The Goat Locker CPO Deck Log.

Thank you for visiting the Goat Locker. Glad to have you aboard. If you would like to add a entry to the Deck Log, please feel free to sign the decklog by sending an email to the webmaster. Please format your email to include the following.

Date: Example 1/1/24
From: Your rank,rate and name. Example MMC(SW)Joe Smith
Email: Your email address
Year made Chief: The year you made Chief
Duty Stations: Listing of your duty stations. This makes it easier for shipmates to search for you.
Comments: Any comments you want to add.

After you sign the Deck Log I will manually add your entry to the Decklog and add you to the CPO email database. This keeps the hackers/spammers/non-Chiefs from posting anything here. If you would like to view the Deck Log/Database a link is available for them via email. To even further help keep entries secure from SPAM I have added a "2" after every @ symbol in each email address. So if you go to email someone remove the "2" from the address. Old Deck logs are available back to 1993 and the CPO email database has over 150,000 entries.