The Goat Locker CPO Deck Log January 1998

CPO email addresses are available by clicking on the CPO's name. I have a separate listing of just CPO email addresses also avialable. CPO Homepage links are provided where available. Please note that all email addresses and Homepage links worked when placed on this page. Overtime some may not work due to Chiefs changing their Internet providers. You can save the file and use your browser to view it off line or you can view it with any word processor. Use your browsers "find" or "search" command and search for shipmates by rate, name or command.

Name: YNCS(SW) Ronald E. Baylis, Jr.
Comments: Stationed on USS THOMAS C. HART (DE/FF-1092) VT-10, Pensacola, FL USS WAINWRIGHT (CG-28) Navy Submarine Torpedo Facility, Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, VA USS AMERICA (CV-66) Naval Absentee Collection Unit, Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL Headquarters, U.S. European Command, Stuttgart, Germany Carrier Group TWO, Norfolk, VA Office of the CNO, N3/N5, Pentagon, Washington, DC Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, NAS, Norfolk, VA Transfer to Fleet Reserve - 1 September 1998
Name: Freeman Sandon CPO

Name: Doug Haase, SKCS(SW)
Comments: USNR(TAR) (Ret). I retired on 30 Sep 77 after serving 24 years. I have to tell you that you have created the absolute best web site for CPO's and the Navy that I have ever seen. I congratulate you on a job well done. Anyway, I'm also a graduate of the Senior Enlisted Acedemy, Class 57, Blue Group. I'm also serve as a member of the Senior Enlisted Academy Alumni Association Board of Trustees and serve as their newsletter editor. Our newsletter is mailed out to all graduates of the SEA, whether or not they become a member of the SEAAA. Again, great site and keep up the good work! I'm impressed!!!

Name: Mike B. Wendell, ADC(AW)
Comments: Previous duty stations include: presently-VAQ-14, NAMTRAGRUDET Whidbey IS., VAQ-134, AIMD Whidbey Is., AIMD CV-64. Thanks. Now time to search for old buddies.

Name: STGC(SW) Rick Powell
Comments: Hello shipmates! I'm currently stationed at Naval Ship Repair Facility, Yokosuka Japan.

Name: C. R. Price ETC USN Ret
Comments: Good Site Master Chief. My work email is

Name: GSMC(SW) Brad Forbes
Comments: USS COLE(DDG 67) This is a great site. I'm sure I'll be back and I'll be sure to let our shipmates know about this site.

Name: Epstein, Gail M.
Comments: This page is great, it's nice to see out here where I am surrounded by thousands of Marines!! Br Med Clinic MCAS Iwakuni Japan

Name: FCC(SW) Scott A. Ashbridge
Comments: USS Monterey(CG-61), MOTU-4, Instructor FC'A' & USS Higgins (DDG-76)

Name: Kristi Layhon
Comments: Duty stations: Naval Facility Pacific Beach, WA Fleet ASW Training Center, Atlantic, Norfolk, VA Commander Undersea Surveillance Pacific, Ford Island, HI

Name: CTRC David Thoma
Comments: I am a Chief Petty Officer assigned to Naval Security Group Activity Fort George G. Meade Maryland. My rating is Cryptologic Technician Collection (CTR) and have been in the Navy for 16 Years.

Name: Chris Wilkins,SKC, USN, Retired
Comments: Great job.

Comments: Very cool site!

Name: RMC John E Saari
Website: AENEAS Internet Services LLC
Comments: I retired as RMC in Nov of 1972 with a little over 20 yrs. My wife & I recently toured the USS Yorktown CG48 at Pascagoula, MS on 25th Dec 1997. I was on the USS Yorktown CVS10 for 4 years - 1957-61. I operated a ham radio station on the USS Boston CAG1 for 4 years from l965 to 69. My first ship was the USS Grackle AMS13. (Minesweeper). I got out for 1 year after 1st enlistment & was on an oreship on the Great Lakes in 1955, the D.O. Mills. We have some retired Chiefs here in Jackson but no FRA post. I belong to VFW Post 1848. Nice to see a Chief's page...

Comments: Bravo Zulu shipmates!! Excellent website, keep up the good work. I'll keep coming back for sure. Also check out my unit website: MIUWU 108

Name: SKCS (SW) Kevin S. Suddeth
Comments: Twenty One years. Three Ships. One overseas isolated. One CSC billet. Still enjoying. NSWC Crane, In. Will walk out proudly at the end of this tour. Great Page for all CPO's.

Name: ATC (AW/NAC) Jeff Hein
Comments: Was told about this site by a fellow Chief. Looks good - keep it up.

Name: OSC(SW) Frank Smith
Website: Homepage
Comments: Thanks and keep up the good work, shipmate.

Name: Neil Stearns
Comments: Hello my fellow chiefs

Name: Del Pfranger
Comments: Interesting site. I enjoyed my years as a Chief Petty Officer. Now retired LT (LDO)USN


Name: FTCS(SS)Chuck Leppla
Comments: Great Site! Qualified on the Balao SS-285 in 58. Was aboard when they made the movie "Operation Petticoat" on her (great duty). Went on to the Clamagore, Sennet, was in commissioning crew on Lafayette. then to the Monroe, Greene, and last was Hamilton. Retired in 74. All were great but DBF. Would like to hear from shipmates.

Name: FTC/SS Raymond Chamberlain
Comments: Great stuff, I will book mard this site.

Name: John Gunvaldson, SKC/SS
Comments: Hello, Directed to your site via our Network Administrator at SPAWARs

Name: PNC Julie Heeg
Comments: Retired- now in Jacksonville FL Duty Stations: PSD Guantanamo Bay Cuba; USS Yellowstone AD 41; BUPERS Pers3; PSD Anacostia Wash DC; CSD Souda Bay Crete; PSD Corry Station Pensacola; PSD Rota Spain; PSD Bremerton WA; PSD Whidbey Island WA; VA 128. Enlisted 1977

Name: AVCM Richard M. Irwin, USN (Ret)
Comments: VP-19 71-79, ASATD PAX 79-82, VPU-2 Plankowner 82-89 (Crew 14 DARK FORCES & VPU-2 CMC), Sept 89 to present: a double-dipping sandcrab at Barking Sands, Kauai (

Name: SKC Brenda Polendey
Comments: Great Web Site!

Name: FCCS(SW) Terry Etherton
Comments: Great website!!! Keep up the good work.

Name: William A. Harper PHCS USN/RET
Comments: Great page. Having reached the age of 70 I guess I am ready for the old goat locker.

Name: ATC(AW) David S. Lawrence
Comments: I enjoyed the website of a fellow Chief!! VF-201 NAS JRB Ft Worth, Tx

Name: Steven L. Hall
Comments: Thanks for a great web page

Name: DPC Paula VanSant
Comments: This is the first time that I visited the "Goat Locker" but it will not be the last. There are a lot of interesting items to view.

Name: Dave Lockwood FTCS SS RET.
Comments: Served in USS DACE SSN607 July 64 to Oct.69 Plank owner USS FLYING FISH SSN 673 taught mk 113 fc system April 71 toOct 74 USS Spade Fish Nov 74 toMar 75 USS L.Y. Spesr AS 36April 75 to Nov 77 ret 1 Nov 77

Name: Dave Seitz
Comments: Looks good so far, will keep in touch.

Name: EWC (SW) J.T.Scobba
Comments: Afloat duty stations-------USS Corson AVP-37 yr.1955 USS Cowell DD-547 yr.1957 USS Hooper DE-1026 yr.1967 USS Hoel DDG-13 yr. 1969 USS Oklahoma City clg-5 yr.1972 USS Ouellet FF-1077 yr.1977 USS Spruance DD 963 yr.1988 Retired off Spruance May 31,1989 More to follow when I think of it.

Name: DCC(SW)Kenneth Tarantole
Comments: Retired DCC(SW)

Name: CTTC Michael Martin
Website: Welcome to the SpookShack
Comments: I love this Goat Locker. Have met many former shipmates via this deck log....Keep up the good work...

Name: Michael F. Schuenke, CTAC(Ret)
Comments: Retired 1996 at Great Lakes, IL. Duty stations, NTTC Pensacola; NSGA Atsugi, Japan; NCR KOREA; CNO92 Pentagon; COMNAVAIRLANT; USMEPCOM, Great Lakes, Il.

Name: ASCS(AW) David Campobasso
Comments: Nice page.... NAS JRB Willow Grove, PA

Name: Denis Brunswick
Comments: As a Master Chief (ret'), from the Royal Australian Navy, I really enjoyed the cartoons and in fact the whole page you have built. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Name: OSC(SW) Johnny L Graves
Comments: Stationed in Pearl Harbor at Aegis Training And Readiness Center Det P.H. before that USS Chosin CG65 DEC92-FEB97, USS Carr FFG 52 MAY89-DEC92, USS TALBOT FFG 4 JAN89-MAY 89 and started off on USS GARCIA FF 1040 FEB88-JAN 89.

Name: DPC Marion Qualls
Comments: No home page yet.

Name: HMC(NAC/FMF) Wes Stokes
Comments: Currently stationed in Joliet, IL.

Name: DSC(SW) Philip Wells
Comments: My wife, DSC(SW)Tracy Wells, mentioned this home page to me. I'm very impressed and plan frequent visits! USS Merrill (DD-976), San Diego

Name: MMC(SS)Roger L. Crandall
Comments: Machinist Mate Chief (Auxiliaryman) stationed onboard USS WYOMING SSBN 742 (GOLD).

Name: MRC Jack Barley USN Ret.
Comments: USS Hyman, O'Bannon, Reeves, Jouett, and PARSONS. Shore Duty at Sasebo, Pac Beach Wa, San Diego, Atsugi and Guam. MCB 11 at Adak and Cubi. Retired 4/80

Name: EMCS(SS) Michael W. Roper
Comments: Just Looking around, love the page. Former commands include PARGO, RICKOVER, NNPS Instructor, MONTPELIER, PMT New London, and currently HAMPTON. Yes, I am one of those Fast Attack Tough guys.

Name: MMCM(SS)Gene Williams
Comments: Great job,,,,,,brings back memories

Name: NCC Eugene
Comments: Glad to find a website for us Chief's. Looking forward to hearing from former shipmates. Retired in '83 from NNMPC 's NMPC63 "The Family Support Program" (Plank Owner).Served aboard 3 Carriers and 1 Destroyer Tender, USS PIEDMONT. "Woody" , you out there?

Name: MMC Paul Hogle, USN(ret)
Comments: USS Neches (AO-47) 67-70 ; USS Saratoga (CVA-60) 70-73 ; SSC Great Lakes 1200 PSI Hot Plant 73-76 ; USS Bryce Canyon (AD-36) 77-79 ; USS Lasalle (AGF-3) 79-80 ; USS Knox (FF-1052) 80-82 ; NAVSTA Long Beach 82-84 ; COMSURFRON ONE 84-88. Retired 30 Nov 88 (21yr9mo23da)

Name: CTACS Marie Vines
Comments: Hello from NSGDEPT, San Diego

Name: Donald Harribine
Website: USS WASP (CVS-18) Association
Comments: Hi Chief: Just checking in to see how you are doing. Hope your health is good. Still no word on Subvention or FEHBPfor retirees over 65. Have you heard anything that I haven't. Taking an inordinate amount of time in Congress. Slick Willy up to his old tricks again. Drop me an E when you get a chance and good health to you. YNCS Don Harribine, USN(Ret)

Name: ENC Harry Donnellan
Comments: Duty Station's: Naval Station, Astoria,Or.1960-61 USS Kearsarge CVS-33 1961-64 USS Jonas Ingram DD-938 1968-69 USS Corry DD817 1969 USS Eugene A. Greene DD-711 1969-70 USS Genesee AOG-8 1970-72 USS Lipan ATF-85 1972-73 N&MCRC Milwaukee, Wi. 1973-76 USS Sperry AS-12 1976-78 U.S. NavSta, Subic Bay P.I. 1979-82 SSC NTC Great Lakes, Il. 1982-84

Name: BTCM (SW) Robert Mike Roy
Comments: Would like to hear from anyone that I served with. I am looking for BTCM Phil Kennedy (last known station was FTC San Diego). Also looking for two Warrents; Mike Jacobson (last known station USS Ranger), and Mike Slyh. If anyone knows their locations, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

Name: SKC Jack Rasmussen
Comments: I'm a retired SKC. I was assigned to comnavtelcom, indieanhead md, phmron 2 mlsg, and the uss yosemite

Name: NCC James Stuart
Comments: Hello from Japan. Email address good until Nov 98 then I'll update with new duty station.

Name: Sue McBroom
Comments: Hello shipmates!

Name: ATC(AW) Tim Martin
Comments: onboard USS CARL VINSON. Got turned on to this terrific site by a Boats in the MCO Chat Room. Great stuff, just added it to "Favorite Places"

Name: MMCS (ret) Lynn Blakeman
Comments: Duty Stations: USS Charles P. Cecil (DD 835) USS Charles S. Sperry (DD697) USS Milwaukee (AOR-2) Naval Reserve Center; Pittsfield, Ma. USS Cone (DD866) USS Farragut (DDg 37) Service School Command; Great Lakes, Il. Destroyer Squadron Two; Norfolk, Virginia

Name: FCC(SS)Brian Price
Comments: Chief Fire Control Technician Submarine Qualified. Served aboard two submarines USS Augusta (SSN-710) from February 1984 until September 1989. Served aboard USS Grayling (SSN-646) from December 1993 until July 1997. Have been a CPO since 1990.

Name: ISC(SW) Roy H. Blackmon Jr.
Comments: Looks like a great page; hope it lives up to first impression. NMITC Dam Neck, Va

Name: Jim Williams DPCM, USN (Ret)
Comments: Master Chief your site is unbelievable. I found the USS Tarawa CV 40 that I served on while attached to VS 32 in Quonset Point R.I. in 1956-1957. I have been trying to get a picture for years. Initiated as a Chief Petty Officer by choice at Subbase Pearl Harbor in 1968. Served three years in USS John F. Kennedy CVA 67 1973-1975. Served as Command Master Chief for Atlantic Command Operations Support Facility Norfolk Va. Retired 30 Mar 1982. Your site is bookmarked. I will return with my website address when it is on line. BRAVO- ZULU (an airdale term for "WELL DONE")

Name: DCC(SW)Donald F. Cloud Jr
Comments: Currently on recruiting duty in Ashtabula OH. PAST DUTY: USS CANISTEO AO-99 SEAL TEAM 2 (engineering) NAS BERMUDA (ANNEX) USS KAUFFMAN FFG-59 FTG GITMO CUBA ATG MAYPORT FL NRD OHIO

Name: Lee C. Brown
Comments: Great stuff will come back and visit when a more opportune time exist

Name: Kenneth W. Voigt
Comments: Hey all you old RM'S!! What's up?

Name: DPC(SW/AW) Albert K. Gibbs
Comments: Excellent way to find old friends... NAVSTA GTMO Oct 78-Nov 79...DP "A" School Dec 79-Feb 80 CINCLANTFLT Feb 80-Jul 83...NAF Lajes Azores Oct 83-Dec 84 NAVCOMMSTA Roosy Roads Jan 85-Jan 87...CINCLANFLT Jan 87-Aug 90...USS PROTEUS (AS-19) Aug 90-Oct 92...VQ-1 Oct 92-Dec 94 Initiated 16Sep94

Name: Jesse J.
Comments: I have been active duty navy since Jan 1969. Currently the Force Master Chief COMNAVAIRLANT in Norfolk, VA. Have made 16 overseas deployments in five Carriers; Kennedy, Independence, Ike, Vinson, and George Washington, and one with the First Marine Air Wing in Iwakuni, Japan. Glad to see this website! Keep the good stuff coming. No place like the "Mess."

Name: GMC(EOD) David Chesnut

Name: Scales, Randy L. FCC(SW)
Comments: Currently station at Dam Neck VA

Name: Jesse (uncle jess) Hill ETCS(SS)ret.
Comments: Spent 3+ tours on USS Plunger SSN595 and 1 tour on USS Pollack SSN 603. Would enjoy hearing from any and all those that I served with in the past.

Name: BMC Jim Worley
Comments: Would like to hear from any that served on the USS Dewey....

Comments: Some of my duty stations were- USS Mansfield (DD728), Fidelity (MSO443), Exaultant (MSO441), M ine Craft Support Unit Charleston SC., Cadmus (AR14), Amphion (AR13), Forrestal (CVA59), Recuiting Duty Raliegh, NC. Daniels (DLG27) And retired in 1974. Then retired again from a sand crab job in 1991. Now living in Hot Springs, AR.

Name: Cheryl Cullison
Comments: Enlisted August 1973. Duty stations: VS-41, NAS North Island, SDIEGO; HSL-36 (Plank Owner), Mayport FL; NAVFAC Bermuda, PSD NAS Bermuda (Plank Owner), PSD Corry Station, Pensacola, FL; PSA Pensacola, FL; SHAPE Belgium, PSD Pensacola, FL; USS HOLLAND, Charleston SC and Guam. Retired August 1993.

Name: Don Corsten ETC(SS) Retired
Comments: Served aboard the USS Ethan Allen SSBN 608 1965-66 USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN 610 1966-1970 Subschool staff 1970-1974


Name: FCC(SW)Don Teeter
Comments: I'm stationed at NAVSUBSCOL New London CT. Teaching Leadership Continuum at this time. Reporting to USS Stephen W. Groves FFG-29 Mar 98. Enlisted APR 80, Initiated SEP89 at MOTU-10 in Charleston SC. Like to say great page.

Name: SKC(SW/AW) Jim Sheffer
Comments: What a site! Although nothing will ever replace the sea stories and the experience gleaned from sitting around the mess with a cup of coffee in one hand and a bunch of crusty old Chiefs sharing their experiences, this comes close! Especially like the "Ask The Chief" link.

Name: FCC(SW)William K Graham
Comments: I'm a Chief FireControlman(SW) stationed at Dam Neck, where else? teaching our reliefs on CIWS. There is some hope for the future generations, just set the example for them.

Name: ATCS(AW) John (Jay) W. Gillon
Website: JayWGee's Homepage
Comments: Duty Stations: RTC San Diego (Basic Training) NAS Memphis (A School, AFTA) VS-21 (TAD to AIMD, deployed 1986 on Enterprise) NAS North Island Sea Opdet (deployed 1988 on Enterprise) NRD San Diego (NRS Oceanside) (Recruiter/Recruiter in Charge) USS George Washington (CVN 73) (AIMD Branch Chief/Safety LCPO/TQL Coordinator) COMNAVAIRLANT (Manpower Analyst) VF-102 (QA/AV/ARM Division LCPO)alt

Name: ADC (AW) Chris Disponett
Comments: Outstanding page, great info, keep up the good work and thanks.

Name: MAC(SW) Craig M. (Mike) White
Comments: Great site.

Comments: got this from my CMC, FCTCLANT Dam Neck VA

Name: QMC Robert L. McLean
Comments: I feel at ease in the presence of other chiefs in the Locker. Iam going to pull up a seat and sit for awhile.

Name: FCC(SW) Greg Bruntzel
Website: GKB Data Services
Comments: COMNAVAIRLANT Code N435B. Glad somebody finally put this together. Looks like a great site. Thanks, shipmate.

Name: ATCS (AW) William E. Wilson
Comments: Curently stationed and AIMD, NAS Whidbey Island WA.

Name: FTC(SS/SW)William (Bill) Griffith
Website: Griffith Family Homepage
Comments: Hi COB. I just retired last year at the end of September after just over 20 years. I retired as a FTC(SS/SW). I served on three boats and one tender. I qualified on USS HENRY CLAY (SSBN 625) in May '79 and did three patrols. 2nd boat was USS HADDOCK (SSN621) and I completed a WESTPAC in '81, along with an SRA in Mare Island in '82. Third was as a plankowner on USS PASADENA (SSN 752). The tender was USS MCKEE (AS 41) from Jan '91 to Apr '94, including DESERT STORM. I also served at three training facilities; SUBTRAFAC San Diego, NAVSUBSCOL Groton, and back in San Diego when SUBTRAFAC became a NAVSUBTRACENPAC detachment.

Name: Garry D. Nichols
Comments: Your site was listed in the winter 1997 issue of "the chiefs" - the newsletter of the national chief petty officers association. FCCM(SW) 1960-87 USS VEGA (AF 59) USS TOLOVANA (A0 64) USS MOUNT KATMAI (AE 16) USS GOLDSBOROUGH (DDG 20) USS BENJAMIN STODDERT (DDG 22) MOTU-1 PEARL HARBOR '78-81 MOTU-9 TREASURE ISLAND '84-87

Name: FCC(SW) Robert
Comments: I heard about this web site from a fellow chief and thought I better check it out - glad I did! This is a great idea and I know I'll be spending a lot of time here.

Name: FCCM Michael L. Balgenorth
Comments: Nice page. We've got a newsletter called "The Goat Locker" put out by the CPO Mess from what has formerly known as NRC Cadillac. Check out YNC Peggy Cook's homepage at "". Best of Luck...FCCM ML Balgenorth

Name: Earlie Scott RMC
Website: Win$cot
Comments: It feels like old home week.

Name: RMCS(SW) Jaime DelaRosa
Comments: NTCC Subic, VQ3 Guam & Hawaii, NAVFAC PacBch, USS New Jersey (BB62), USS Blue Ridge JIATFE Key West.

Name: ATC(AW) Alan M Kelley
Comments: Currently at VAW-77 NASATL ; 1991-1995 HS-75 NASJAX ; 1987-1991 VFA-303 NASLEM ; 1984-1987 VF-202 NASDAL ; 1983-1984 Boot and School

Name: Mike Winters CTRC USN RET
Website: Mike's Page
Comments: Great page. It's nice to see that some of our "old" traditions live on!

Name: HMC(SW/AW) Derrell Jackson
Comments: Hello shipmates, hope all is well with you. And I hope everyone had a very safe and happy holiday.

Name: Ronald E. Olesen
Comments: This is the second one of these. Did not realize that this was the opportunity to list my duty in Great Lakes and then to Radioman School, Class A in Norfolk, VA. First duty station: Commander Landing Ship Squadron 7, Long Beach, CA. Rode the USS Chittendon County (LST 561), USS Wexford County (LST-1168) and most of the other T's in the squadron on occasion. From there, USS Strong DD-758, Norfolk, Va. Radioman B School, 1962. Graduate 11/62, then to Tactical Air Control Squadron 11, NAB Coronado. A high speed trip to Viet Nam followed. As part of TacRon 11, spent time in Cubi Point, rode the USS Princeton (LPH-5), Greasy George Clymer (APA-27), USS Eldorado (AGC-11). Upon returning to the States, went to the USS Spinax (SS-489) out of Sand Diego. Shore duty at the USNRTC, Colorado Springs, CO. Then to the USS Razorback (SS-396), San Diego. Enroute NavCommSta Philippines, San Miguel from 1969-1971. CommSysTech School in DC, enroute to NavFac Argentia, Newfoundland. then to DCA ACOC, Torrejon, AFB, Madrid, Spain. Opened the DCA field office in Naples Italy. Worked nights at the CPO club in bella Napoli until I returned to the States in Nov, 1976. Spent my last year aboard the USS Fiske (DD-842) as the SEA. Spent 13 years in New England, MA, NH and ME. Moved to Texas in 1991 and currently live in Edinburg, TX. Started drag racing at the local track last June. Work for South Texas community College and am having the time of my life. Give me a holler at: Fair winds and following seas shipmates!!

Name: SKCS Bruce H. 'Skip' May
Comments: USNR, 1961-63 - USS Cone (DD-866), YN3; Re-joined USNR in 1978 as AK2 and joined NAVMTO FLT DET 208 and converted to SK2. Presently SKCS in NAVTRANS FLT DET 108 at NRC, Tampa. Member of Tampa Bay CPO Association which is very active and open to all active, reserve and retired CPOs of the Navy and Coast Guard any where. Meets monthly in Tampa; e-mail me for info.

Name: Chris Capps
Comments: Like what I have seen so far. Keep up the good work.

Name: William T Farynaz
Comments: Just joining the area, nice place to be.

Name: MAC(SW) David L. Tuttle
Comments: Assistant Security Officer Naval Air Station Meridian MS

Name: BTCM(SW)Romeo Basilides
Comments: BTCM(SW) Romeo Basilides USS Kearsarge LHD-3

Name: Jim Baum HMC USN RET
Comments: Joined regular Navy June 1961; Retire November 1980Duty stations: Boot Camp, Great Lakes Co 200-61; Amphibious Base, Little Creek Va 61-62; Hosp Corps School "A" 1962; USNH Annapolis 62-65; Pharmacy Tech School PortsVA 65-66; USS F.D. ROOSEVELT 66-67; Field Med School Camp Pendleton then FMF 1ST MAR DIV 67-68. NAVHOSP JAX FL 68-71; MST School 71; USS SARATOGA (CV-60) 72-75; NAVHOSP MEMPHIS 75-78; USS LASALLE (AGF-3) 78-79; NAVREGMEDCEN ORLANDO 79-80.This is a great web site. I found an old shipmate (purely accidental) the first time out. Still Looking

Name: GMC Mike Scofield
Comments: USS Jouett CG 29, USS Callaghan DDG 994, USS Chandler DDG 996, Naval Weapons Station Concord CA, Great Lakes Gun School

Name: MMC(SS) Geoffrey Durbin
Comments: Thanks for the great page!!!!!


Name: CTAC(SW/AW)Joseph P. LaGrave
Comments: Looks like a great page!!

Comments: This is super. It was actually sent to me from a Chief in Norfolk and I'm sending to everyone I know. I was stationed at NAVHOSP Cherry Point, NAVHOSP Newport, RI, NAVHOSP Yokosuka, JA, NAVHOSP Bremerton, WA, USS ACADIA, NAVMEDCLINIC Quantico, VA, USS HOLLAND(out of Guam) and now with the Marines at 4TH Force Service Support Group New Orleans, LA. Not sure where next. alt

Name: OSCS(SW/AW) Greg Trimble
Website: Greg's Front Porch
Comments: Great Site, Love the Screen Saver!!!!!!!!

Name: ETC Mark L. Pomory
Website: My Homepage
Comments: Hello Shipmates! I have served onboard USS Samuel Eliot Morrison (FFG-13) in Mayport, FL; Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, MD; Naval Communications Station, Iceland; USS Aylwin (FF-1081) in Newport, RI; US Naval Facility, Brawdy, Wales; and Fleet Combat Training Center, Dam Neck, VA. Write if you know me!This is a really great idea!

Name: David C. Nusbaum OSC(SW)
Comments: I will be looking forward to reading all the information provided in the Goat Locker.

Name: ICC(SS) Christopher Gehrke
Comments: Served on USS Hawkbill (SSN 666) and USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716). Also served twice at SUBTRAFAC, San Diego.

Name: FCCS(SW) Jerrold Coleman
Comments: Great Web Page! Some of my history. I enlisted Sep 80; USS Leftwich Apr 82-Sep86; NSWSES Port Hueneme Sep 86-Mar 90; USS Harry W. Hill Oct 90-Sep 93; NAVCONBRIG Miramar Oct 93-Nov96; USS Merrill Dec 96-Mar96. We will Decomm Merrill in March. I have verbal orders to USS Nimitz.

Name: FCCS(SW) Brian Frost
Comments: Enlisted in the Navy in January 1981 as an FTG and attended Mark 86 GFCS school at Great Lakes. After graduating, I reported aboard the USS Arthur W. Radford DD 968. After re-enlisting, I attended CIWS school, again at Great Lakes, then reported to USS Scott DDG 995. I extended on board a couple times, one for Harpoon school and another extention for New Threat Upgrade testing. After 4 years on Scott, I reported to FCTCL Dam Neck to teach Mark 86. Then I reported to the USS Kidd DDG 993 for another taste of NTU. I'm currently at FCTCL Dam Neck again teaching in the Ships Weapon Coordinator and Combat Systems Senior Enlisted courses, and I'll be there until July 99. Drop me a line sometime.

Name: Michael Keck MMC/SS
Comments: Great site: Member of SUB VETS always here to help my fellow CHIEF'S

Name: PNC(SCW) Jason R. Kyle
Comments: Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this web site is well constructed and extremely informative. Great job.


Name: Leland S. Hollingsworth

Name: HMCS(SW) USN/RET Henry W. Doll, Jr.
Comments: Served from 1958-1979 and transferred to the Fleet Reserve and returned to active duty in October 1983 and remained on active duty until 1987.Server aboard DD, BB, and spent many years with the Fleet Marine Force. Curently working for the State of California in Sacramento, CA.

Name: AFCM(AW) Thomas P. Chergi
Comments: I'm preparing for retirement after 27 years.

Name: EWC(SW)Bill Mahoney
Comments: I'm an EWC(SW)and I've Been in the NAVY 20yrs. Presently station at NTTC Corry Station, Pensacola, Fl. before that at FIWC, USS BIDDLE, FCTCLANT, USS SHREVEPORT, USS CORONADO and GITMO not in that order. Your page is great and the links are just right. keep up the great work I'll bee back.

Name: ETC(SW)Kenneth L. Jungjohan
Website: Homepage
Comments: Nice web site

Name: J. H. WALL, ENCS(SW)

Name: CTRCS(SS) Douglas Kennedy
Comments: Great site! Appreciate opportunity to look up old shipmates. Stationed at NSGA San Vito Feb 79 - Dec 81 NSGA Rota Feb 81 - Jan 83 NSGA Edzell May 83 - Jun 85 NSGA Northwest Jun 85 - Jun 88 NSA Ft. Meade Jul 88 - Aug 91 NTTCD Goodfellow Aug 91 - Mar 92 (initiated as a Chief!) CSG Japan May 92 - Jun 95 DLEA Washington DC Jun 95 - present

Name: J.B. Hall ATCS USNRet.
Comments: Served USMC ' 60-' 63. USN---VF-24 ' 66-' 69; NATTC Memphis ' 69-' 74; VF-154 ' 74-' 77; NAMTG Miramar ' 77-' 80; HSL-33 ' 80-' 83; VT-9 Nas Meridian ' 83-' 85. Retired June ' 85. Currently teach high school in McCamey, TX. Thanks for a great site, Master Chief. GO NAVY!


Name: ENC(SS)James D. O'Neal
Comments: I'll just give my commands within COMSUBLANT starting after SUB School. U.S.S. Threadfin ss410--60'-63' U.S.S. Trutta ss421--63' U.S.S. Diablo ss479--63'-64(Became Gazi/Pakistan) U.S.S. Seapocher ss406--64' U.S.S. Chopper ss342--64'-67' Special Services NTC Bainbridge, Md.--67'-70' U.S.S. Tigrone agss419--70'-74' N.S.S.F. New London, CT.(including Piqua YTB 793, waterfront maintenance shop for all small craft in the groton area) 74'-77' U.S.S. Sunbird Asr 15--77' -80' Retired May 1980' from U.S.S. Sunbird Asr-15

Name: Lawrence T. Pickard SMC(SW)
Comments: September 1981 Recruit Training San Diego California. Co 220 January 1982 Reported aboard USS Samuel Gompers (AD-37) (San Diego/Alameda CA) (struck SM from First Division) August 1985 Reported aboard USS Durham (LKA-114) (San Diego CA) March 1987 Reported aboard USS Buchanan (DDG-14) (San Diego CA) September 1989 Reported to NRD Los Angeles/NRS Oxnard (Los Angeles CA) October 1992 Reported Aboard USS Cleveland (LPD-7) (San Diego CA) April 1995 Reported aboard USS Fort Mchenry(LSD-43) (San Diego CA/Sasebo Japan) June 1997 Reported to BOOST (Newport RI)

Name: HMC Rodney M. Kelley
Comments: Great Page

Name: Allen L. Nugent (ETCM Ret)
Comments: BRAVO ZULU!! Excellent site! I retired as a Master Chief Electronics Technician in 1986. Duty stations included, USS NAHANT (AN-83), USS SWERVE (MSO-495), USS AGILE (MSO-421) NAS MERIDIAN, MS, USS ORION (AS-18), USS GARCIA (FF-1040), AND MOTU-10. I am a ADP Systems Analysis and programmer providing support for the NAVMACS II Software Support Activity of SPAWAR CENTER, Charleston.

Name: BTCM(ret) John W. Collop
Comments: USS Orleck DD-886, USS Lockwood FF-1064, USS Midway CV-41, USS Reeves CG-24

Name: Dale Powell, RMCS, USN, RET
Website: Welcome to Sierra Bonita
Comments: Enjoyed your pages, checking membership. Would like to hear from anyone that may remember me. Thanks.

Name: Michael H. Schotten QMC(SW)USN, RET
Comments: Hey, where's the coffee?

Name: Dana Fayette, HMCM (Ret)
Website: SeaMED Corporation
Comments: Retired 30 years Nov. 1, 1997. Living in Gold Bar, Washington.

Name: Jim Searles
Comments: Just came aboard Chief.

Name: MLC R.E.Joe Gall USNR
Website: USS Allen M.Sumner (DD-692)
Comments: Served on active duty 8/60 - 10/63. Served aboard USS Allen M.Sumner (DD-692) as an EM3. After a 23 year hiatus, joined the Naval Reserve in March 86. Proudly put on the khakis in Sept. 95. Civilian occupation is a stationary engineer (BT). I play most stringed instruments, sing country music , make and repair stringed instruments. Founder, Sec. - Treas., and reunion coordinator of USS Allen M.Sumner (DD- 692) Reunion Assn.,Inc. I am constantly on the look out for former Sumner sailors. I am a member of NERA, Tin Can Sailors, Tonawanda Lodge # 247, F & AM, and Navy Memorial Plankowner. Always happy to hear from any and all Brothers of the Sea. Send me some E-mail, and keep up the good work.

Name: Ronald E. Minskey
Comments: Actually picked-up on this site from NCPOA news. I am very impressed and anxious to explore all facets of the Goat Locker.

Name: Steve H. Parsons (SCPO RET)
Comments: Duty Stations: USS Tulare AKA 112; USS Collett DD 730; USS Frontier AD 25; USS Isle Royale AD 29; NAVSTA Philadelphia (BT B School); USS Ranger CVA 61; USS Niagara Falls AFS 3; NAS Corpus Christi, Tx.(finally had exactly 24 months shore duty!!!); USS Plymouth Rock LSD 29; USAMPS Ft. McClellan, Al (tour with the US Army GREAT tour!); USS Canopus AS 34, retired '81

Name: Steven R. Hewitt, TMC(SW) Ret.
Comments: Recently retired and moved to Rochester NY. Very little military here. Your page is as good as it gets and is appriciated very much. Tell somebody around here you are a retired Chief and they are just as likly to ask you what tribe? rather than know that you served in the greatest Navy the world has ever known.

Name: BTCM Richard Boney
Comments: Master Chief keep up this wonderful web site.

Name: ETC(SS)Terry W. Woods
Comments: Retired ETC(SS), first qualified 1977 USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN 624(B) 1977-1980, USS Proteus AS-19 1980-1981, USS Nathan Hale SSBN 623(B) 1985-Decom, USS James Monroe SSBN 622(B) 1986-1989, USS Maryland SSBN 738(G) 1 run for Trident quals, USS Rhode Island SSBN 740(B) 1992-1995.

Name: ADC William Peters
Comments: Transfered from NAVAIR PAX to VAW 125 Norfolk. Will deploy on USS Eisenhower for 98 cruise and work ups. If my shipmates could drop my family a line for encoragement I would appreciate it. Wife is Lori, we got 3 yard apes she contends with everyday...and she thinks I got the tough job!!!

Name: Robert R Gilmore MMSC USN (Ret)
Website: Homepage
Comments: Duty Stations: USS Capricornus AkA-57 USS Princeton LPH-5 US Naval Regional Hospital Portsmouth Va USS Charles F Adams DDG-2 USS Grand Canyon AR-19 USS Jonas Ingram DD-938 SSC Instructor NCT Great Lakes Uss Tattnall DDG-19

Name: YNCS Donald Harribine
Comments: Retired YNCS looking for membership in Goat Locker Discussion List membership. Tonight is Friday, 9 Jan 1998 and AOL E Mail is down. Active duty 28 years. New in computer business. Request information and application. Maybe E mail wil be back on tomorrow. Fair Seas and Following Wind

Name: AMSC(AW/NAC) John Claussen
Comments: Enlisted in 1983, made Chief in 1995. Prior duty assignments include HM-12, HM-14, HM-16, and HM-18 as an H-53 Aircrewman/mechanic. Currently assigned to VC-6 det pax (UAVs) as the Senior Enlisted Advisor. Anyone from MN who wants to talk, contact me. This is the greatest!! what a way to find out information amongst fellow CPOs from so many different times and ratings.

Name: STGC(SW) (RET) John Hart
Comments: Just checking out your site. Retired from active duty on 31OCT95

Name: CTICS(NAC) G. D. Skauge
Comments: Fleet Reserve 1986. Now retired.....Work for Raytheon Systems Company in Greenville, TX. Work in Special Signals arena.

Name: CTIC(NAC) Shannon D. Hickman
Comments: Newly initiated Chief selected this year. Proud to finally be a member of this great community.

Name: Robert Alan Arnold, MMCM(SS), USNR-R, Ret.
Comments: I joined Uncle Sam's canoe club in March of 1973, did the usual boot and A school routine. Ended up on the USS Piedmont AD-17, out of Long Beach. Went to Nuc School in Mare Island (7406), and then to NPTU at S1W. Shipped out to the USS Puget Sound AD-38, in 1975, and finally made it to the real world aboard the USS James Monroe, SSBN 622 in February of '76. Left her in late '79, and joined staff at S1C in Windsor Locks. Got out of active in 1982. Joined the reserves, and bumped around SIMA's until locking down at Fleet Training Center, Jacksonville. Retired in December, 1993. I look forward to hearing from any of my fellow Chief's, and any of my old shipmates.

Name: RMC(SW)USN (Ret) Phil Sevores
Comments: RMC(SW)USN (Ret)

Name: Keith A. Johnson LICS(SS) USNR Ret.
Comments: Looking for crew members from USS Thresher SS(N)593.


Name: HMC(SW/NAC) Scott Adams, USN
Comments: Great Sight! Hello to all from Sunny Cuba! Have a Great Navy Day! Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Comments: Enlisted Dec 58, duty stations Treasure Island 58/59, USS Sperry AS12, 59/60, USS Menhaden SS377, 60/63. Civilian tour until Aug65. TM School in Key West then 4 years on USS Grenadier SS525. Then to Recruiting duty at Naval Reserve Center Galveston TX 69/73. Transfered to Albuquerque NAVRESCEN as station recruiter. 73/80. Transfered to NAVRESREDCOM10 NewOrleans 80/82. Retired TMCS Feb 82. Returned to Albuquerque and started a property management company Rental Management Services, Inc. company website is

Name: BMC(SW/DV) Kindred
Comments: Just stopped by to say hello to all my My fellow CPO's. Need anything in SD let me know I can see what I can do. I am stationed at SPAWARSYSCEN San Diego.

Name: RMC James E. Smith, USN RET
Comments: NAVCOMMSTA Key West 68-69, NAVCOMMSTA Philippines 70-73, NTCC Oakland CA 73-75, NAVCOMMSTA Philippines 75-77, NAVCOMMSTA Diego Garcia 78-79, USS Orion 79-80, AFSOUTH Naples IT 80-83, COMSIXTHFLT Staff 83-86, DITCO Scott AFB IL 86-89. Currently sandcrabbing at DISA, Arlington VA in DISN Contracting Office. Would like to hear from former shipmates.

Name: QMCS Robert Jess USCG (Ret)
Comments: Great site.

Name: Michael Behnke MMC(SW/DV)
Comments: Currently stationed at MDSU-1. Previously at Subase Pearl, USS Reclaimer, NDSTC Panama City, USS Edenton at Little Creek VA, USS Hunley Holy Loch, TRF Bangor, VF-32 NAS Oceana/USS John F. Kennedy.

Name: John Reynolds MMCS(SS)Ret
Comments: Hi Greg, Great Job! If you talk to Jim Herdt soon, tell him to drop me a line, thanks. just for the record: I served in USS Joseph Hewes ff1078, USS Frank Cable as40, USS Gato ssn615, USS SkipJack ssn 585(DECOM COB), USS Silversides ssn 679, USS Minn-St Paul (COB), NAVSUBSCOL, GROTON, and PMT NORFOLK


Name: FCCM(SW)John E. Adams
Comments: Great web site. Retired in 1991 after 22 years. Rate was FCCM(SW). Worked with the Talos, Terrier, Nato Seasparrow Missile Systems. Duty stations were USS Little Rock CLG-4 (70 - 75), NOMTF White Sands Missile Range, NM (75 - 77, 82 - 85), USS Albany CG-10 (77 - 79), USS Preble DDG-46 (79 - 82), FTG Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (86 - 88), NSWSES Port Hueneme, CA (88 - 91).

Name: STGCS(SW)Samuel S. Moore(Scott)
Comments: Active duty in the navy from Oct70 to Feb91. Retired STGCS(SW) in the Charleston, SC area. Born and raised in Va. Beach. Duty stations as follows: RTC Great Lakes 10-12/70, NTC Great Lakes (BE&E) 1-3/71, Flt Sonar School 3/71-1/72, USS Corry DD817, 3/72-6/74; FLTRACENPAC 7-10/74; USS DuPont DD941 12/74-3/77, NAB Little Creek VA 3/77-2/79; precomm USS McInerney FFG8 Bath,ME 8/79-10/83; MOTU-10 10/83-10/86; USS Klakring FFG42 10/86-9/88; USS Petrel ASR14 10/88-2/91. Presently working for Eagan McAllister Assoc. as a comm electronics tech with NavmacsII. Have own business on side with EXCEL Communications as a managing rep/trainer. Doing taxes for H&R Block here in Charleston, SC.

Name: ADCS(AW/NAC)Rick A.Rees
Comments: Great Page! Hope to research it when I have more time. HSL-42, NS Mayport, Florida

Name: Jerry O. Howard RMC (RET)
Comments: Great page. Retired 79 after 20 years. Served on Uss Chickasaw (ATF-83), USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31), and USS Askari (ARL-30). Shore Stations, NAS Agana Guam, NAS Kingsville, TX, NAS Fallon, NV. Served with Mobile Riverine Force on Askari in Viet Nam during 68-69. Will tell others about this page.

Name: ISCS Robert L. Sisson
Website: USANA
Comments: ISCS, USN, 02/67-03/91: NAS Miramar, CA; NAS Atsugi, Japan; Naval Investigative Service Office, New York; CTF 157, Yokosuka, Japan; JUSMAG/JUSMACTHAI/CTF 157, Bangkok, Thailand; USTDC, Taipei, Taiwan; COMTHIRDFLT, Pearl Harbor, HI; USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64); CTF 168, San Diego, CA

Name: DPC(AW) Peter T. Murphy
Website: Homepage
Comments: Followed the link in from the Selfridge CPOA page.

Name: ATC(AW) Robert C. Ross
Comments: Currently stationed at the White Sands Missile Range, NM. Here is the list; 1977 Great Lakes Boot Camp, 1978 AV "A" school- Memphis, 1978-1981 NWC- China Lake,CA., 1981-1984 VA-27- NAS Lemoore,CA., 1984-1987 VA-127 -NAS Lemoore, 1987-1991 VAQ-136 onboard USS Midway -Yokosuka, Japan, 1991-1994 NAWS -China Lake, CA., 1994-1997 AIMD USS Nimitz -Bremerton, WA., 1997-present NAWC -White Sands, NM alt email=robross@NMSU.Edu

Name: Ernest P. Reese EMCM(SW),USN, RET
Comments: Really like your Site. Joined the USN in 1966, put my hat on in March of 1977, retired July of 1993. Don't get called CHIEF much anymore, but I still get chicken skin at the memories. Glad to see you here, Will visit again. BZ brother.

Name: DSCS(SW) Tim Russell
Comments: I am currently a staff member here at the Senior Enlisted Academy in Newport, RI. My tours of duty include USS John Hancock (DD 981), USS Merrill (DD 976) and USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968). I also did two tours of instructor duty at Mare Island, CA.

Name: HMC(SW/NAC/FMF) Rich Freund
Comments: Great Web sight.

Name: ISC(AW) Harry L. Bussey
Comments: Really enjoyed this page! Currently in training for position at Amembassy, Paris France.

Name: ETC(SS) Dan Lavelle
Comments: Damneck 80-81,USS Hunley 81-82, USS G.C.Marshall 83-86, USS Simon Boulivar 86-88, NFAS Orlando( CMAA) 88-91, USS Phoenix 91-93, USS Atlanta 93-96, NAVIMFAC Pearl Harbor 96-Present.

Name: MACS Shelley Carpenter
Comments: NAS North Island '77-80; NAS Bermuda AIMD '80-82; USS Frank Cable AS-40 '82-84; Naval Brig Philadelphia '84-87; NAS Bermuda SecDet '87-89; RTC Orlando '89-91; NAVSTA Panama SecDet '91-94; NETPDTC Saufley Field (exam writer) '94-97; retired June '97.

Name: YNC Randy Knight, Retired
Comments: Great page - nice to find something like this. Retired in 1989 at VR-57, San Diego.

Name: Ronald N. Freeman
Website: Ron & Mary's Home Page
Comments: Really liked the Chief's Home Page - Keep up the good work.....

Comments: Hello Shipmates, Looking for anyone that might have been stationed on the USS Strong (DD758) for reunions. Or from any of the following duty stations, USS PROTEUS,(AS 19), , WEAPONS DEPT. SUB BASE, NEW LONDON CT. AND USS BUSHNELL (AS15) LOOKING FOR A TORPEDOMAN MATE, BY THE NAME OF JOHN HARPER FROM GA.

Comments: Would love to here from old shipmates-drop a line-4396 Alan Shepard Ave, Cocoa, Fl,32926

Name: AECS G. Howell
Comments: Retired AECS, USN, 6/30/92 NAS Moffett Field, CA

Name: AMHC(AW) Ron Price
Comments: Thanks.......GREAT PAGE! What a way to keep the brotherhood together..let us not forget our roots.

Name: PHCS(AW) Jon C. Sweeney
Comments: Duty Stations: Patuxent River Md., USS Saratoga, NAS Pensacola Fl., Sigonella Italy, USS John F. Kennedy. "Leadership is a daily challenge; embrace the challenge."

Comments: Retired April '96. 1987-1996 Various NSW commands; 1984-1987 FOSIC/CINCPACFLT; 1980-1987 NRD DENVER/SAN DIEGO; 1975-1980 FICEURLANT.

Name: John P. Dunn, TCC (USCGR)
Comments: Anyone who may have served with my Dad, Frank Dunn - retired AE1 on the Kitty Hawk, Saratoga, Forrestal(?) Vietnam era, please contact me. He is dying of cancer and I'm looking for old shipmates.


Name: Ron Triplett
Comments: I retired 30 June, 1997. I would like to keep in touch with old shipmates and stay abreast of the latest happenings in the Navy.

Name: SKC(AW) Steve Nickodemski
Comments: Great page, wish more existed like this one. Lots of Navy Pride.

Name: AOC Tim Zimmer
Comments: I am an AOC stationed at Strike Aircraft Squadron onboard NAS Patuxent River, MD. I made chief this year and am proud to be in the ranks of the backbone of the Navy!

Name: ETCM(SS) J.B. O'Dea
Comments: USS PLUNGER SSN-595; USS BARB SSN-596. Any Plunger/Barb shipmates planning to attend SUBFEST ' 98 Reunion @ San Francisco July 1-5 ???

Name: Gary Carl Picha
Referred by: Net Search
From: Amawalk, New York
Time: 1998-01-02 02:39:00
Comments: BZ for this site. Keep up the Great work.

Name: MSCM(SW/AW)Zoppy
Website: mike&emmies home page
Comments: Just surfed and am happy to see this page. I hope all of you are enjoying it. Take care

Name: AOC(AC/AW) Marcus E. Reed
Comments: (AC/AW)AOC,USN (Retired) 1964 to 1984 Last duty LCPO G-3DIV USS KENNEDY CV67,NATTC Memphis Tn, VP44,VP30,VP44,NAS Cecil Field Fla respectively. Currently County Veteran Service Officer for Stewart County Tennessee and VAMC Liver Transplant (1st in Tennessee) five years out and doing well.

Name: Mike Monti
Comments: Shipmates...I'm a retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant E8) who was a military club manager up until I retired in Sep of 88. In Dec 88 I went to Subic Bay in the PI to be the Assistant Manager of the Officers' Club. About a year later I moved over to the CPO Club to be the manager...replacing Ted "Shorty" Phillips who was going into to Olongapo to open a bar. I was excited about going to the CPO Club but when I got there....the Chief's let me know that I may have been a retired E8...I still wasn't a "Chief" 'cause I had never been initiated! 48 years of age I went to the Command Master Chief....Harry Newkirk and said..."INITIATE ME"!! And in Sep 90 I attended and went through the CPO Initiation and had my Senior Chief devices pinned on by Admiral's Tobin and Mercer! I have to tell you....although I'm proud of my 28 yers of active service with the Air Force...I'm more proud of my Chief's Creed, Honorary CPO Plaque and CPO Card then anything else! If there is one thing I admire about the NAVY it's that you have and continue to maintain....TRADITION and PRIDE! I still work as a Club Manager...right now I'm at Shaw AFB, SC where I manage the Enlisted Club. I've been here 7 months and I've been bustin' my butt to get this place turned around. I'm being somewhat successful because in the past 6 months I've been able to raise the membership by about 450 new members and that equates to an over 17% increase in membership...the highest increase in Air Combat Command and one of the highest in the Air Force! Shipmates...I miss the NAVY and I especially miss all the friends I made while I was at Subic Bay! My very dear friend and mentor, retired Lt Merrill Dennis, who was a Mustang and after retiring spent about 20 years in Subic passed away a year ago in Las Vegas. He was one of the very best people I have ever known and all who knew him miss him greatly! If any of you pass this way....the club always has hot coffee and I'll swap sea stories with you any time! Heck...I'll even get the cook to make some Navy Bean Soup too! Take care and I wish all of you the very best during this NEW YEAR!!

Name: ATCS(AW) Lisa Bailey
Website: Savannah's Site
Comments: This is a really great site! I heard about it during this past years CPO initiation training