The Deck Log Part I

Name: Don Young
Comments: YN3(SS) USS MEDREGAL (SS480) 1959-1960 ET1(SS) USS BONEFISH (SS582) 1965-1966 ET1(SS) USS TUNNY (SSG282) 1966-1967 ETC(SS) SUBSCOL 1967 RETIRED LT (LDO) 1978.

Name: Aaron Skurzynski
Comments: Very unique assortment of subs and for once true pics...I was on the jefferson city ssn759 and every pic that I have found on other sites, even comsubgru7 which is suppose to be the group she is in now have pic with a sub with sail planes, And as you probably know she and that class have bow plains. Any way great job with the site......Aaron

Name: STS2(SS) D. T. Forman
Comments: I was on both of the real types of Boats, SS and SSN. Must admit that the Diesel Boats were the most fun but the Nukes were moast comfortable.

Name: arthur fleming
Comments: Would like to hear from U S S Odax members from years 1960 to 1963

Name: Tim S. Kurashima
Comments: I enjoyed your web page M/C! Love your back ground music too!

Name: A. DeWayne Catron
Comments: LPO Reactor Control IC1SS and latter ET1SS Served on SS403 USS Atule '62' (during Cuban crisis) SSBN 617 Alexander Hamilton '64-67', SS408 Sennet '67'

Name: Ronald Everson
Comments: Thanks for allowing me to enter the goat locker;(cover removed) Just trying to locate anyone that might remember my best friend and mentor, John L Grazziani ICC(SS)? We served at A1W and the USS Sam Houston SSBN-609 together. I believe that he also served on the USS Von Stuben. He died of cancer about 20 years ago, and I would enjoy hearing from anyone that remembers ole' Graz. Thanks, Ron Everson EM1(SS)

Name: EM1(SS)Jeff Miller
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Reading, Pa.
Time: 1997-11-27 17:02:00
Comments: Served aboard USS Sea Devil (SSN-664) Feb. 86--Sep. 91 EM1/ss, E-Div. LPO Norfolk SMMS PMT Oct. 91--Jan. 95 USS Springfield (SSN-761) Jan. 95--June 95. Always be proud of your service in submarines. You have followed in the footsteps of the brave men and woman who have served their nation and made it what it is today. Though in the "Silent Service", the accolades are few and far between, we know what we have done to preserve our freedoms and that, in itself is enough. Fair winds and following seas.

Name: A. DeWayne Catron
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1997-11-28 21:46:00
Comments: LPO Reactor Control IC1SS and latter ET1SS. Served on SS403 USS Atule '62' (during Cuban crisis) SSBN 617 Alexander Hamilton '64-67',SS408 Sennet '67'

Name: Mark Clemons
Comments: Hello Master Chief, I was very happy to find a site devoted to Boats. I was stationed aboard the USS Lewis & Clark SSBN 644B and am looking for anyone I can find .

Name: Michael Montgomery
Comments: Mike Montgomery IC2(ss) 30 years ago USS Runner ss476 USS Grampus SS 523 USS Finback SSN 670 Plankowner

Name: ETR2-SS Gerald Burnham
Comments: I am a former submariner that qualified on the Bashaw, SSK-241 in 1959 and went to ETA school in Treasure Island and Nuclear School in Vallejo, Mare Island, with practical training in Idaho. I was a Reactor Technician and RO on the USS Halibut SSGN 587 from late '61 to May '64.

Name: RM1(SS) Bruce Thomas
Comments: Not bad for a nuke! Hey, you push, we steer. Actually, I've been researching hulls for a new remote control model submarine (I don't do kits) for several weeks now and this is the most entertaining SS page to date. I believe that I've settled between USS Tullibee and NR-1. I guess it has something about that turtle back. I'm ex-RM1(SS), USS Robert E. Lee and ComSubPac Staff. Cheers!

Name: MM1(SS) (nuclear) Richard (Rick) C. Welty
Comments: I am MM1(SS) (nuclear) Richard (Rick) C. Welty. I served on the USS Kamehameha (SSBN 642) in the early eighties and finished my career at R-5 division at Subbase New London. I really enjoyed your brought back a lot of memories. I have worked on most of the boats in your gallery, including the Nautilus (after she was moved to Groton) and spent more time than I care to remember in the NR-1 reactor compartment.

Name: Diepenhorst, David A. MM1(SS/DV)
Comments: MM1 (SS/DV)-RET, USS Grayback SS-574, USS Darter SS-576, DSV-3 Turtle, USS Drum SSN-677, USS William H. Bates SSN-680, USS City of Corpus Christi SSN-705, Comments are: I qualified on the USS Grayback SS-574, July 14, 1983. Seems like yesterday.

Name: Gary D. Shaffer
Comments: Served aboard the USS Glenard P. Lipscomb (SSN-685) between Aug 1985 and Feb 1990. STS2/SS Gary D. Shaffer

Name: ron anderson
Comments: mm2(ss) served on uss sam houston ssbn609

Name: Rick Rusek
Comments: USS PARCHE (SSN 683) Plankowner. 1973-1975

Name: Russ Wulfekuhl
Comments: Served on board USS Flasher (SSN-613) San Diego, CA from August 1985 to June 1987. Also served on board USS L.Y. Spear (AS-36) Norfolk, VA from August 1987 to June 1991.


Name: Ron Slater
Comments: Very catchy web site

Name: Matthew McLaughlin
Comments: I'm interested in getting in touch with anyone that was on the USS (SSN-683) from April 85 to July 87.

Name: Tom Witherow
Comments: I am a former crewmember of U.S.S. Grant (SSBN-631) Reported aboard 11/21/63 precom detail deck department Gold crew (SA-SU). I left during shake-down when boat was in Florida. Ultimately was medically disqualified for sub-service. I would be interested in hearing from former shipmates and crewmembers of the Grant. possibility of reunion?

Name: T. D. Euwaite
Comments: McGuire and I had the three legged race won until the AMR2 watched dogged down the door.

Name: Dave Roey
Comments: Served on USS Lewis & Clark SSBN(644)(gold) from 2/14/86-5/14/90

Name: Howard D Rankin(Buzzard)
Comments: I Qualed onboard the USSGrayback LPSS 574

Name: Maria Andersson (MAJA)
Website: Maja's page
Comments: hello! I'm really into submarines. It's my biggest hobby. I want to speak to people that are or have served in a submarine. So if you want I'd be more than happy to recieve a mail from you. bye Maja

Name: Frank Duncan
Comments: Rode USS Menhaden SS-377, '55 - '59, looking for shipmates

Name: Keith Herman (now Lovell)
Comments: I only recenly learned of SSN 637 Decommissioning. Wondering about SSN 646. I served on both. Wondering about friends from either. I was STS-2 Keith M. Herman upon discharge in 1978. My kids are fascinated by subs, but I haven't had much to show them.

Name: Don Hulick SK3SS
Comments: GREAT PAGE CHIEF...Served aboard the USS Sirago SS485 1962-66. Would love to hear from any diesel sailors.

Name: Chad Loveland
Comments: I am very happy that someone has gotten a web page for submariners. Tell me do you have any way of contacting other submariners on board other sub's. By the way I'm an ex-submariner. I was enlisted from June 89 to Dec 94. I sereved on board the John C. Calhoun,the Chicago, the Norfolk. I would like to hear from you guys and get in touch with some of my old buddies.

Name: Lars Mangen
Website: The Lars henrik Mangen Homepage
Comments: This is a helpful item, just what I need, thanks.

Name: Charles Shelton, E-2, SA, L.Y.Spear
Comments: It was great to be able to print out prose that reflects the values I hold for the United States Navy. Thanyou for sharing. Charles Shelton, E-2, SA, L.Y.Spear

Name: C.Paul Breaux III MM2(SS)
Comments: Served on USS Trout SS566 in the late 60's "THE HARDER,DARTER,TRIGGER,TROUT...ALWAYS IN AND NEVER OUT" This saying was not true in the late 60's when I was on board.

Name: ET1 SS Andre L. Green
Comments: Been in the Navy for the past 9 years, served a total of 12 patrols on the USS Florida SSBN 728 Blue (8 patrols) and 4 on the USS Nebraska SSBN 739 Blue (4 patrols). Presently stationed at the BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONEL, Assistant to the Submarine Enlisted Community Management shop. (Pers 221j3). I really enjoyed the web page and think its great that there is a forum for the "WORLDS FINES SUB FORCE".

Name: STS3SSPaul Pawlicki
Comments: Hello, Just a note to say hello and to try to find old shipmates from the 1966- 1970 years who were aboard Abraham Lincoln SSBN602 blue.thanks Paul

Name: Jay Pitman
Comments: MM1(SS) Aug 79 Thru Jun 88 USS Eisenhower Cvn-69, USS Bergall SSN-667, USS John Marshall SSN-611


Name: Jeff Jenkins
Comments: Love the "Haze gray and underway" pics. I'm a Navy vet with 8 years service discharged as an ET1.

Name: EW2 Avi Kaiser(ESWS)
Comments: Hey, Master chief. Nice page, glad to see it. I like catching navy and maritime oriented personal pages on the the 'net. But... as I was looking through your targets page I didn't catch a photo of my old ship, the USS Ranger (CV-61). Surprised me a little, since it seemed that you had a photo of every other Forrestal class carrier. Ah well, can't catch 'em all, right? Keep up the good work.

Name: Lance R. Wall
Comments: ET1 (nuke) USS Narwhal 1981-1985..I am sure if anyone I know is still in..They are all goats by now...

Name: Chris Finnegan STS2(ss)
Comments: Great page ,surfaced (or surfed) on 10/17/97 to this page qualified aboard G C Marshall (654) gold crew 67-71.

Name: Tom McCall
Comments: I am a Canadian Submariner, currently drafted ashore, Diesel is where it's at. Enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work.

Name: CTA3 Margaret Christine Miller
Comments: Prior CTA. 1983-1985. Served at NSGA Keflavik, CMIO Norfolk and NSGA Northwest. Former married name: Loznak.

Name: Mike Hallenbeck
Comments: I love the site. I was on the USS Vermillion (AKA-107) from 1963-1967 and was a QM2 when I got out. Are there any more people that were on the VR?

Name: Tim Bonnett
Comments: USNA Class of 1983 Served aboard SSBN 641 Simon Bolivar SSBN 616 Nathanial Greene SSBN 634 George Washington Carver

Name: Jack Willis
Comments: Served onboard the USS Clamagore SS343 during 1958-1961.

Name: Jon D. Jaques, CPA
Comments: Served on USS OHIO SSBN 726. Collect all types of submarine related memorabillia

Name: Charlie Kutterer (Chaz)
Website: USS Birmingham SSN 695
Comments: Hello nice site. Think I need more time to check it out. Sure miss the friendship of my old sub buds.

Name: Roger A. Crombie . STS2SS
Comments: Rode the Trigger SS564 and Thornback SS418 1967 thru 1968 . Currently live in Tipp City Ohio . Would like to look up old ship mates . Maybe some of the old bubble heads like me finaly got a PC.

Name: Paul Butala
Comments: I served on the USS James K. Polk SSBN645 Blue in 67 and 68.Any Polk crew members out there check out the Polk page at

Name: Douglas Beck(EM1(SS))
Comments: Navy Nuclear Trained EM1(SS) Qualified EWS on two 688-class USS Pittsbugh and USS Albuquerque, served 87-95 won Sailor of the Quarter(twice), Sailor of the Year and two NAM's Proud of my heritage!!! Thanks for the knowlege chief!!!

Name: Gary Mompher
Comments: EX: TM1(SS) USS Swordfish SSN579 /Pearl Harbor (Mar72-Jul75) Uss Gato SSN615/NLondon (Jul75-May79)

Name: Marty Cummings
Comments: ex-MM1/SS "A" Ganger on board the USS L. Mendel Rivers (SSN-686) from 1977 to 1981. Build Subs at Newport News Shipbuilding until 1992.

Name: Thomas Reedy
Comments: USS Whale (SSN-638) 1978-1982 ET1(SS) RC Div

Name: Fred Smith
Comments: Served on the USS Carp (SS-338) during the period 1950-52. Any Carp sailors out there contact me or Ned Tyler at Check out his web page. Thanks, Master Chief.

Name: Don Bransford
From: Chicago
Time: 1997-08-30 17:28:00
Comments: Great sight!!!!!!!!! Brings back old memories. Served aboard the Jallao SS-368 from 1970 to 1973.

Time: 1997-08-28 19:39:00

Name: Ed Williams
From: Basehor, Kansas
Time: 1997-08-29 18:41:00
Comments: I served on the USS Caiman SS-323, from March 1967 through August 1970. I was just brousing for memories on Diesel boats and ran across your page. Haven't been able to find much on us old timers but did enjoy the visit here. Guess you are right. Once a Submariner, a Submariner always, reguardless of which type was served on.

Name: R Samson ex EN3(SS)
Comments: Knock Knock !!Good day Chief Peterman: My name is Ramon Samson, and from 1955 to 1959 served on the USS CHARR SS328, out of San Diego

Name: Paul Roggemann
Comments: Thanks for the SUB page Greg, also enjoy chatting with you. I guess I'm getting old, don't see too many DBF types around. I qualified on USS Sea Robin SS-407 and rode from 11/63 - 8/67 as ETN2(SS). Would like to hear from any Sea Robin riders and add you to my crew list. Again thanks for the "SS" tribute.

Name: mike campbell bm3
From: cincinnati ohio
Time: 1997-08-23 13:41:00
Comments: i am in surch of any shipmates that surved onboard the uss saipan. i was a boatswain mate between 1984 to 1989. it sure would be nice to hear from some shipmates...SAIPAN SAIPAN SAIPAN

Name: Mark L. Decker
Comments: I served aboard the USS Hawkbill from 1977-1981...back when it was still fun to be in the Navy!

Name: Susan B Dagney (RM2)
Comments: Hi, I am a Chiefs wife and yes I do have my cover removed and knocked 3 times before entering. My Husband (ETC(SW/AW) Mike Dagney) said that was what I would have to do before entering. I think it is a great homepage. Wish the blueshirts had one similar to it. Keep up the great work!!!

Name: John Welsh
From: Phoenix, AZ
Time: 1997-08-16 16:00:00
Comments: I served on USS Permit SSN 594 in the mid 70's as a ET2(ss). Thanks for the memories.

Name: Lance Wall
From: Marina California
Time: 1997-08-14 12:00:00
Comments: Lance Wall (hense bulkhead. There are no walls in the Navy) ET1 (Nuke) 1979 to 1985 USS Narwhal (SSN671) Presently working at Integrated Device Technology Inc. in Salinas California (one of them-thar microchip makers) I only got claustrophobic once...when participating in a "see how many idiots can fit into nucleonics" event. Another experience to share. Me, on watch, at the RCP, underway, suffering from food poisoning, and the flu, on the surface, state 6 seas. Yes, this is safe. (When in doubt--shim them out). Advice from the above....Never eat cherry tomatos after the third week at sea...

Name: jack bettick
From: baltimore, md
Time: 1997-08-11 14:14:00
Comments: 4 0 work from ussubvets--chesapeake base

Name: Darren Mitchel MM3SS (SSN-753)
From: Newport News, Virginia
Time: 1997-08-11 18:20:00
Comments: Looking for fellow plankowners from USS Albany SSN-753. This site is an excellent idea. Can't wait for the reunion. SS Forever from the Chicken Hawk.

Name: Timothy L. Kile
Website: Sleeping Dog
From: Plymouth, IN
Time: 1997-08-12 07:29:00
Comments: GO NAVY!

Name: ET1(SS)Paul Marlin
From: Marietta, GA
Time: 1997-08-08 17:44:00
Comments: Qualified SS-214 Grouper Plankowner SSN-612 Guardfish SSN-587 Halibut

Name: Timothy H. Spoon
From: Sacramento, California
Time: 1997-08-08 11:57:00
Comments: I qualified aboard USS Balao, AGSS 285 in 1962, at Key West, rode her a year then to the USS Tirante SS 420, at Key West, in 1963, and finally to the USS Ronquil SS 396, at San Diego in 1966. I left the Navy in 1967 as an EM2(SS).

Name: Del Bowlby Ex-MT2(SS)
Comments: Chief, You page is great. I learned something. I earned my dolphins on the Woodrow Wilson in 1976. I was very proud that day. The political correctness crowd would have had a fit if they had seen what happened to us after we qualified. Of coarse we didn't have sensitivity training in boot camp in those days.

Name: erik w. miller
Website: erik's homepage
Comments: Rm2/ss: subscol 87-89 uss sam houston 89-91(decom/westpac) Comsubron 11 91-91 uss dolphin 91-11/92

Name: Mike Olson
From: Virginia
Time: 1997-08-05 22:49:00
Comments: Hope this is a new way for us to find lost shipmates! TM2/SS

Name: Donna J. Delph, USAF Civ, Submariner's Mom
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Olympia, Washington
Time: 1997-08-03 22:24:00
Comments: Enjoyed your pages and information...Son is stationed at Subase Bangor. I am stationed at Boeing Defense & Space with the USAF, AWACS program.

Name: Scott Adair
From: Chicago, IL
Time: 1997-08-02 14:59:00
Comments: USS La Jolla (SSN-701) plankowner, looking for fellow shipmates.

Name: Charles H. Machalowski
From: Fremont CA
Time: 1997-08-01 16:50:00
Comments: Hi, I was an EM1(ss)qualified subs on USS Ray ssn 653. I was there from August 1975 to Jul 1979. I was also there for the 1st refueling overhaul (great fun ) and when the ship slammed into a mountain at 400 ft. doing a std bell. What pain, back to the yards. Thanks CM

Name: Stuart L. Porter TM1(SS)
From: Santa Clara, CA.
Time: 1997-08-01 08:46:00
Comments: Searved on the USS John Adams SSBN 620 (G), USS Woodrow Wilson SSN 624 and the USS Asheville SSN 758. OUTSTANDING WORK!

Name: david Lorenz
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: NAVMASSO Chesapeake VA
Time: 1997-08-01 12:01:00
Comments: great graphics

Name: Dr. Donald L. Steward
Website: Homepage
From: Miami, Fl originally now in Fredonia, NY
Time: 1997-07-31 18:34:00
Comments: I served on the U.S.S. Chopper (SS-342)in 1963 when President Kennedy was shot, and on the U.S.S. Lafayette SSB(N)616 from 1965 through 1969. Are there any of my old shipmates out on the web?

Name: Stan Breedlove
Website: Okeechobee City, Florida
From: Boca Raton Florida
Time: 1997-07-27 14:48:00
Comments: Just arrived on the page. I still haven't looked around.

Name: MMFN James
From: Bremerton, WA
Time: 1997-07-21 20:59:00
Comments: No Homepage

Name: James Fuller
From: Monroe, LA
Time: 1997-07-21 15:16:00
Comments: Not sure if you meant where I was born and raise or where I'm stationed at. My current command is The Bureau of Naval Personnel (Pers 403EF). I'm the Submarine Yeoman Detailer.

Time: 1997-07-20 18:52:00

Name: Robert Wagner
From: Peoria, Arizona
Time: 1997-07-19 10:41:00
Comments: Just stopped by to look. I served on the USS Sam Rayburn (SSBN 635) from the yards at portsmouth, NH. to Holy Loch (~79-82). Anyone else serve on the 'Sammy R'?

Name: Annie
From: NJ
Time: 1997-07-17 14:53:00
Comments: I'm from a "Navy Family" & your Site is Outta Site !! I don't know about you Swabbies, you all think alike. It must be all that sea air you breath or something!! My brother just retired from the Navy after 20+ yrs. Thanks for playing the best song that I've ever heard as your intro. Fair Winds & God Speed.

Name: Frank Toon
Website: Frank's Memory Page
From: Coquille OR
Time: 1997-07-17 10:52:00
Comments: Enjoyed your pages....glad you dropped me a note.

Name: Rick Penza ex-MM1(SS)/ELT
Website: USS Birmingham (SSN695) News and Information
From: Valhalla
Time: 1997-07-07 07:57:00
Comments: Nice work, Chief! Looks like your mess is getting very popular. Looking for any USS Birmingham SSN-695 crewmembers. She was inactivated 3/27/97 at Pearl Harbor and will be the first 688 decomissioned there. She has been severly gutted, especially in the Ops compartment. Later this year she is scheduled to be towed to PSNS for removal of the Rx comparment, which will be buried at Hanford. The rest is welded together and left to rust. Sad end for such a fine boat. Send email or visit my webpage for more info. Rig for one last dive...

Name: Dave Dooley
Website: MR. D's Second Home
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Santa Ana, Calif.
Time: 1997-07-05 08:49:00
Comments: Hi,People I served on board the USS Camden AOE2 during the Viet Nam war. Looking for Electricians or Fule control people during that time. Look at my page for more info. Later,Dave

Name: Harry Hanson
From: Napa Ca
Time: 1997-07-01 17:57:00
Comments: Looking for any one who sailed aborad the U.S.S Gudgeon (SS567) Early 1963 to 1966. Or any one who knew the C.O B. ot that time O.H (bonzi} burns Or if anyone knows what happened to the boat

Name: Edward F. Hines
From: Stevensville, Michigan
Time: 1997-06-22 18:52:00
Comments: ex MM1/SS served on USS Pargo, SSN-650

Time: 1997-06-21 16:34:00

Name: Richard B. Mendelson
From: Rockville, Maryland
Time: 1997-06-21 15:54:00
Comments: I am looking for the crew of the U.S.S. Burrfish SS/SSR312.

Name: Robert Alan Reimer
From: Gales Ferry, CT
Time: 1997-06-18 13:22:00
Comments: Although I was only in the US Navy for 7 years, I routinely run into old shipmates in SE Connecticut area. My best friend is retiring from the fleet after 22 years... you gotta wish him well... Senior Chief Brian Baldwin FTCS(SS) Yo!

Name: Robert H. Bortle
From: Harvard, Il
Time: 1997-06-16 16:20
Comments: Robert H. Bortle 820 W. Metzen St. #18 Harvard, Il. 60033 e-mail at SHIPS: LCT 573 (NORMANDY) LCT 1415 (OKINAWA) He is looking for shipmates. He was a cook, and said everyone usually called him "Cookie" or Bob.

Name: Tim Strand ex ET2/SS
From: W.Richland, Wa. 99353
Time: 1997-06-16 15:01:00
Comments: Nice Web site.Served for four years on the USS Flasher (SSN-613).

Name: Mike Grimm exET1(SS)
From: Roanoke, Va.
Time: 1997-06-15 17:45:00
Comments: I served on SSN 571, SSBN's 645, 644, 608, & 635. Although I was never a CPO, my grandkids think I,m an old goat so I thought I'd check it out. Great site. Mike Grimm exET1(SS)

Name: Dave Lounsberry
From: Omaha Nebraska
Time: 1997-06-13 20:02:00
Comments: I have only just recently gone on line and it is a true joy to touch base with some fellow bubbleheads. I moved to Nebraska to go to college after I got out. And I ended up getting married and putting down roots here. Sites like this give me the opportunity to give my new family some insight into my life in the nav. Well Done. Fair Winds and Following Seas. STS3(SS) D Lounsberry

Name: Mike Wagoner
From: Seabrook, Texas
Time: 1997-06-12 11:35:00
Comments: Just want to log in.

Name: Jerry Goldsmith
Website: Jerry's Home Page
Time: 1997-06-12 14:12:00
Comments: I just found your navy page ( It's Great ! ) and thougth I would login at the Quarterdeck. I have a link on my home page that goes to the Uss Chicago CG-11, that you might want to link in to your page. I served on her as a MMFA to MM2 1964-67. Now that the name has been given to a sub it is even more important to link to her. I got go..... Later.

Name: Robert Guyot
From: Cape Cod MA.
Time: 1997-06-08 17:19:00
Comments: U.S.S.ALBANY CA123 3RD.DIV. JAN 2 1952 TO JULY 7 1955 GMT 2

Name: Larry W. Stout
From: St. Louis, MO.
Time: 1997-06-06 12:59:00
Comments: Thanks for the page Chief !!!! I served aboard the USS Lewis and Clark SSBN 644 (Gold) from 1970 - 1976. Ended us as MM1(SS) with 1 refueling, transit run from Bremerton, WA. to Charleston, SC., and 6 patrols, mostly out of Rota, Spain. Passed my exams and got frocked as a chief, but wouldn't reup. Sometimes I think that that was a major mistake on my part. Some of the best times of my life were spent on that boat. ORSE Boards not withstanding. Anyway, I was looking for info on the old L&C today and found you page. I was really haoopy to find the link to ACE Insignias as I have been looking for a ball cap for years. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

Name: Tanya Mihailov (USNA '90)
From: San Diego, CA
Time: 1997-06-04 12:47:00
Comments: I was surfing through the USNA alumni pages and clicked on to you. May I go now?

Name: Richard Boettcher
From: new york
Time: 1997-06-04 03:05:00
Comments: formerly ph1 usn last duty with vah-21...

Name: Rick Penza ex-MM1(SS)/ELT USS Birmingham SSN695 plankowner
Website: USS Birmingham (SSN695) information
From: Greater than 400 ft
Time: 1997-06-05 10:31:00
Comments: Nice work, Chief! Looking for any USS Birmingham SSN695 crewmembers. She was inactivated 3/27/97 at Pearl Harbor and will be the first 688 decomissioned there, probably within a month. Send email or visit my webpage for more info. Rig for one last dive...

Name: alan robinson
From: indianapolis,in
Time: 1997-06-05 09:56:00
Comments: ex-ftg/fc1 ss/sw, served in ssbn-617(g), ssn-591, early 80's, also served on surface ships, uss iowa bb-61 uss caron dd-970

Name: William Kudela
From: Northern Ohio/Rochester NY
Time: 1997-06-01 10:23:00
Comments: Looks good! BZ

Name: Paul E. York,Jr. ex MM2(SS)
Website: Paul York's Submarine Home Page
From: Mobile,Alabama
Time: 1997-06-01 09:57:00
Comments: Greg your page looks great,always somthing new to see.Hope to see you at the Sub Vets convention in Mobile.

Name: Jerry Adamson ex ET1(SS)
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-05-30 17:38:00
Comments: Hi, I'm Served on the Commissioning crew (MT2(SS)of the USS Kamehameha SSBN642 64-67, on the Sam Houston SSBN609 70-75 with a TDY on the USS Henry L. Stimson SSBN655 in 74. Thanks.

Name: Steven M. Davenport
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Concrete, Washington
Time: 1997-05-29 23:40:00
Comments: Very nice page...hope to get in touch with some former shipmates through this forum. Keep up the good work!

Name: FT2(SS) Chong Pyon
From: Santa Clara, CA
Time: 1997-05-29 22:12:00
Comments: Just got out last July. Served aboard the Key West from 92 to 96.

Name: Clair E. Pense
From: WEB
Time: 1997-05-29 21:18:00
Comments: Keep a level bubble , E-mail me any pictures of the USS Grouper ss214 Thanks

Name: Brett Kulbis
From: Originally NY but currently stationed in SDiego.
Time: 1997-05-28 23:21:00
Comments: Dive! Dive!

From: 29palms ca.
Time: 1997-05-27 22:38:00
Comments: I served abaord uss flyingfish ssn 673 79-82. i was just wondering if any of my old shipmates were still around?

Name: Suzanne Graboski
From: Virginia
Time: 1997-05-21 05:00:00
Comments: My son is in the Navy (HM) currently attached to a Marine Division in North Carolina. Though he might enjoy some Navy humor once in a while!! Thanks

Name: PR1(AW) Jeff Hobrath
Website: The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio
From: NAS JRB Willow Grove PA
Time: 1997-05-17 11:03:00
Comments: Hi,Check out my web page. Hope to pick up Chief this year!

Name: Robert J Peters AK1 USN-R
From: detroit mi. was on conway/now reserve uss indy cv 62
Time: 1997-05-16 17:31:00
Comments: Request permission to come aboard, master chief. I'mlooking for other shipmates to join our reunions for the uss conway dd/dde 507. Thanks for letting me come aboard sir, request permission to go ashore ROBERT J PETERS TREASURER USS CONWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION

Name: Robert Vilhelm Sjostrom
Referred by: Net Search
From: Helsinki, Finland
Time: 1997-05-15 05:27:00
Comments: Finnish Navy sonar operator specialized on Russian undersea activity during my 13 month military service just checkin' out some great sub pages

Name: Jason Davis
Website: Homepage
Time: 1997-05-14 15:38:00
Comments: Nice page! I'm a navy LT who served three years onboard USS PARCHE (SSN-683). Enjoy seeing all the submariner's sites here on the web.

Name: John A. Mitchell
From: Portland, OR
Time: 1997-05-14 00:44:00
Comments: Served on the Razorback SS394 from Nov of 1960 to May of 1962. I have the boats crew roster as of Dec 4th, 1961. Would be more than happy to fax you a copy for your records. I also have many photographs, slides and 8mm film. I have access to a scanner, will transfering the films and slides to video and then plan to digitize so I can send off to those who may have some interest in the Razorback. If you would E mail me your fax #, I'll fax to you the crew list. I have many interesting stories of historical nature about my time on the Razorback. We participated in the Christmas Island Nuclear detonation that was detonated very close to us. We were drawn into ground zero while submerged, this was an underwater detonation. I am trying to locate other crew members that wwere on board at that time. I wonder how they are doing. John Mitchell Green Board

Name: Dennis Splane ex-EM2 (SS) Tunny SSG-282, 58'-61'
From: Texas
Time: 1997-05-12 09:43:00
Comments: Great page. Keep up the fine work !

Name: Dale L. Flatt MS2(ss) 1979-1981
From: Austin ,Tx.
Time: 1997-05-09 08:16:00
Comments: looking foward to seeing you all in 98

Name: Fred Thatcher
Time: 1997-05-09 12:55:00
Comments: I was stationed aboard the USS PLUNGER : Jun 67 - Dec 69, and left as STS3(SS) . I've seen several familiar names while browsing thru "The Page"; I'd like to hear from anyone stationed aboard during that timeframe. My current address is: PO BOX 892, Dahlgren, VA (22448)

Name: Rodney Brown
From: Marietta, Georgia
Time: 1997-05-08 12:04:00
Comments: Nice page. I was a CT in the Naval Security Group from 1982 to 1988. I served aboard the USS Sterrett (CG-31) and USS Horne (CG-30).

Name: Harold P. Egbert Jr. (Hal)
Website: Hal Egbert's Home Page
From: Des Moinnes, IA/// Now, Vallejo, Ca.
Time: 1997-05-08 19:01:00
Comments: USS Halibut 1961 Nuc School Vallejo 1962 NPTU Idaho 1962/63 USS Gudgeon (temp waiting Sargo) 1964 USS Sargo 1964/65 USS Gato 1965-1969 Discharged, MM1(SS)/Lead ELT Argonne National Laboratory 1969-1981 Mare Island Naval Shipyard ( Nuclear Shift Test Eng) 1982-1996 McClellen Nuclear Radiation Center, McClellen Air Force Base, Ca. TRIGA reactor. Reactor operator. to present

Name: John Dilks
From: Lancaster, CA.
Time: 1997-05-06 14:18:00
Comments: VERY nice pages. Lot of interesting links. Will be back often. I served aboard "targets" during my Navy hitch of ten years. John Dilks ex-QM2

Name: YN1 Ron Wood
Website: The Wood Saga
From: Dallas, Texas
Time: 1997-05-02 21:37:00
Comments: I prefer haze grey-underway!!

Name: Robert S. Clark (Babo)
From: Catskill Ney York
Time: 1997-05-03 11:04:00
Comments: Any Grayback sailors out there?..e-mail me

Name: Mark McGrath
From: Hilton Head Island SC
Time: 1997-04-29 19:06:00
Comments: CPO's kick

Name: IS2 David R. Meyer, USN
Website: UNDERWAY!
From: Norfolk, Virignia
Time: 1997-04-29 18:55:00
Comments: I enjoyed your page! I have also linked it with mine as I hope others will take time and visit. My page is dedicated to preserving Naval heritage for the younger sailors, (not that I've been in very long) because I feel much of the great history and tradition is lost in all of the political correctness. Fair Winds, Dave Meyer

Time: 1997-04-29 12:13:00

Name: Stan Hawkins
Website: Stan's Navy page
From: Conroe Texas
Time: 1997-04-26 21:04:00
Comments: Chief, I like the anchors aweigh tune on the page...havn't been doing much surfing or page writting in awhile..been working on hardware..anyway just wanted to let you know the page looks great...stan

Name: Theodore L. Ostenson
From: Key Largo, FL 33037
Time: 1997-04-24 20:33:00
Comments: Served 04.28.78-06.30.87 USS Grayback SS_574 STS3(SS) USS Puffer SSN_??? (busted to surface) USS Whipple FF-1062 SN then J03 COMOCEANSYSPAC JO3 - JO2 USS Joseph Strauss DDG-16 early out. Thanks to all the chiefs who helped some of us grow up and finally become a little responsible. Thanks!

Name: Patrick Martin
From: Bethesda, MD
Time: 1997-04-21 18:54:00
Comments: Retired ('82) "O-Ganger". Last ship, USS HENRY CLAY (SSBN 625B).

Name: Karl M. Hasslinger
From: Springfield, VA
Time: 1997-04-19 18:38:00

Name: Kenneth Crisp
From: Santa Clara California
Time: 1997-04-18 14:53:00
Comments: I served aboard the USS JOHN MARSHALL SSBN 611(B) from 78-80 and aboard the USS BLUEBACK SS 581 80-81.

Name: ET1(SS) John J. Cunnally Jr)
Website: >Homepage
From: White Plains, NY
Time: 1997-04-14 22:29:00
Comments: Please feel free to LInk we have you Linked. Boats USS Crevalle SS 291 1959-61, USS Tigrone SS 419 61-62, USS Greenling SSN 613 EB CO Shipyard Test Crew USS Bilfish SSN 614 "" "" USS Whale SSN 640 "" "" USS Sunfish ""' USS Hunley 12 Years in the Reserve Community Thanks Bud

Name: VROOMAN, David M. (formerly EM1(SS))
Website: K - D Did It
From: Portland, OR
Time: 1997-04-03 15:39:00
Comments: Would love to hear from old submariners.

Name: Charlie Deer
From: Fairbanks Alaska
Time: 1997-04-03 07:57:00
Comments: I found this site via the Guardfish web site. I'll be back and post my own site next week.

Name: Dick Young
From: Cincinnati, Ohio
Time: 1997-04-06 14:59:00
Comments: Great site - recently purchased a computer so enjoying surfing the net and finding all the great sub info, qualified on 640 and 655 boats, sad to see so many of them are gone, if anyone was on the Stimson (blue) from 69 to 71 or Franklin (gold) from 71-73 especially during refit, drop me a line.

Name: Rodney E. King III
Website: Not posted yet// James Madison page in progress
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Mission Viejo, Ca.
Time: 1997-04-05 22:34:00
Comments: Former FTB1/SS. SSBN 627, 629 and 630 qualified. Medically retired 1989.
Name: Mike Hory
From: Maine
Time: 1997-04-04 20:06:00
Comments: Looking for FTCS(SS) Tom Heitz. Nickname Fats. Served on the Harder in the 60's, and the Drum in the 70's.

Name: Matt Suzor
Time: 1997-04-04 18:33:00
Comments: Love The Home page!! Matt Suzor ET2(SS) (Still a QM)

Name: Erman E. Brown
From: Charlotte, NC
Time: 1997-04-05 16:35:00
Comments: Served on USS Wichita during WWII (Dec 1941 - Dec 1945).

Name: RM1(SS) Wayne A. Markman
From: Atlanta, GA
Time: 1997-04-05 09:55:00
Comments: Served from Nov '77 to Nov '83, from '79 to '83 aboard the USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN 610. I was a member of the decommissioning crew of the Edison at PSNS, Bremerton, WA. Those were the days...

Name: VROOMAN, David M. (formerly EM1(SS))
Website: K - D Did It
From: Portland, OR
Time: 1997-04-03 15:39:00
Comments: Would love to hear from old submariners.

Name: Charlie Deer
From: Fairbanks Alaska
Time: 1997-04-03 07:57:00
Comments: I found this site via the Guardfish web site. I'll be back and post my own site next week.

Name: Chuck Istre
From: Owensboro KY
Time: 1997-03-30 05:18:00
Comments: ok.easter morning 1997 0610 will be off work in 45 min.will go home clean up go to the wifes restuarant and help out with the morning crowd then go to 1100 mass at st.stephens.then go home and sleep some then be back to work tonite.all kids have now departed for spring break.1 to daytona,i to gulf shores 2 to panama city 1 to russia for three weeks.home to ourselves.was on SSN-666 1975-78.out of pearl.

Time: 1997-03-30 02:17:00

Name: Frank Dunn Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)
From: Virginia Beach, VA.
Time: 1997-03-24 09:10:00
Comments: BZ on the great web page -- thanks for the effort! Looks like our paths nearly crossed several times. I was WEPS in ANDREW JACKSON BLUE until summer of '77 then went over to be the Staff Weapons Officer in Holy Loch (the NTPI guy)-- my relief in AJ was Gary Potter. I was in San Diego as XO of "that other tender" the MCKEE from summer of '86 to fall of '88. Any way, here's my career itinerary for your Decklog: Commissioned June, 1970 (Univ. of Kansas NROTC) Submarine School June 70 - December 70 USS SAILFISH (SS 572) Pearl Harbor & San Diego January 71 - April 74 USS ANDREW JACKSON (SSBN 619 BLUE) Groton May 74 - July 77 COMSUBRON 14 Holy Loch August 77 - March 80 USS DARTER (SS 576) (XO) Sasebo Japan April 80 - June 82 Office of Naval Intelligence Washington June 82 - April 83 Office of Naval Communications Washington April 83 - February 84 USS BARBEL (SS 580) (CO) Pearl Harbor & Sasebo May 84 - May 86 USS MCKEE (AS 41) (XO) San Diego June 86 - October 88 Naval War College Newport November 88 - November 89 The Joint Staff Washington January 90 - July 92 USS SIERRA (AD 18) (CO) October 92 - November 93 OPNAV (Head, Submarine Security Program) November 93 - July 94 Retired August 1994 Currently living in Virginia Beach, VA and on the staff of Old Dominion University while pursuing a doctorate (Ph.D.) in higher education administration.

Name: Ken Krause x-SK2(SS)
From: Oakdale, Ca.
Time: 1997-03-24 11:34:00
Comments: What a great page! I served a four year hitch, from '58-'62 and got out as an SK2(SS). Went right to the boats from boot-camp. Served on the Seawolf SSN575, Swordfish SSN579 and Tiru SS416.

Name: Jeffrey S. Zahn
Referred by: Net Search
From: New Jersey (orig)
Time: 1997-03-24 16:11:00
Comments: I'm Ex-navy (EM1/SS), soI thought I'd stop by and see how things are going.Z

Name: Roger Bjerke
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Newport News, VA
Time: 1997-03-16 08:03:00
Comments: Nice Job. I'm interested in finding old shipmates from my days on the 'Nat Greene and Spadefish

Name: Richard Griffin
Website: Wolfstar
From: Great Falls, MT USA
Time: 1997-03-15 21:49:00
Comments: SSN-673 USS Flying Fish(SSN)

Name: Dwight G. Hall, CWO3 (USN Ret)
From: Chandler, Az
Time: 1997-03-15 20:23:00
Comments: President FRA Branch 163 Valley of the Sun Anyone interested in FRA contact me by email.

Name: Christopher D. LeBlanc
From: Lafayette, LA
Time: 1997-03-14 18:50:00
Comments: Hello this is Christopher LeBlanc. I'm a six year veteranoff the USS Baltimore. I served onboard from 2/93-1/97

Name: Jim Zehner
From: PA
Time: 1997-03-14 04:39:00
Comments: Great site, thanks Jim.

Name: stan hawkins
Website: hawkins homepage
From: Conroe Texas
Time: 1997-03-12 21:17:00
Comments: Hows it going? haven't talked to you in a while. your pages are looking good...i was unable to make the netscape wave file work though...later stan

Name: John Johnson, YN2(AW), USN
From: Rockville, FL
Time: 1997-03-10 06:55:00
Comments: Just wanted to say if it wasn't for the chiefs us junior sailors wouldn't know how to be a chief. Glad there is a page dedicated to the chiefs. Served aboard the USS LA SALLE (AGF 3) and COMCARGRU SIX and ran into several awesome chiefs.

Name: Hugh Hetrick
From: Port Orchard (Manchester), Washington
Time: 1997-03-02 19:45:00
Comments: Surfing the web. Glad to be here.

Name: John Knapp
Time: 1997-03-02 13:50:00
Comments: I'm glad to see a website dedicated to the many sailors of the submarine force.

Name: EM2 Donald Evans Ret.
From: served 6 patrols on SSBN 636 Nathaniel Greene
Time: 1997-03-02 06:07:00
Comments: thanks for this website. I had a CPO who was like a father to our division. He knew everything and backed his men up under all circumstances.

Name: Thomas Tulk
From: ST.PETE. FL.
Time: 1997-03-01 19:06:00
Comments: diesel boats forever.

Name: Neal Nolen
From: Illinois
Time: 1997-02-27 07:47:00
Comments: I served on the USS Obrien (DD-975) and the USS Lake Champlain (CG-57)

Name: Bob Prater
Time: 1997-02-23 18:57:00
Comments: Hope I can find some of my old friends.

Name: Robert Morgan
From: Elkridge, Md.
Time: 1997-02-20 16:35:00
Comments: SSN637, SSN575, and SSBN658

Name: Morten Vogelius
From: Denmark
Time: 1997-02-18 11:53:00
Comments:I,m a Danish submariner just surfing on the (sub)net. It's a very interesting site this one and i'll recommend it to other submariners. Thanks

Name: Frank Sebesta
From: Dayton Ohio
Time: 1997-02-18 00:22:00
Comments: What I have found so far puts you far and above the rest, keep up the good work.

Name: Tom Bond
From: San Diego
Time: 1997-02-17 20:55:00
Comments: Captain, USN (Ret). Enjoyed your collection. Surprised to see my first ship, USS Conway (DDE-507) plus several others I served in or visited. It is a well done presentation and should attract a number of Navy fans, retirees and the curious.

Name: Rebecca Harrod Stringer
From: Jacksonville, FL
Time: 1997-02-17 12:36:00
Comments: Looking for men who served with my father between 1958-1964 at Barbers Point Hawaii. 1958-1961 he was in VP-6, 1961-1964 in FAW-2. His name was CPOJames E. Harrod, AT-1, aka as "PAPPY". contact me at my e-mail address if you knew him. Thanks-Great resource!

Name: Captain Ted Hack
From: COMSUBLANT Norfolk Va
Time: 1997-02-17 11:17:00
Comments: XO SSN 662

Name: Mark A. Purcell
From: Pittsburgh, Pa
Time: 1997-02-15 14:40:00
Comments: Looking for former shipmates from USS Oriskany CVA 34 1966 cruise

Name: Joseph P. Daly Jr.
From: Chicago, Illinois USA
Time: 1997-02-15 11:10:00
Comments: Bravo Zulu!

Name: Emmett C. Gallagher
From: Eastern Pa - Va Beach Akron Oh
Time: 1997-02-12 05:24:00
Comments: USN DP1 60-68

Name: Tom Hermann (ex- IC1(SS) USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN 601-B))
From: Kansas City, MO
Time: 1997-02-11 10:00:00
Comments: Great site!

Time: 1997-02-11 08:00:00
Comments: Qualified submarines onboard the USS SEA LEPARD SS483. crewmember on following: USS TUNNY SSG282 USS JALLAO SS368 USS CASIMAR PULASKI SSBN 633 USS FLASHER SSN613

Time: 1997-02-09 07:40:00

Name: Edwin . Bell
From: TX,CA, NH, S.C. , FLA
Time: 1997-02-06 12:28:00
Comments: Signed on with the 'canoe club' in '57, finished '77. Served on the USS TWINING DD 540, USS SARGO SSN 583, USS JOHN ADAMS SSBN 620 (B) commisioning crew and 4 patrols, USS DANIEL BOONE SSBN 620 (G) 6 patrols, USS LAFAYETTE SSBN 616 (G) 4 patrols. I had two instructor billets, ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE SCHOOLS in Key West and in San Diego. Mostly good people and good times. We try not to indulge in remembrances of bad times.

Name: Dave Stoops EM2(SS)
Website: Permit Homepage
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1997-02-05 19:52:00
Comments: Great job, Chief....looking for shipmates....planning a big 594 tough reunion in 1998 in San Francisco!

Name: MT1(SS)George A. Porter
From: Kings BAY GA
Time: 1997-02-04 16:25:00
Comments: Awesome page Master Chief!!!!!!

Name: Charles (Woody) Halsey, Jr,
From: Lebanon, New Jersey
Time: 1997-02-01 12:42:00
Comments: USN 1962-66 Served on the following; USS Diamond Head, USS Altair, USS Mattabasett, USS Belmont, USS Elokomin and USS Pawcatuck. Left as QM2. Thanks for providing a link to the past.

Name: Terrance O. McCune, Lt. USN (Ret)
From: Modesto, CA (I'm in the phone book)
Time: 1997-01-31 14:34:00
Comments: I am a Mustang officer and I am looking for some old shipmates. George Zingler and Louis Cameron Hall who were both AD1 when I was in 1956. We all served together at NOTS China Lake and in VP6 (Blue Sharks). Would be delighted to hear from anyone that knows them or knows me.

Name: Terry Cash
From: Phoenix,Az.
Time: 1997-01-29 16:46:00
Comments: served on USS Spinax(SS-489)from 63 to 66/STS3-cant seem to find any old shipmates,really dont believe there not out there.

Name: Joe Meesey
From: Originally St. Louis, MO, currently Eugene, OR
Time: 1997-01-29 12:30:00
Comments: I've been looking at all the sites with a connection to the Guardfish.Paul Gardner and "Twiggy" Armstrong contacted me during the fall of '96,and alerted me to the planned reunion. I hadn't spoken to either of themsince very early '70s, and was amazed to hear their voices. I am lookingforward to the reunion, and getting back together with old friends.I was on Guardfish from May of '68 through May of '70, and left her inPascagoula when I transferred to the Halibut (SSN587). I was one of thecooks and also ship's photographer. Right now I'm trying to relocate mystash of happy-snaps. I also must figure out how I'm supposed to preparethem for display on the 'net and/or to anyone interested. They are mostlyblack and white pictures and unprinted b/w negatives, but also somecolor slides. I'm sure something will get worked out.Well, I'm back to my surfing...Catch you later!

Name: FT1(SS)Mark G. Piatt
From: Albuquerque, NM.
Time: 1997-01-26 15:16:00
Comments: Greetings! 10 years at NAVSUBASE NLON. I served aboard USS Providence (SSN-719) from 1988-90 and USS Annapolis (SSN-760) 1990-1993, then 3 years at NAVSUBSCOL as FT "A" school instructor. Now in Albuquerque, NM repairing and maintaining Intel's sort/test equipment. Bottom Gun Sendz...

Name: Jim Steinmetz
From: Roosevelt, Utah
Time: 1997-01-25 22:27:00
Comments: Looking for old shipmates from Blueback, Charr, Trout, Von Steuben (G) or George Washington (G)

Name: ET1(SS) Paul Ribons
Website: Homepage
Time: 1997-01-25 17:02:00
Comments: Master Chief, Great Job on the Pages!!! I too was a Sub Sailor, Serving on the Uss Permit (SSN 594), Uss Skate (SSN 578), USS Swordfish (SSN 579), and Uss Oklahoma City, along with Recruiting Duty and Instructor Duty at NPTU Ballston Spa, NY (S8G), I was only an ET1(SS) after 15 years, and I didnt feel it appropriate to ask my name be put on your Locater,but if you know of a Non CPO Locater, please let me know, so I can add my name. Again, great job on the Web Pages and I will add a Link to them from my Pages. Anchors Aweigh, Paul Ribons

Name: Karl Q. Anderson
From: Slinger, Wi ( an even 100 mi s of Green Bay)
Time: 1997-01-23 22:35:00
Comments: This is a great site to have stumbled or surfed onto. The only thing better would be to show up at a active duty goat locker and have a cup and swap some good ol sea stories. So if some of you land-locked salts wish to talk a spell or need a point of view, the coffee will be ready.

Name: John B. Algee
From: Panama City Beach, FL
Time: 1997-01-22 09:32:00
Comments: USS Barb (SSN 596) USS Sunfish (SSN 649)

Name: William Burger
From: Bullhead City AZ
Time: 1997-01-22 03:15:00
Comments: Looks good for a CPO working on it:But we all know it was the first classes who did all the work!!!I'm an ex TM1SS.Good job on page

Name: Bill Novak MM1 (SS DV)
Time: 1997-01-17 08:34:00
Comments: I just found your page I am enjoying it. I served on USS Grampus SS523. We had our 1st. renuion Oct. 95 we will have our next one Oct. 97. I am looking forward to it. I will be back often. It is good to find another MM. I retired after 25 years reserve. & active. I was a MM also hope to hear from others. I am also a member of US Sub Vets & US Sub Vets WW2. Take care Chief.

Name: Gregory L. Hammers
From: The 'Burgh!
Time: 1997-01-14 16:14:00
Comments: ATTENTION ON DECK! Anybody serve on the USS Will Rogers, SSBN-659, Blue? MT2/SS Hammers, Gregory L., 1 ea.

Name: Randy 'Willy' Williams
From: Doylestown, PA - approximately 30 Miles N of Philly
Time: 1997-01-10 08:00:00
Comments: Hey Chief, Very good page. Enjoyed looking around. Keep up the good work.... Willy

Name: James (Jim) M. Landrum
From: Richmond, VA
Time: 1997-01-04 17:12:00
Comments: In trying to find out more about my father, James D. Landrum EM1, USS Grenadier SS210, I started studying the WWII Silent Service. I find all of these sub sites cool.

Name: Richard A. Marino
From: Knoxville, TN
Time: 1996-12-27 13:57:00
Comments: I am a 17-year-old NJROTC cadet at West High School who is thinking about joining the Navy after I graduate. If you have any opinions or suggestions, E-mail me. Also, I would like to hear from anyone who has had recent contact with a CPO Charles(Chuck) James. He is stationed somewhere in San Diego. Thanks.

Name: Richard Larkin
From: Minnesota,USA
Time: 1996-12-26 22:26:00
Comments: Looking for anyone who may have served with a John J.Larkin (he went by Joe). He was 23 year USN. Served in Korea, WWII and Vietnam. He was in MCB 5 and 10 from '56 to '65. He was based ou of Pearl Harbor prior to that time.

Name: Gilbert Daniel
From: Bremerton, WA
Time: 1996-12-21 13:33:00
Comments: I was looking for the names of some AOC's that might be on the net.

Name: M. Brendan Hynes, CD, Lt(N), Canada
Comments: Visited San Diego this summer and am presently trying to find D Dewitt, Chief, Retired USN.

Name: Gene P Ganske
Comments: trying to find an old freind from calf 1980 to 1985 Robert and Helen Berry

Name: CWO2 Ray Pawley
Comments : A-ganger (MM2/SS) onboard the USS John Adams (Blue) 1975-1979 Shop 38, NSSF, NLON 1979-1982 As a Reservist, I've been with USS McKee AS 41, USS Fulton NR AS-11, NR SUBRON17, NR TRIREFFAC, and NMCB 26 (last as CWO2, CEC) Some Navy civilian stuff: Naval Architect with Code 280, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (Fast Attack Planning Yard) Naval Architect with Code 250, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (Sub inactivations) Again: Great homepage... BZ.

Name: Sheila M. Lee
Comments: Currently stationed at USNH Okinawa, enroute soon to USS Sacramento (AOE 1), Bremerton, WA

Name: roger hardwicke
Comments: Hi my name is Roger. I served in the Royal Australian Navy for 23 years of that most in submarines.

Name: Robert Novak
Comments: USS Pargo SSN-650 vet. One of two (known) subvets working here for the AF in Colo Springs

Name: mannie gentile
Comments: I really enjoy this page. I got out of the USN in 1974 as a twenty two year old. I've restablished alot of old aquaintences in the past 18 months. Your page is great. It's nice to finally be able to enter the Goat locker without getting snarled or belched at. Best wishes to you. Mannie Gentile (RM3 1970-74 destroyers)

Name: Ron DurlingexFTG2(SS)
Comments: Saw your URL in "skuttlebutt". Super site!!!

Name: Richard Morrison
Website: YHWH's Grace
Comments : this is really neat.... let it continue and prosper. we need the SCWS pin on too...

Name: Ric hedman
Website: The Flasher Hompage
Comments : Thanks for the link update Chief. Still looking for more old shipmates from the USS Flasher SSN 613. "Ain't no Slack in a Fast Attack"

Name: Dale R Sargent
Comments: Former ETN[SS] and Newport News Shipbuilding Designer now on disability. Trying to find info on Naval Submarine League and USSVI.

Name: Joe Shook
Comments: MT1(SS) served aboard: SS347 USS Cubera SSBN630(G) USS John C. Calhoun - Plankowner & 4 patrols SSBN635(B) USS Sam Rayburn - Poseidon Conversion and 1 patrol

Date: Tuesday - 11/Jun/96 - 4:42:53

Name: Bruce Kittredge
Date: Wednesday - 29/May/96 - 21:08:14
Comments: Have served on the USS Mansfield, USS New, USS Cogswell, USS Swenson, USS Shelton, USS President Adams, USS Renville,
USS Rainier, USS Vesuvius and USS Evansville. Are there any former shipmates out there? Please contact me, for old time's sake.

Name:Ric Hedman
Date:Friday - 3/May/96 - 22:36:40
Homepage:The Flasher Homepage
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: The number of surfaces Must equal the nimber of dives or it doesn't count!! I've checked out about all of these sub pages and they are all good. Ofcouse! (slaps forehead) they're about subs, no wonder!! :-)
Name: Curtis Noel
Comments: Pride Runs Deep !!!

Name: Dane Perryman
Comments: Qualified on the Gurnard SSN 662 in 84' on ICEX, returned to the Parche SSN 683 for 5 years, then brought Pintado SSN 672 in for refueling/overhaul in 90' at Mare Island - ET1/SS. Great pages for all who served and will never forget.

Name: Jim Wery
Comments: Would like to see more of the old diesel boats. Great site, brings back memories that I haven't had for many years. I was on the USS Chivo SS-341 and then on the USS Trigger SS-564 back in the early 60's. MM2 (SS)Jim Wery...

Name: Chester Forsyth III
Comments: Qualified aboard Carp SS338 in 1963. Served from 62-69. Discharged as MM1(SS) Member US Subvets, Associate US Subvets WW II.

Name: Bill Robblee
Comments: I was a Naval Architect at Mare Island for 18 years, from 1978 to 1996. I've ballasted many, many boats in that time frame. I've ridden many of them to perform the "stop trim dive". These include the 585, 590, 591, 596, 603, 665, 666, 680, 683, 687, and the 713. I have great memories of my time at Mare Island.

Name: Wayne T. Laib
Comments: Served in USS Lewis & Clark, SSBN 644 (Gold) 1973-1977 as MM1 (SS)

Name: Vincent R Shavico Jr
Comments: Formorly MM2/SS A-Gang Pre-Com & Commissioning Crew U.S.S. Key West SSN-722 Any of my former shipmates who see this please contact me at the above E-Mail. Thanks

Name: Paul Steadham
Comments: Hello!

Comments: Served aboard USS DANIEL WEBSTER SSBN 626 Gold 1983-89. Great site chief..

Name: Jerry Howard


Name: Milton Joplin
Comments: I was on the USS Plunger in 1988. I rode her all the way to her decommissioning.

Name: John O'Connor TM1(SS) USNR
Comments: Hey, excellent site. I'M currently completing my naval career in the reserves here in Orlando. I'm assigned to COMSUBGRU 8 but do all my off-site drilling at NOTU (Naval Ordinance Test Unit) Cape Canaveral, Fl. I qualified in 1983 aboard the Henry Clay SSBN625(B) and then was an instructor/company commander at TM

Name: Tim Campo
Comments: 637 Strech Hulls Rule!

Name: LCDR R. Murray Gero Jr.
Comments: Recently assigned as XO USS NARWHAL. SKED to be DECOM early '99 after 30 distinguished years of service. Looking for former NARWHAL officers & crew to participate in planning ceremony early. Advice?

Name: Paul Roggemann
Website: USS Sea Robin (SS-407) Homepage
Comments: Hello again Greg...always nice to visit the Goat Locker. I see a few more DBF types have found their way as well. If you find any Sea Robin sailors...send them my way.


Name: Gil Raynor
Comments: Figured I should check out anything called the goat locker. Was looking for a friend from Maine (bbs joke). MM2 (SS0, USS JAMES MADISON, SSBN627, BLUE & GOLD, POSEIDON CONVERSION AND OVERHAUL. Have you considered a link to a great Naval History site called The Battle Off Samar. Authored by another submariner, located at Guess it would fit with your haze grey and underway target stuff. Enjoyed the visit, will come back.

Name: Frank W. Raymond, Jr. MM2(SS)
Comments: Served in the USS Bluegill, AGSS 242, and the USS Ronquil, SS 396, in the late 1960's. Always looking for crewmembers of both boats.

Name: Gregory P. Spanbauer
Comments: This is a very interesting page. i saw the sea wolf in cape canaveral last summer. i was very impressed with the new submarine. keep up the good work.

Name: STS1 Brian Sagucio
Website: The Gooch's Homepage
Comments: Served aboard the USS Daniel Webster SSBN 626 (blue) 1981-1985, and the USS Augusta SSN 710. I am currently looking for a former shipmate named Frank Shepherd. His last known rank was STSC. If anyone knows Frank, please e-mail me.
Name: Midnite Lover
Website: Midnite Love Nest
Comments: I would like to take a minute of your time and let you know how much I enjoyed veiwing your homepage. I am not in the Navy or any military service, but my Father was in the Navy, and he was a submarnier as well.. I have a nephew that is statiioned in Guam at the moment in the Navy, And I am very proud of what you guys do everyday.. And I just wanted to let you know this.. I am gonna go to some of the other sites you have on your homepage and vist the others out as well.. I am greatfull and very Proud of all our Men that wear a uniform.. Will come back from time to time to check your page out.. I t was really Cool and easy to get through..Keep up the great work..*hugs*