WHOYAH NAVY!!!!!! This is truly a great site. Thank you.
MA1 Harold Wilson <>
James Gresham ET1(RET) <>
POMFLANT 72-73, USS George Bancroft SSBN 643 (G) 73-76 nice site, a lot of good info on Navy in general and Submarine life in particular. Once a bubblehead, always a bubblehead.
Al Wisnieski FTB2 (SS), <>
8 years USS marlin SST-2 USS ROBERT E LEE SSBN-601 FBM Training Center. Charleston SC Currently living on Quitman lake by Quitman,TX.
ET1(SS) Vernon Moran <>
1995-1997 VS-21, 1997-1998 CV62 USS Independence, 1998-2000 AIMD Atsugi, 2000-2003 AIMD PT. Mugu, 2003-2005 NAS Sigonella, 2005-2008 CVN74 USS John C. Stennis, 2008-2012 MALS-24 Hawaii, 2012-current CVN72 USS Abraham Lincoln.
AS1(AW) Nagle, J      <Nagle.Jeff@2CVN72.Navy.Mil>
USS Minneapolis-St.Paul USS Ohio SSGN Submarine Learning Facility Norfolk VA
STS1 Gregory, Joshua <>
uss capatain ss 336
nicholas bertoni etr2 ss <>
USS Caloosahatchee AO 98, We were kids who chose the Navy, it wasn't the easy path; but it was the right path !
John Treacy , BT 2 <>
Active Duty -  RD “A” School, FCDCTC Dam Neck, USS Leahy DLG 16 / CG 16, NAVRESCEN Clifton NJ, AIC School @ Dam Neck, USS Barney DDG 6, Reserve Duty – USS E.S. Land, FTG 204 San Diego, USS Clark FFG 11, MIUW 205 Lewes DE
Robert J Lion LCDR Ret (OCS) <>
Groton, CT. Served aboard the USS Will Rogers SSBN659 Gold 73-76 3 strategic deterrent patrols, plus conversion from Polaris to Posiden missiles. Greatest group of boatmates ever!
Bob Pile STS3 SS <>
USS Duluth LPD-6, NAS Albany Ga, Keflavik Iceland, NAVFAC Antigua, COMOCEANSYSLANT Norfolk, Va.,  COMAVFORJAPAN Special Projects, Navfac Guam, Navfac Centerville Beach, Ca.
Richard Dean Vermeulen (OTA1) 1968-1990 Navy retired <>
USS Saipan LHA-2 & USS Spruance DD 963: I truly miss my Navy Brothers…Hope all are doing well and enjoying their lives
Tory Smith EM2 <>
USS Eldorado AGC 11, Cat Lo Vietnam, USS Sabine AO 25, and USS Vulcan AR 5- 1965-1969....While aboard the Eldorado we toured in the 7th Fleet in West Pac Cruise. She made two tours to Vietnam in Operations Jack Stay and Daggar Thrust. Shore Duty in Vietnam At Cat Lo included working on all engine repairs for our fleet of Swift Boats, etc. and all electrical systems on these crafts as well as guard duty at base gates. Served as electrician on board the Sabine and Vulcan. The Sabine toured us from Mayport, Florida to Cuba, The Virgin Islands, Rio de Janeiro, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. We mothballed her in Philadelphia, Pa.
Thomas St. John, EM 3, <>
1965 - 1975 U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln SSBN 602 Blue U.S.S. Will Rogers SSBN 659 Blue U.S.S. George Washington Carver SSBN 656 Gold
Michael Knudsen EM1(SS) <>
NAS Corpus Christi, NWS Yorktown, NOSC Little Rock, USS WASP. Good Day to all.  I send my respects. Thank you for this site and all of the knowledge is holds.
YN1(AW) Michael Muslovski <>
Morgan, Christopher NC1(AW) <>
Duty Stations were: USS Philadelphia (SSN 690) and USS Emory S. Land (AS-39) Was an Auxiliary MM (A-Ganger) on the USS Philadelphia and on the Diesel Team as MM3/SS. Made MM2/SS and finally MME1/SS on the USS Emory S. Land. After I got out I stayed in the Reserves and went to get my Electrical Engineering Degree from UMCP. I retired from the Reserves on Nov. 1st 2010 with 21+ years, spend @ 3/4 that time as a reservist. I still serve the Navy in the NAVAIR 4.5 Avionics Department as an Electronic Engineer. I've been working for NAVAIR since February of 2003.
Tusk SS426, Nathan Hale SSBN 623 Plankowner, Nuke School MINSY, Nuke NRF Idaho Falls, ID, Nuke Emergency Power Plant Welders School 39th St. San Diego, Proteus, Gilmore. As a Kiddie Cruiser at 17 went in for 6 years, 1 month and 1 week. I was able to do several northern runs, a med cruise, Halifax, Carribean, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Rome Olympics 1960, Holy Loch. Got run over by Independence, rammed an iceberg, rammed by a destroyer, weathered and rode out Hurricane Donna State 5. Other than that, just your plain old tour of duty in the boats. DBF
Sharkey Chartier EM2SS <>
MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, Goat locker has a lot of GREAT information, knowing the history of the Chiefs, where they been and keep up the greatest tradition of the NAVY. 100 years from now, only this website can tell the story about the Navy Chief and the role to the future Sailors. Thank you Chief!
Aallen G. Ison, HM1 <>
At the time I went from ET4 to ET5, and ended as ET6. I am looking for my mentor and friend, ETC Josheph Moran. We all called him Jo, by his request. My name is Larry Tatum, from MS. He is from NJ, and we brewed beer together. If anyone knows his contact info please give him mine. was with him on USS Clark, FFG Thank you CHIEFS, is a special bread,
ET1 Larry D. Tatum <>
I served on board the USS Trutta SS - 421 1968-1969 Submarine Squadran 12 Patrolled the Carribean around Cuba based out of Gitmo Served under Captain Joseph V. DiPace, the best captain a sailor could ever wish for. Trutta earned Battle E both years that I served on board. Our crew has a reunion every two years and we still stay in touch to this date. Several crew members have moved on to Eternal Patrol but they will never be forgotten. Our boats motto:" It Only Cost A Nickel More To Go First Class" still holds true today. To all my old crew mates and those who served aboard Trutta, Live long and prosper.
Frank R. Chavez EM2(SS) <>
7/27/1992 to 7/31/2012 Stationed on board: Boot camp at Orlando 7/27/1992 to 9/1992 A School Meridian Mississippi 10/1992 to 11/1992 USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 12/1992 to 6/1995 PSD Yorktown 6/1995 to 10/1995 USS Wasp LHD 1  10/1995 to 10/1997 PSD Sewell’s Point 10/1997 to 10/1999 USS San Jacinto CG 56 10/1999 to 6/2004 HRD Portsmouth Navy Medical Center 6/2004 to 2/2007 USS Nashville LPD 13 2/2007 to 9/2009 USS John Hall FFG 56 9/2009 to 10/2010 VP 30 10/2010 to 7/2012
Cline, Jason (DK) NC1 Retired <>
Co.929(Staff), NTC Great Lakes-that's as far as I got before a less-than-acceptable digestive system acted up and an overdue review of my childhood medical records ("How did you get past AFEES Detroit with this body?") resulted in my Honorable Discharge. To this day, nearly 34 years later, I can still hear my company commander, MMC Theodore Snyder's voice-"You will not walk down the street. You will not march down the street. You WILL, by God, STRUT down the street!"
Thomas W. Lienert SR <>
USS WEST VIRGINIA, SSBN-736(G), USS EMORY S. LAND, AS-39, Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center, Norfolk, VA, USS BOISE, SSN-764, and NAVSUP Global Logistics Support, AMMOLANT (Current)..
Michael D. Stephens, E-6/MM1 <>
NUKE ET,  Service dates June 1972- Dec 1981, USS Kitty Hawk Jun-Oct ’73, NPS Vallejo, NPTU Idaho 74-77  USS Haddock SSN621 77-79,  USS Jack SSN605 80-81 ETC select went thru initiation but would not extend.   Brother of ETCM(ss) Ret. Dec. Jack (Fat Jack) Goodyear.
Patrick (Goody) Goodyear, ET1(ss)  <>
Went to see on USS Lapon SSN661 and USS Scranton SSN 756. "Shore Duty" teaching nuc power at the ex-SBN-626 in Charleston, SC. Served 1988-2001. My friends still refer to me as Harvey Hexnut, the cartoon character I drew on USS Scranton during my 4 year tour.
Martin Gerald. Formerly MM1/SS Nuke. <>
San Diego, New London, San Francisco, Dam Neck, Charleston, Rota Spain, USS El Segundo, USS Bluegill, SSBN-625 USS Henry Clay.  Would love to get in touch with shipmates, buddys, from 1962- 1967:  Just found the site and really appreciate the opportunity to meet up with old cronies.
Richard Merle FTG3 (SS) <>
USS Constellation.
HT2 Keating <>
Duty Stations: Crank, AEA, Throttleman, Electrical Operator, EOOW, OOD I received my silver dolphins in August of 1991 onboard USS CASIMIR PULASKI and my gold dolphins onboard USS HAWKBILL in September of 1998.  I served on CASIMIR PULASKI, HAWKBILL, WH BATES, and ALABAMA. I am now a member of Submarines Australia Association of Queensland and the American Legion.
Tom Ray, EM2 (SS)/LCDR <>
Served on USS Michigan (SSBN-727 & SSGN-727 ) from 2001-2005, and USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) from 2005-2007.
Clinton K. Fulgoni MM1(SS)<>
HM1(SS), Retired Steven E. Johnson <>
also known as Stony. Served aboard the U.S.S. Runner SS474 from 1964 to1967 at Norfolk,Va. I would like to hear from anyone who served with me during those years.I keep in touch with Al Daft in Canton,Ohio who with us then and we would like to get a reunion going with are fellow shipmates. Is anybody out there want to get together. We live in Seattle,Wa. Hope to hear from you!!!!
EN 2 S.S.  Ronald (Jerry) Stonewall <>
Leading Yeoman USS KENTUCKY (SSBN 737)
YN1(SS) Alex Vernon <>
USS John F Kennedy (CV-67) Active Duty Mar 1990 – Mar 1996
Greg A Phillips ET2 <>
Robert L. Wilson DDE-847
Dean Weed E-3 <>
USS Casimir Pulaski SSBN 633Blue.
Frederick Polchow STS-2/SS <>
USS James Monroe SSBN 622B 1971 thru 1974.
RM2(SS) John J. Spoden <>
USS Denver (LPD-9) SEP '06-JUN '08, USS Juneau (LPD-10) JUN-AUG '08, ECRC (FWD: Afghanistan) SEP '08-JUN '09, NRD Houston JUL-OCT '09, USNR (NCAGS DET ECHO) JAN '10-Present; I'm serving part-time now, but I live with full-time pride!.
OS1 (SW) Timoteo A. Gonzales III <>
August 4 1964-Oct13 1977, Uss Philip DD498 from April 1965-July 1968, Uss Brumby FF 1044 Nov 1968-Mar1970, Navsta Washington DC May 1970- Jan 1972 Arfcosta Taiwan (Tango) Feb 1972- Feb 1974 Uss O’callahan FF1052  Mar 1974-April 1975, USS Lockwood FF1064 jun 1975- Oct 1977. Military Sealift Command (PAC) April 1 1978-Sep. 2 2001 3rd Assistant Encineer –last ten years Chief Engineer Unlimited Horsepower Steam, Motor, Gas turbine .
David A. Moehrke BT1 <>
Groton, CT King's Bay, Ga USS Will Rodgers SSBN 659 Blue 9/88 to 3/91 USS Maryland SSBN 738 Blue (Plankowner) 3/91 to 5/93 TRF King's Bay 5/93 to 6/95 .
EM1/SS Jammie L. Simonds <>
USS Francis Marion APA 249 Served on board 66-68.
Larry Herder Seaman <>
USS Lapon (SSN-661) Norfolk, Va.
HM2(SS) Havens Perry <>
Uss Diodon SS 349 May 1961 - Nov 1963
Terry LaBeau TM3 <>
While at CGCU Texas - Deployed and served on the USS Albuquerque (SSN-706) June-Aug 2007. Deployed again on the USS Hawaii (SSN-776) in January to May 2008. Awesome crews and boats. Currently stationed at C3CEN. Dolphin wearing Coastie! Bubble head for life..
ISS2 (SS) Kenny Norris, USCG. <>
Nuclear Machinist Mate, USS City of Corpus Christi, SSN705. Proud to have served in the U.S. Naval Submarine Force. Thanks to all who have and still are.
Dave Grover, MM2 <>
USS Shenandoah AD26 1976-1979, USS L.Y.Spears AS36 1979-1980: Would have stayed in the Navy if I had never transferred to the LY Spears.. Always looking for former members of the Shen to talk to.. . 
Ted Schatzberg MM3, <>
USS Volador SS-490 USS Pomfret SS-391 July 1961 - December 1963 San Diego, CA (Point Loma) 2 Westpac Cruises Volador moved to Mare Island Navel Shipyard for Sail Retrofit shortly after I was aboard and I was re-assigned  to the Pomfret where I qualified. 
Ben Dasher, EN3-SS , <>

USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716).
David Padilla, STS3/SS , <>

Mike deane aka the cleaner: mm1/ss retired just stopping in to say howdee to all my Past shipmates. SSN-575 SeaWolf, AS-19 old pro ,SSN-756 Scranton, SSN-683 Parche, Subdevron-05. Hope your all doing well…SS forever brothers..
MM1(SS) Mike Deane <>

Served on USS Hyman G. Rickover, USS Maryland, USS Georgia. Currently at PMT Kings Bay. Qualified December 31, 1999 @2359:59 on SSN 709. .
MM1(SS) Rikky Sanders <>

USS OAK HILL (LSD-51) 1999-2002, Engineering, M-Division, Main 2, Aux 2, Main 1, Aux 1, ENOW, Boiler/Evap Op, Engine Op, Generator Op, & Aux Room Op qualified.  ETT (Engineering Training Team) Engine Op and Boiler Op Engineering Casualty  Control Evaluator/Instructor.
Timothy F Scott, EN2 <>

USS ROCK SSR 274, USS Nautilus SSN 571, 7 years of sea duty, know the song Ive been everwhere? describes my navy career. Still like the smell of diesel, and things that glow in the night..
Carl Croci, EM1 (SS), <>

Nuke School Mare Island (class 7701); S1W Prototype; USS Bainbridge (CGN25); NavMarCoResCen, San Jose, Ca. Dude, I finally snuck into the Goatlocker.
EM2 David Plambeck <>

USS Honolulu SSN 718 January 1988 - October 1990 Reservist from November 1990 - February 1992 Returned to the Navy (reserves) after 9-11 Reservist from January 2002 - current
LS1(SS)Adams, Brad J <>

USS Hawkbill, 1997-2000 (DECOM) USS Providence, 2011-current
HM1(SS/FMF) Phillips, Michael<>

David Todd Grover<>


Boot Camp; Great Lakes, IL; Oct to Dec ‘48 Sub School; Sub Base Groton, CT;  Jan to Mar ‘49 USS Corporal (SS-346); Key West, FL; Mar to Aug ‘49 ET Class A School; Great Lakes, IL; Aug ’49 to Jul ‘50 USS Corporal (SS-346); Key West, FL; Jul ’50 to Jul ‘51 USS Tang (SS-563); Portsmouth, NH and Pearl Harbor, HI; Jul ’51 to Aug ‘53 Nuclear Power School;  Bettis Plant, McKeesport, PA; Aug to Dec ‘53 NPTU; Arco, ID; Dec ’53 to Apr ’56; I was 8th qualified reactor operator in USN. USS Nautilus (SSN-571); Sub Base, Groton, CT; Apr ’56 to Sep ’57. Discharged from USN and enrolled in college; Sep ’57 to Jun ‘6.
Frederic Carlson,  ET1(SS);>

, SN/ETN3, ETA SCOL, Great Lakes, Il, 1972-3,  ETN3, USNAS AAWC, Guantanamo Bay , Cuba 1973-4, ETN3/2, USS Edw. McDonnell DE/FF-1043 1974-8, HD 2-7-78 , S. Boston    .
ET2 Mark Veltri<>

USS Olympia SSN-717.
Mark T. Henderson MM1(SS) <>

SSN 611 John Marshall, COMSUBLANT, SSBN 743 Louisiana, SSN 21 Seawolf, Pittsburgh Naval Reactors, SSN 22 Connecticut, Submarine School Staff Groton CT,  (Retired).
Rick Haney, SK1 <>

Eliseo Hernandez, IV OS1 <>

, PSD Millington TN, PSD Gitmo, PSD Little Creek, USS Shenandoah AD 44, PSD Naval Station Norfolk, USS Donald Cook DDG 75
Sheila Slabotsky (Bennett), PN1 <>

USS Toledo , USS Providence, USS Philadelphia, Navsubscol, Navsubase.  I am searching for Retired Senior Chief Dan Travers.  If anyone has information on how to contact him it would be greatly appreciated.  I am trying to return a set of Anchors to him.  VR.
Jonathan Byrum, FT1(SS), <>

USS John Marshall SSBN 611(G), PCU/USS Michigan SSBN 727(B), PCU/USS Tennessee SSBN 734(B), Trident Training Facility Kingsbay, USS Frank Cable AS-41.
Brian L. Schlau, MM1(SS) <>

COMPHIBRON TWO, rode on USS Chilton ‘70-‘71, USS Shreveport ‘71-‘73, Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base Fast-pitch Softball Team ’74.  
H. Chris “Matty” Mathison, RM2 <>

USS Thomas A. Edison SS(B)N 610 Gold  1963-66.
Charles Hall EM1 <>

USS Olympia (SSN-717) 1983 - 1985, I’m trying to locate QMC(SS) Eugene M. Roberts. He served on the USS Houston prior to Olympia. Don’t know where he disappeared to after that. Anyone know his whereabouts.
Warren Percell QM2(SS) <>

USS HOLLAND AS 32 Served aboard the Holland from 10/69 to 10/71 would like to hear from anyone who served durning that time.
James Russo SF 3  E-4  <>

727G – 1983 - 1986
ET2 (Nav ET) Alan DeVaney <>

U.S.S. Razorback (SS) 394    Qualification boat/1961 U.S.S. Pomfret    (SS) 391 I served on the Razorback from 1960 to 1963. I finished my enlistment on the Pomfret. I am now living in Arlington, Texas.  
CS2 (SS) Maurice Lee Barksdale <>

USS SEA DEVIL, USS TREPANG, USS DALLAS, COMSUBRON 15, COMSUBRON 22. Never had a better time in life, now retired, but will always remember!
Guadalupe Garcia YN1(SS) <>

USS Parche SSN683(73-76) Memphis SSN691 (76-78).
Dunlap MM1(SS) <>

Submarine Squadron 8 (Norfolk), USS Birmingham (SSN 695), Dallas MEPS.
Bill Richardson, YN2(SS) <>

NAVSTA Great Lakes.
Michael W. Burbie, FC3 <>

, NAVPACMETOCCEN SAN DIEGO, USS JOHN C. STENNIS, USS TARAWA, and Comments are: Knock, Knock. Please pardon my intrusion. Due to PTS I'm going to become an STS. And was looking for some guidance on what to expect in the differences in the Surface Navy to the Sub Surface Navy. All replies can be sent to this email and will be greatly appreciated.
Brett Laing , AG2 (AW) <>

U.S.S. Sacramento AOE-1 ( Weapons Division ), searching for shipmates 1973-1977, especially Chief Mark Reynolds who had made Chief about the SAC. Chief Stroud and I are looking for you.
Efrain Reyes, FTG-2<>

USS Sealion (APSS-315) USS Sea Robin (SS-407) USS Blenny (SS-324)   Qualified on Sea Robin in 1963. Requalified on Blenny in 1964.
David Goodness RM1(SS) <>

RTC GLAKES                   1985-1986 USS Sandlance SSN-660  1986-1989 MK-48 IMA Pearl Harbor    1990-1993 USS Portsmouth SSN-707 1993-1995 USS Baltimore SSN-704    1995-1997 NAVSUBSCOL                  1997-2000 USS Alexandria SSN-757   2000-2005 Retired 2005
Matthew A. Pyzalski. TM1(MM1) USN RET. <>

Dan Zimmerle, FTB2/SS <>

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN69), NS Mayport, USS Kitty Hawk (CV63). Accelerating my life. Molding to become a Chief Petty Officer.
Viera, Christian, MM1(SW/AW), <>

Senior Dental Technician, LPH-11, for WESTPAC 1978 Duty Stations: Basic Training (GLAKES) and DT "A" School 1974-1975 USS Dixon AS-37, 1975-1978 USS Samuel Gompers AD-37, 1978 Dental Lab "C" School, 1979 Naval Regional Dental Center, Subic Bay, 1979-1981 Naval Regional Dental Center, Norfolk, VA. 1981-1984 Naval Dental Clinic, Keflavik Iceland, 1984 USS Midway CV-41, 1984-1989 Naval Dental Center, Charleston, SC. 1989-1992 Helath Care Admin "C" School, 1992 USS Kearsarge LHD-3 (Plankowner), 1992-1995 Retired, 31 December 1995. I was transferred to the New Orleans from the Samuel Gompers at the start of the New Orleans deploymnent. It was at the end of the Samuel Gompers deployment. I spent most of 1978 on deployment between the two ships.
Stanley W. Jones, DT1(SW), USN, Retired. <>

engineroom Uss Cavalier APA-37 ( Looking for anyone who was on Cavalier in 1967 to 1968.
L Craig Frenier - MM-3 <>

VQ 1, amazing site brings pride to my heart knowing that I joined such a strong and important community...The United States Navy.
Stephen Voyles, YN/SR <>

Plank owner USS Guitarro SSN 665 Prior to commissioning Guitarro sank next to the "sea wall" in the Napa river at Mare Island. "Sank at the pier at San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California." is the way it was reported in the newspapers. I was a member of the second commissioning crew mustered for her. I earned my Dolphins on her, she was my first boat. The first deep dive was interesting.
EM1(SS) Benjamin  F Schafer <>

USS Coates (DE-685) USS Casa Grande (LSD-13) USS Cambria (APA-36) Served 1961-1967  "Great Site".
Ray Dashnaw BM-1/c <>

anacostia nas and the uss yorktown cvs 10. I served one year at the anacostia naval air station and then went on board the uss yorktown and we sailed for vietnam in dec 1965. I did two tours off the coast of vietnam in 1966. we had a great ship.
Phil Elsner PH3 ret <>

  USS Lapon SSN661; USS Spadefish SSN665; USS Bluefish SSN675
AJ Roulette, STS1/SS,<>

 RTC Great lakes, U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Seven, and  Hooyah Navy!!!!:
Jimmie A. Watson, YN3<>

NAATC Memphis, USS Valley Forge (LPH-8), 1964-1967. I miss WestPac to this day.
Ronald A Heth, AK3 <>

USS Elrod FFG 55 & USS Carney DDG 64, "Every day is a vacation, every meal is a feast, every paycheck is a fortune and every muster is a family reunion... My only regret is: I wasn't born in a Naval Hospital.".
Jordan Blake Davis, E4/Boatswain’s Mate, <>

Boot Camp Great Lakes in April 1966.  Submarine School – New London, CT in 1966.  USS Grampus SS-523 (1966-1967).  USS Hammerhead SSN663 (Plank Owner) Pre-commissioning Duty & Sea Trials (1967-1968).  USS Shark SSN591 (1968-1970).  Looking for old shipmates..
Joseph Musarra, YN3(SS) <>

1968-1972; First Long Beach, CA aboard the USS England then designated as DLG 22, used to follow around the Ranger, New Jersey, Russian Trollers,and play w/subs..then Bath Maine via P Canal for decommissioning/refitting. Then Bryce Canyon AD 36 in Pearl till discharged.
Michael Felt, IC 3, <>

USS AFDL #7  1944 to 1946.  Looking for Shipmates, Dead or Alive.  Any Help?
Ed Stephenson  MoMM 2/C  <>

USS Tecumseh SSBN 628, Charleston SC, Holy-Loch Scotland
TM2(SS) Stanley Morton <>

(SSN 701) USS La Jolla, NSANAP Security, (SSN 707) USS Portsmouth, ACU 2, NAVSTA Rota
Craig J. Bowman, QM1(SW/SS), Prior FT, <>

Charleston, S. C. 63-66 on the USS Amberjack looking for anyone who might have been on it during that time
Richard L.Martin En3 E4 <>

NRC St. Joseph, Missouri, USS Maury AGS16. I am the Web Site Administrator for the USS Maury Ags16.
Terry D. Gann, EM-2, <>

Served on board USS YELLOWSTONE AD27 Mailman/ships office 1959/61.
Tony Bufarale YN3 <>


Naval Station Norfolk Galley, Edward F. Ney Award Finalist!!
Shawn D. Ollison, E6/CS1, <>

SSN 663 - USS Hammerhead, various reserve units
STS1 (SS) - Navy Reserve Retired Brent Heckman <>

Uss Davis DD-937 and USS Neptune ARC2
Timothy L. Beinke BT1 <>

USS BROOKE FFG1 83-87, USS TAYLOR FFG50 88-90, FTU DET Charlseton 90-92, USS Vincennes CG49 93-97, FLEASWTRACENPAC( A-School INST) 97-00, NOPF DAM NECK VA 00-02. any shipmates wanna contact pls email me
James W Thomas STG1/E-6 RET<>


USS Carl Vinson, USNS Mercy, 2 Battalion, 4th Marines, 2 Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st LAV, 11 Marine Expeditionary Unit, NHCP.
HM2 (SW/FMF/AW) Bradshaw, Don <>

anybody seved on the USS FREDERICK 1996-2000 looking for old shipmates
David Litchko EN1 <>

TritonSSRN586-TenchSS417-NarwhalSSN671(Plankowner).Wild and Crazy then-Old and Proud now!!!
Joseph A. DeBlasis Jr IC2(SS) <>

ss-245 Cobia/SSN-571 Nautilus/SSN-583 Sargo/SSN-593Thresher/Scorpion589/SSBN-608EthanAllen Looking for pictures/Contacts. I was the little boy on nautilus sitting at the back of the room behind the camera during the santa claus picture.
ETR2 Erich Ziller <>

USS Skate SSN578 USS US Grant SSBN631 SIC Reactor Plant, Windsor Locks, CT Broke through and surfaced at the North Pole for the 1st time in History on March 17, 1959 at 1054Z
Raymond A. Fritz EM1(SS) <>

Paul (MAD DOG) Hanes,MT1(ss),<>

Uss Topeka SSN 754 Navdvfac hawaii HOO RAH!!!!
David A.Waters. E-6/ET1/SS/DV <>

I’m always looking for crewmen that served aboard the USS Groton SSN 694. As the self-assigned Reunion Coordinator (on board 10/77 to 7/81) and keeper of the Master Sailing List, I invite anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of “Rotten Groton” sailors to contact me with their info. A 30-year commissioning celebration and All Hands Reunion is coming at the USSVI National Convention in Dallas/Ft Worth in 2008. Hope to see you there!! I also served on board the USS Lafayette SSBN 616 (Blue) from 3/75 to 7/77. I currently enjoy upgrading TRIDENT and Virginia-class boats for the Navy and giving today’s sailors the best boats we can build!
Bob Rogers STS1(SS) <>

Fredrick K. Collins; EM1/SS <>

USS Constellation CVA 64 (1965-1967) NAS Cubi Point COMFAIRWESTPAC Air Navigation Office (1964- 1965) Member Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. I still miss the sounds, smell and excitement of working on the flight deck. Fair winds and following seas Connie.
Harold E. Shaw Jr. ASE-3 <>

USS Spinax SS-489 USS Tirante SS-420 .
Frank Fletcher TM1[SS] <>

I'm 24 years old and stationed on the USS HENRY M. JACKSON (SSBN 730)(BLUE) in Bangor, WA.  I qualified Submarines November 28, 2006.  I get out of the Navy in September 2008 and I'll be working at PSNS Bremerton, WA on Submarines.
YN2(SS) Dustin G. Noah <>

Navy IPO (96-00), NMCRC Los Angeles (03-06), and USS CROMMELIN (FFG 37) (06-Present).
George Padjen, YN1(SW) <>

USN/USNR 1968/1976 VietNam Veterans/Danang Service Aboard Ships USS LPH 3 OKINAWA 1968 TO 1968 USS LSD 22 FORT MARION 1968 TO 1970 USS LST 1180 MANITOWOC 1970 TO 1972 USNR 1972 TO 1976 JOIN THE NAVY 1968 Winchester,KY. DisCharge Long Beach,Calif. 03/30/1972 Retired 1963,Phila. Naval Hospital. Living in: Hendersonville,North Carolina. WebMaster LSD-22
Edward Lee Mc Intosh Boilertech. 3th class Petty Officer B21 60 38 <>

USS Baltimore (SSN-704), Naval Ordnance Test Unit, USS Maine (SSBN-741), USS Albany (SSN-751), Trident Training Facility Kings Bay, USS Hampton (SSN-767):  I was on the decommissioning crew of the USS Baltimore.  That ship was retired at it's 15 year mark, way to early. 
SK1(SS) Shanklin, Terrence <>

STS2/SS (E-5) Jimmy L. Siron <>

Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes Naval Submarine School, New London NR-1 USS Montpelier, SSN 765 Fair winds and Following Seas, YN2 (SS) Nathan Shull
ET3(SS) David Sean Vantuyl <>

USS Batfish SSN-681.  Served '89~94.  Any ex- Batfish sailors looking for a reunion, check out this: Website
Mark Johnson STS2(ss) <>

USS Topeka SSN 754  2002-2006 Hell of a ride
CS2/SS Ferrier, Jason   <>
Groton CT, USS Daniel Webster SSBN626 Blue. Nice site! Grizz
FTB2(SS) Rich "grizz" Adams<>
USS Spikefish SS-404 USS Grenadier SS-525 Both in Key West
MM1(SS/DV) Earl " Charlie " Weaver<>
I served on the USS shenandoah from 1992 until 1994. I would love to visit with some of my old SK friends
Michelle Tokarz, SK3 <>
Charles Newbold , MM1, <>
I served aboard the USS Inchon LPH-12 , The USS Iowa BB -61 and  The USS America CV-66 , NAS Norfolk. Comments are: The Navy is the Best way of life, had, many friends both Navy and Marine.
John E. Stevens MS2 / E-5 /( Retired.) <>
USS Peterson DD 969 1994-1996!!
RIckenbaugh,James.E3/BMSN <>
Charles Callender, E-1 to W-4, USNR (34 years), then W-4 to W-5 USAR (9 more) Active duty: USS Threadfin SS-410 1959-61, plus just about every diesel boat in Key West for annual 2 weeks aboard as a winter snowbird through the 1960s and into the 70s. Reserves: 1958, 1961-1992, Naval Reserve Center, Baltimore, MD 1992-2001, Army Reserve Center, Baltimore, MD and Ft. Meade, MD, The Navy gradually phased all sub reservists into tender units and I served many more weekends and 2 weeks on Holland, Spear, Canopus, etc. forever. Navy tried to force retirement on me, but the Army gave me the same job and pay-grade and a set of camo. Then they promoted me to W-5. I proudly wore my dolphins on my Army uniforms and camo. More than once I saw ex-SS with dolphins on their Army uniforms. Between the 2 services, they sent me to ports and stations around the world; the North Atlantic, the Med, through Suez, Bermuda, Germany and Korea. What a life! Retired now and traveling courtesy of Space-A. My family are also all SS; brother, nephew, and nephew-in-law. Salutes to all who wear dolphins! !!
EN1(SS)/CW04 Charlie (Bloke) Callender <>
USS ROSS (DDG 71) Great Site…Used this for information for Oral Presentation for NAVLEAD!!
IT2(SW/AW) Hooper, Christopher <>
US Navy Duty Stations: USS Mount Katmai, AE-16,  1971-73 (Vietnam deployment) USS Mount Vernon, LSD-39, 1973-76 (2 Vietnam deployment) NAVAIRSTA, AGANA, Guam, 1976-78 NAVSTA Treasure Island, 1978-80 USS Mount Hood, AE-29, 1980-81 US Army Reserve  1984-2006 481st Transportation Company (Heavy Boat) 1984-2000  (Master USAV Malvern Hill, LCU-2025) 201st Transportation Detachment, 2000-2004, US Army Harbor Master, West Coast 481st TransCo Det 2,  2004 – 2006 (deployed to Iraq) Retired November 2006
Terry V. Andreasen, CW3, TC, USAR (ret.)  <>
My rate at discharge,03-23-46 was MoMM2c.  I am a plankowner on the USS AFDL #7.  A Floating Drydock which was built by the Chicago Bridge and Iron in Eureka, Calif.  We were commissioned in February of 1944.  Our Ship never had a name attached to it during the two years I was a member of the crew, except as the USS AFDL #7.  I was aboard the Drydock from Feb 1944 to my discharge 03-23-46. We were assigned duty at Kwajalein, Marshall Islands from 03-1944 to approx 03-1945 whereupon we were transferred to Eniwetok.  We provided docking facilities to line and harbor ships, DEs, AMs,YMSs and other craft needing repairs.  I left the ship in March 1946 and would appreciate any information as to the demise of the USS AFDL #7.
E. D. Stephenson MoMM2c <>
USS Reclaimer, 75 & 76, Boot and YN School in Orland 72, VP 8 Puerto Rico 73 &74, UDT  Buds in Cornado Diego 74 (Tore up knee).  Like to hear from anyone who remembers me. 
Henry Robarts, YN3, Diver 2nd class <>
Uss John L. Hall FFG 32 1982-1986, USS New Jersey BB62 1987-1990, USS Missouri BB63 1990-1992,ACU5 (Swift Intruders)1992-1994, USS Rushmore LSD47 1993-1993 Operation Restore Hope Somalia. IBU 28 1994-1998 and various other tad commands. Miss the briny deep, sitting on the bits with a fresh cup of mess hall coffee first thing in the morning watching the sunrise over Gods creation. Been to the seven Seas and the Corners of the earth in 17 years in the Worlds Greatest navy that i love and miss severely. God Bless our Sailors, the United States, our President, and the greatest military in the world.
James Burr Odell Jr., BMC selectee(SW), <>
A-gang, USS. Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624(G).  Served aboard from 1975 through 1980.
Patrick D. Malley, MM2/SS, <>
served NAS Atsugi , Japan, served on board USS Alfred A. Cunningham (DD-752) Served on board USS Topeka (CVL-8) 1962-1966.
Dennis Heider MR2 <>
Served 1976 - 1980, 1976-1978 aboard the USS Bryce Canyon AD36 M&B Division HP- Pearl Harbor and from 1978-1980 USS Kitty Hawk P3 Division HP-North Island NAS, San Diego. Any former shipmates especially fellow snipes that remember me from either ship or just want to drop me a line please do at Lots of stories and good memories from that time. Chief, I stumbled onto your site and think it's great. Thanks for your effort. I hope to hear from someone soon.
MMFN Bob Gove <>
I was in the Navy from 1977 to 1990 and served aboard SSBN630, SSBN616, SSBN619, and SSBN631. I also did shore duty at Groton teaching SSSA and various other sonar operations courses.
Robert (Bob) Bailey, STS1/ss <>
SeaBees Aug. 1980 - Jan 1996
Daryl Hopkins E5 USN <>
USS ROISON DDG12 1988 to DCOM I like your web site it is nice to see we can go places like this and try to find old buds. So being and old snipe too you will relate to this I would like to find some of my old bilge rat,fire box,stack cleaning budies. all fond memories those 3 things yea right but I met some off the best men I have ever know doing those things on that ship can you help. oh and i took off my hat and knock dont want wax the mess deck. thanks chief
kyle fecht BT2 <>
I was on the U.S.S. Lowry D.D. 770 from 1952 to 1956 and if anyone that was on this Lucky Lowry during these years, then I would like to hear from you, as you can e-mail me.    Thanks and this is a Great Web Site, So keep up the Nice Work.
Broadus Brickey GM3 <>
USS Sterlet (SS-392), USS Tecumseh (SSBN-628) . Wish I was young enough to do it all again! Best of luck to all my fellow Submariners.
Connie Bennett (FTB2-SS) <>
USS England (DLG 22) 12/1966 to 4/1970, I am trying to locate others that was in B, M, E, & R divisions during this time period.
John Yancy, BT3 <>
sub squadron six (midway), uss dragonet ss293, 3 war patrols. Any one remember our flooded torpedo room off Matsua, or the torpedo's fired at us 3 day's after the War?
Wes Gallaher,Y1c(SS), <>
Great Lakes NTS, Class A Gunnery School GLNTS, Submarine School N. L. CT, Torpedo School- Sub Base, USS R-14, USS R-10, USS Bluefish SS222- (Plank Owner), USS Orion Sub Div., USS Sperry Sub Div., USNSC Lido Beach NY.
Clewell, John (Jack) S. GM 1/c <>
USS CLEVELAND LPD-7   SIMA SAN DIEGO SUB BASE (POINT LOMA) CURRENT: USS BOXER LHD-4 HOO WEE YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOATSWAINSMATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
USS Goodrich DDR-831     USS Blandy DD943  USS Lynde McCormick DDG 8  USS Willard Kieth DD775  USS Gyatt DD712    USS Boston USS Saratoga CVA-60  Shore Duty Crash Crew Lakehurst Naval Air Station 1st LT Office Schools Command NAS Pensacola Fla Permenent Shore Patrol Milton Fla.
William E Huber (Bill)  E-6 BT1  Retired<>
NAS Argentia, Newfoundland Served with a couple of CPO's who were on the "Bataan Death March." They were attached to the Airborne Early Warning Wing, Atlantic, Argentia, Newfoundland, one a Boatswain's Mate, the other a Machinist's Mate. This was 1958; I was flying CIC in Squadron VW-15 on the Atlantic Barrier out of Argentia for the 18 month's previous, then attached to the Wing as a Section Leader in OPCON for the duration of my tour. One of these CPO's had devised and installed a flight tracking mechanism that mounted behind the 8' X 20' plot board of the Atlantic in the operations control center that tracked the aircraft on the Barrier by placing a "cutout" of a WV-2 aircraft on a chain that moved along the grids on the board at the same proportional speed as the plane traveling from Argentia to the Azores; then they turned and returned to Newfofundland. The officer's monitoring the board could see where all planes were at a glance. Satellite's replaced the Barrier in 1962, the base is no longer operational. My tour was from 1955 to 1959.
Richard H. Grant, ACW2<>
USS Topeka SSN754 May 2002 To May 2006 Naval Brig Pearl Harbor July 2006 To Present Takes a special breed to be a Submainer
Ferrier, Jason E-5 CS2/SS<>
(Home State Indiana) Living in Covina, Ca. last 50 years. Entered Navy 1955-Bootcamp Bainbridge, Md   July-Sept. 1955 Company 318.    To the  Bushenll  Sept. 55 till Feb. 1957. Worked in Torpedo spares, Sub spares, electronic spares. Transfered to Memphis NAS  commissary store in Feb. 1957 until Jul. 1959. (dischared) Went to Norfolk twice, Gitmo, etc. Stationed at Key West. I loved Key West and the Bush. Loved going to sea, what little we did. Would like to hear from Chief Brown, sub spares and Chief Leone, Torpedo spares. They were the best.  Doyle Smith  --Covina, Ca. 
Doyle Smith SK3       <>
NTC-RTC San Diego 72-73, DATC-FMAG 32nd st Naval Station San Diego 73-75. I would like to find some Datc-Fmag memorbillia, Patches, mugs, etc. I was young and didn't think to keep what I had. I would also like to hear from some of my old shipmates.
Trevor B Sanchez SKSN  <>
Brian J. Klein, ET2(SS), <>
1st Marine Logistics Group- 1st Dental Battalion- Camp Pendleton California. I was browsing this website to further enhance my knowledge on the history of our jumper dress blues. I was also interested in finding a place to sow on liberty cuffs on my cracker jacks. I saw the goat locker link and wanted to check it out. For my fellow shipmates and marines, stay tough and god speed to all. Hoorah!
Kusiak, Daniel J., E-5/ HM2(FMF/SW), <>
Ken Stier MM2<>
63 USS Growler, 64-66 USS Halibut
Les Smith ETR3-SS <>
USS Tiru SS-416, USS Gato SSN-615.
Gary Demas, ETR 4 <>
G W Carver ssbn 656 gold plank owner first three Gold Patrols Alexander Hamiltom ssbn 617 Gold plank owner First three gold patrols Uss Trout ss 566 wow what a ride Great Site.
C. R. Kendall TM1(SS) <>
NAVCOMMSTA, Guam, M.I., USS Menhaden (SS377). I entered on duty August of 1960. Boot camp in San Diego Radioman "A" School 1961 Navcommsta Guam 1961-1963, Played on NCS Championship Football Team. Submarine School, April 1963, Submarine Electronics School July 1963 USS Menhaden (SS377) 1963-1965 Associate Member of USSVWWII, Lockwood Chapter Member USSVI, Founder & Plankowner South Sound Base, Tacoma, WA Author of "Cruisers For Breakfast: War Patrols of the USS Darter & USS Dace Past Commander, VFW Post 969 (Tacoma) Past District 3 Commander, VFW (State of WA) Present Commander, South Sound Base, Tacoma Publish the Scuttlebutt, a newsletter to Darter, Dace & Menhaden shipmates & families. Veterans Committee, Puyallup Elks Lodge #1450 Veterans Chairman, Mt Rainier Lions Club, Ashford, WA
John G. Mansfield, Jr., RM2(SS) <>
Boot and TM "A" School from Sept 71 to April 72 ( RTC Orlando) USS Carpenter DD825 (Home Port Pearl) USS Schofield DEG3 (Home Port San Diego).
Joe (Barnie) Marquardt <>
Served in the following submarines..(1). U.S.S. Guardfish, SS217, 1942 ..1944. (2) U.S.S. Trumpetfish SS425,1945..1948. (3) U.S.S. Trumpetfish SS25, 1949..1952. (4) U.S.S. Sea Lion, SS315 1952..1954. Commissioned in 1952, and ordered to Sea Lion. Qualified as a submarine officer. Later served as Division Engineer for ComSubDiv 82. Served as Executive and Commanding Officer of submarine rescue vessel, U.S.S. Petrel ASR 14. Retired in June 1962.
Joseph J. O'Rourke, LT USN (Ret). <>
Uss Morton DD948. Chief's are truly, the very backbone of the Navy. And the best experts on Engine room coffee. Dave..
Arnce,David L. Machinist Mate. <>
NTC Orlando 78' / USS Deliver ARS 23 / USS Reclaimer ARS 42 / Naval Air Station Barbers PT / USS Brewton FF 1086 / USS Comstock LSD 45(plank owner) / ACU-5 / COMDESRON 1 / ACU 1 / Naval Station San Diego. Served from 78'-00' Living in San Antonio, TX. .
QM1 Lanny R Ross Ret. < >
AA, (92-96 USS Nimitz),(96-99Naval Hospital "FLT-HOSP 5" Bremerton), (99-04 USS Carl Vinson), 04-07NAS Whidbey Island and 07-11 USS Nitze Comments are: Keep the Dream Alive…..You too can survive the unthinkable :>) I'm Living Proof Baby!! Peace Out .
Jeffrey A. Sulich, CS1 (SW/AW) <>
USS.HANK DD 702, USS EXULTANT.MSO 441. I was later to serve, With 2nd Marine Divison, 24TH M.E.U My Daughter Cathy Jo Estes CSSN. is in now serving at NAS Lemoore CA.
. Michael A. Estes HM2 <>
USS IWO Jima (LPH-2) 1971-1974.
Ron Wodtli GMG3 <>
USS POMODON SS486 Served on board during 9th (and final) patrol to Westpak (incl. Okinawa, Phillipines, Vietnam, and Japan) from 22MAR68-17OCT68.
TM2(SS) Michael J. Kotler <>
Request permission to come aboard. I am trying to locate shipmates of USS Tanner (AGS-15) and USS Seranno (AGS-24) in order to invited them to a joint reunion with the USS Maury (AGS-16).
James M. White, PN1, USN,Retired. <>
I was an EN2 onboard the USS Samuel Gompers AD-37, R-6 Division 1987-1989. I am looking for any shipmates who served during that time frame, specifically Scott Moore, Deck Division, Carol Ann Herring and Marianne Torgerson. Any news about Reunions or get togethers would be welcome too!!! Many Thanks,
EN2 Tammy Lee Haurilick <>
naval marine corps reserve center little rock, arkansas: i love the navy. its changed my life. the tradition i fear most is the shellback ceremony
william watkins, boatswains mate seaman <>
USS Bergall SSN667 '72 - '77 USS San Rayburn SSBN 635 Early '79 - late '80 Looking for lost ship mates
Fred Reed TM1(SS) <>
USS Prometheus AR-3 After WWII I became an engineer civilian tech. rep. for Treadwell Corp.. I spent 13 years with the nuclear navy on boomers. I was at Groton when the Scorpion was cut in two the missile compartment and Oxygen Generator were added and it became the USS George Washington SSBN 598. From that time on I went to sea with both the Gold crew Osborn commanding and the Blue crew Hannifan commanding. I served as a civilian tech rep. aboard every submarine that had an Oxygen Generator from the 598 class through the 640 class boomer. Taught Oxygen Generator classes at Ford Island, Guam and aboard the Proteus at the Holy Loch. Went to sea on the Abraham Lincoln SSBN 602 during the Cuban crisis. My part of the Polaris A-3 program was and still is the greatest part of my life with the greatest bunch of men I would ever want to serve with..
Roy Willis, Yeo 2nd Class PO <>
USS Tullibee SSN 597, USS Tecumseh SSBN 628, USS Queenfish SSN 651: Great Site. Thanks for all your work..
John Chesser ET1(SS) <>
TPC Virginia Beach, USS Wasp Medical, NH Whidbey Island. I love being out to sea, I am trying to get in touch with old shipmates.
HM2 Baker <>
USS Saginaw (LST-1188) SN (now HMAS Kannimbla), USS Ashland (LSD-48) SM3, NSGA Kunia, Hi SM2, USS Anzio (CG-68) QM2, VFA-106 C/D PR1, VMFA-115 Silver Eagles PR1, USS Truman (CVN-75) PR1, and AIMD Norfolk PR1, Love the website!
Tommy Neet PR1(AW/SW/FMF) <>
My first boat Olympia SSN 717 (87-91) then off to Fallon, NV (91-94) Oklahoma City SSN 723 (94-97). Medicaly disqualed for Asthma went to USS Stennis CVN-74 (97-99) back to Fallon (00-03) then to USS Abe Lincoln CVN-72 (03-Present) Looking forward to hearing from shipmates from 717 and 723 (if any of you are still alive). If anyone knows the wareabouts of SKCM Bill Lowery PLEASE let me know. My onboard email: Love your website !!!
Richard A. Ward SK1(SW/AW/SS) <>
Served with NMCB 74 1980- 1984 NMCB 133 1986-1990 and NMCB 4 1993 - 1996
BU1 Ed (LU) Ludovici <>
Powell,William L BM3 <>
U.S.S. George Philip FFG-12 from sept. 1985 through feb. 1990
Russell D.Braunseis FC2 ESWS <>
USS BONHOMME RICHARD (LHD 6), Command Legalman NAS Lemoore, Trial Service Office West Naval Station San Diego, Chief Master At Arms USS BONHOMME RICHARD (LHD 6), plankowner former EN2 This is the first time I’ve been on the goat locker and I think it’s great. It makes me proud to be in the Navy and makes me hope that one day I can join the ranks of the goat locker. V/R LN1 Navarro
Andrea G. Navarro, LN1(SW/AW), <>
USS Piedmont AD-17, USS St. Paul CA-73, USS Rupertus DD-851. Have remembered boot camp information, seems I was a member of company # 286. Our company commander was R. T. Conner's GM 1, We were the first company to move into the brand spankin new barracks after our R & O training. We had the concrete wash tables with the multiple lined umbrella clothes lines, which we got to march over more than once, thanks to Conners, he also demanded we dig in the left heel when marching to create a special sound that helped with our cadence, well that, and double timing everywhere. Had one contact a year ago from the son of old Piedmont shipmate, The "SWEDE", a great guy and a hell of a poker & hearts player, and as i recall an outstanding signalman. Still hope to hear from other old shipmates from boot to duty stations. Thanks for serving, and God bless each one of you wonderful guys. Mike Feathers Best
Mike Best, S/A, SN STRIKER, QMSM 3 <>
NSA/NSF Bahrain, TPU Norfolk, SecDet Lakehurst, NJ, Fleet Hospital 22, Ft. Dix, NJ, NWS Charleston, SC, NTC Great Lakes, USS John C Stennis (CVN-74), COMNAVBASE Philadelphia, USS John F Kennedy (CV-67), USS Raleigh (LPD-1). It's a pleasure to be apart of the greatest military service in the world, "The United States Navy".
James K Dobson, E6/MA1(SW/AW/SC), <>
Current duty station is Faireconron Two (VQ-2) Whidbey Island, CID Learning Site Great Lakes, Naval Mobile Construction Battallion 7 Gulfport MS, MCM ROTCREW CHARLIE, Ingleside TX FWD Deployed Manama Bahrain, NCTS Puget Sound WA, USS Truxtun CGN-35 Bremerton Wa, NCTS Republic of the Philippines. Informations Systems Technician is the best rate in the Navy.
Steven C. Dyer IT1 (SCW/SW) <>
USS Dallas(SSN-700) TAD USS Olympia(SSN-717) Qualified COW/DCPO on first boat...working on DOOW and ANAV.
ET2(SS) Justin Epstein, USN <>
RTC Great Lakes/NSA Gaeta, Italy/NAVSTA Rota/NAVSTA Great Lakes. Currently a Criminal Investigator at NAVSTA Great Lakes Dept. of Public Safety. This site is an excellent source of Naval Tradition and History.
James R. Bolibrzuch, E-6/MA1 <>
USS Portsmouth, Served between ’90 – ’93. looking for other shipmates that served during the same time frame.
Stephen Bass QM2(ss) <>
Uss Thomas Jefferson SSBN 618, USS Holland AS32, USS Lewis & Clark SSBN644, Retired May 1993.
Jimmy Hodges, MT1(ss), <>
USS Nereus AS- 17 NPTU Idaho - S1W and A1W USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN 658 Sub School Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company - Newport News, Virginia Charleston, South Carolina San Diego, California Vallejo, California
Warner Howard DOYLE, Jr. MM1/SS <>
uss sacramento aoe-1. served from 1975-1977
sn richard lee savage <>
Active duty 1960 - 1970. PAMI LANT, CINCPACFLT, PAMICONUS Great memories, great shipmates. Still in touch with George Reese, Jack Hiatt, Dave Harp, Nick Matteo, Bill Stieb, and others.
DP1 Lynn DiGennaro <>
USS Pandemus ARL 18 & U.S.S. AD24 Everglades. Would Like to hear from anyone who served with me, from 62-65 on eather ship, Thanks
SF"P"3 Joe Schuchard <>
Duty Stations: NTC SDiego 1962 (Co. 027), 1962 VP-22 Barbers Point HI, 1965 NAS Chase Field Beeville TX, 1968 NAS Cubi Pt Philippines, 1971 VT-24 NAS Chase Field Beeville TX, 1975 NAF Misawa Japan, 1978 VT-24 NAS Chase Field Beeville TX, 1982 VA-147 NAS Lemoore CA Retired 1985 - NAS Lemoore, CA Some of the shipmates I'd be interested to hear from are: George R. Ervin, Fort Worth, TX (best buddy in Co. 027 and VP-22) Carroll W. Dennis, Abilene, TX (best buddy in Co. 027 and VP-22) ATCM Bobby Bell, NAF Misawa, Japan (worked in Quality Assurance together for 3 years - he was the QA CPO at the time from 1975-1978)
Charles Murphy AD1 <>
Great Site, Nice Job USS Sea Owl (SS405),(1964-1967)
Neal (Hoagy) Carmichael, EM3, <>
Duty Stations: uss lloyd thomas dd764 uss sphinx arl24, hi looking to hear from ship mates.
dean laman E-4 engineman <>
Leethaniel Edwards, E-5/DC2(sw), <>
USS Sea Owl (SS-405), 1959-1960 USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601), 1967 - 1970.
Kenneth Boyer, LT(SS), IC3(SS), <>
U.S.S. Sea Owl (SS405)
Robert W. Laird . EM2 (SS) <>
USS Sea Owl (SS-405), 1959-1960 USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601), 1967 - 1970.
Kenneth Boyer, LT(SS), IC3(SS), <>
Great Lakes Boot Camp Company 561-Charleston,SC,Mine Craft Support unit-USS Observation Island Island EAG154. 1 st time on this site , and I've already came across some shipmates Names, I cant wait to Dive-Dive in and see what treasures I can come up with-Ahoy Mates.
SN Vinny Rahner <>
USS Fort McHenry LSD-43 from 2000-2003/Hoping to see some shipmates that I shared alot of good and hard times with here.I was in E Div,hey Clements,Duncan,Jones,Fung,Curry,Schultz,Drake(hate the Drake!)Cotton,Wage,Ruby,Pulido,Malamanig,Flores,Aquino,Blanco,Balaoing,any of you guys out there?Give me a shout.
John Gouger/Electricians Mate 3rd Class Petty Officer <>
USS Greenlet (ASR-10) (Subbase Pearl Harbor HI) looking for old shipmates and chiefs.
Robert B. Hemming, EM2, <>
USS WILLIAM V. PRATT (DLG-13) S.A.R. Detail, Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club, Operation Market Time, Vietnam 1967-68..
LEHMAN Frederick Hudson, SN <>
i just wanted to say hi to all of the f.d.r's 4th div boat crews,so far i have found four of my shipmates and most live in around Jacksonville,i hope to hear from you.
BM-3 Richard Seacotte <>
USS Picuda, SS382, 1996 to 1999.
Leonard Lesperance IC2(SS) <>
Served on USS Piedmont AD17 from June1962 until April 1966. Looking for shipmates. Please email me. Thanks
SFP2 Richard (Shorty) Hall <>
USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71; NAVCENMETOC Norfolk, VA; USS George Washington CVN-73; NTTU Keesler AFB Biloxi, MS; ET “A” School NTC Great Lakes, IL This is a great website, lots of great information.
ET3 (SW/AW) Virginia Hilton <>
VA Beach (Va-34 Blueblasters)
Scott Tichavsky /E3-AO <>
NMCB-14 Det. 09.
EO2 (SCW) Walter E. Harvey <>
USS Lafayette SSB(N) 616 Blue, USS Runner, USS Sea Lion Previous to the submarine service I served aboard USS The Sullivans DD537. In 1964 "I saw the light" and after three turned down requests I went to Groton. Lafayette was my most rewarding duty but was only able to complete six patrols 64-67'.
Thomas Orr Mitchell, STS2<>
NRD Nashville NRS Millington / Past Commands USS Jarrett (FFG-33), SIMA San Diego, USS Cape Code (AD-43), USS Coronado (AGF-11), USS Independence (CV-62)
Patrick Harding IC1(SW)<>
USS Sturgeon SSN-638 USS Henry L. Stimson SSBN-655 (B)Instructor, S1C, NPTU Windsor, CT Fun to reminisce!
H. A. "Hac" Carlson EM1(SS) <>
I would like to see a deck log in the year 1949. U.S.S Juneau CLAA 119
SN George D.Zolnai <>
served on USS Leyte CVS_32 USS THOR ARC -4 USS WRANGELL AE -12 and on Cinclantflt staff in operation dept looking for any and all former shipmates served on cinclantflt staff from 70-73 retired in sept 1973 from staff.
Walter F Hummel QM1USN RET<>
I went thru boot april of 1953,then onto Corpsman School,both at Bainbridge MD. After Corps school I was stationed at Chelsea Naval hospital in Chelsea MA. While at Chelse I made HN and Hm3. Also was sent to Quoset Pt RI.when the USS Bennington exploded in may of 1954. After my time at Chelsea,I went to FMSS at Camp Del MAr and Camp Pendelton become an FMF corpsman. THats Fleet Marine Force. Was lucky enough to get statioed at Kaneohe Bay HAwaii. THe Navy will always mean alot to me. Thank you. .
Erick Lagerberg HM3<>
john tyler birch, E-3/MMFN, uss enterprise cvn 65, i was in M-div .
walter balthis, E-3/MMFN<>
Stationed on the USS Jacksonville, SSN699 in Norfolk, Virginia from 82-86 .
James Vegella EM1/SS<>
USS Redfin AGSS-272 8/27/64-8/4/66, USS Requin SS481 8/5/66-12/18/67, Norfolk, Va.
Richard Fulton EM3 (SS)<>
4/21/43 to 4/16/46 Served aboard the USS ASPRO SS-309 9/8/44 to 2/1/46. Made three patrols including the rescue of Army Capt. Ed Mikes USAAF in Tokyo Bay Aug. 3, 1945. Enjoy your website. Keep a zero bubble.!!!!
Joe Milner, EM 3/c <>
USS America, BUPERS, HM-14, NRD Pittsburgh: Great site! Planning for retirement and seeing LOTS of good info. Thanks to all and best wishes!!!!
PN1(AW) Chuck Wadleigh<>
Naval Gunner School Great lakes Ilinois Uss Constellation CV64 EODMU11, Nas Whidbey island I truly love the Navy, I have been places, done things that most people will never get to experience!
Derrill Nixson E-5/ Gunners Mate<>
NTC Great Lakes Ill. April 79, NAS Meridian Ms. June 79, USS Tripoli August 79 - October 81, NAS Cubi Pt. October 81 - April 1983. This site is slammin. I did some very stupid things while enlisted, like going UA for a short stint over a domestic home problem, but I bounced back and did the thing right thing after that. Lookin for Tripoli (LPH-10) Sailors from AIMD and everywhere else from that period, as well as NTTC Meridian, and Greatlakes Co. 081 from 1979 with SK1 Agusta P. Deguzman as the CC. I hope to hear from all of you who served so proudly with me. GO NAVY, and especially "The Gator Navy." Peace & Blessings!
AZ1 Howard Z. Murphy <>
RTC Orlando - 7/7/1992 - 9/7/1992 NMITC Dam Neck - 9/13/1992 - 5/14/1993 USS Independence CV-62, Yokosuka, Japan - 6/6/1993 - 6/6/1995 USS ESSEX LHD-2, San Deigo - 7/13/1995 - 7/13/1996 USACOM CMSA, Norfolk, VA - 7/25/1996 - 5/20/1999 My website is Would love to hear from my shipmates!
David R. Meyer, IS2. <>
San Diego, USS Tulare AKA112,Nad Hawaii Arneb AKA56.service craft Yokosuka Japan, Y YTB785 RVN. Service craft cubic bay YTM369.USS Mobile LKA 113 YTB785 RVN. Naval Academy Indianapolis, MD. Had a good career and met some good sailors. Would do it again if I could!
William R Posey BM1 usnret <>
BuPers Just Looking. Great Site!
LtCdr Joseph James <>
USS FRANK CABLE (AS 40) This log entry is to recognize two ladies that have made a large impact in my life. On Feb 3rd I was honored to be capped to YN1. I would like to send a THANK YOU to YNC Latosha Gibson and YNC Melissa Sandidge. I have not personally had a chance to thank Chief Sandidge but if anyone reads this and you have the pleasure of knowing her, please relay the message!! I pray that I can continue to follow in their steps!!
YN1(SW) Amber Suggs<>
USS New Orleans LPH 11, Just looking for a buddy I went to Boot camp with in San Diego 1974. I went surface and he went Sub. His name is Dennis “West” Ryan he was from Champaign ILL. If any one out there knows him and still has contact with him please ask him to drop me an e-mail Thank you,
Kirk “Baldy” Baldwin HT3 <>
served and qualified on USS BANG SS-385 1969-70...... and stationed with COMSUBFLOT8 Naples,Italy 1970-1972... interested in email from those who may have served with me, or at either duty stations
RM3 (SS) William Powell <>
USS Vulcan (AR-5), USS Saratoga (CV-60), Commissary Store Philadelphia, USS Garcia (FF-1040) Decomm Crew, Reactivation Crew Brumby/Talbot/Richard L. Page and turn over to Pakistan Navy, USS Frank Cable (AS-40), SUPSHIP New Orleans, What a great site! Every CHIEF that I had the pleasure of working with or under had some sort of WISDOM or KNOWLEDGE that they passed onto me. I am ever greatful to this day.
David "Sandy" Sanderson, MM1(SW) Ret. <>
USS CIMARRON; USS RUSSELL; IMF EVERETT; USS PORT ROYAL; HSV-X1 JOINT VENTURE Just wanted to drop a note to all my shipmates, drop me a line. V/R Boats
BM1 Robert J. Gibbs Sr. <>
COB on Tecumseh (Gold)(SSBN 628) from about 75 to 78. Great crew of officer and enlisted on the Tcup. Thanks for your gracious support, one of the most important tours of my Navy career.
E A Hughes, FTCM (SS), <>
USS Hopper (DDG70) (02 to 06), Comments are: My prior ships are USS Nimitz (94 to 98) and VA-115, aboard USS Midway (86-88), I am retiring this year and would like to say to “Ship Mates” from the past, If you are ever in San Antonio, TX, look me up.
Jeffrey A. Gaither, E-6/ CS1(SW), <>
USS Buffalo SSN-715, USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN624 Gold, USS Canopus AS-34, USS Guam LPH-9, Commander Third Fleet (USS Coronado). Retired Feb 1994.
Jamie A. Sesti, RM1/SS <>
USS Iwo Jima, Uss La Moure County, US Naval Station Nea Makri, Greece.
Charles Gay RM2 <>
, USS FDR CVA 42 was on the Roosie from 1962-66 in B-Div 1-C-1 boilerroom would like to hear from anyone who was in b div at that time.Live in Jackson N.J.
BT3 Bob Sand <>
, Kings Bay, I commissioned and served on board USS Maine SSBN 741(B), I was a rider on USS Nebraska SSBN 739(B), and I served on board USS Louisiana SSBN 743 (G).
Tach Van Sickle, CS2/SS <>
USS REEVES, 1965, USS ROBERT L. WILSON 1965-1967, USS JOHN KING 1967-1968.
Michael R. Bly IC3 <>
uss sacramento aoe-1 from 1978 to 1981 norfolk naval brig from 1983 to 1987 1987 to 1998 uss mount baker ae-34 uss o'bannon dd-987 1990 to 1995 if anyone from these commands would like to contact me please do so.
jerry spohn bm1(sw) <>
USS Hawkbill SSN666, USS La Jolla SSN701, US Naval Sub School, Get er done..
Steven Robinson STS/1 (SS)<>
USS Shenandoah, I would love to find some of my old SK friends!
Michelle Tokarz SK3 <>
Just looking for some friends who may have been on the Holland around 1993-1995. USS Holland, G.L. Naval Sta. Chic. Ill
RM3 Chery C. McLemore <>