Goat Locker Get Togethers

Tinker AFB, OK Get Together

Muster was held as scheduled, well there were a couple of people that wandered in late!! ATC Jeff Pennington and AEC Scott Morton(Tiny), both from VQ3 at Tinker made most of the arrangements and were both there. There was another ActDu type that had lunch with us and TJ and Jeff Ruff, both ITC types stopped in to say hello. Retired members were Fritz Cunningham ENCS and Sandy, who was the only one with a digital camera so will have to wait for pics from her, from Wisc, Harold Feltman PNCS from Duncan, OK, Ray Jones BMC and Asawa from Watts, OK, Ted Spurgen AOC, Duncan OK and myself. It was interesting to visit with the ActDu types and there was some lively conversations involving Boats Jones and the Airdales!! Some of the ActDu types couldn't spend a lot of time as they are in the middle of Selectee activities and a Safety Inspection due this afternoon.

The Group from left to right, Tiny, Ray, Jess, Harold, Ted, Fritz and Ontiveros.

Ted and Tiny

Ted and Fritz

Ray and Tiny


Jeff and Tiny

Right to left, Fritz Cunningham ENCS Ret, AEC Scott Morton(Tiny), ATC Jeff Pennington, and Chief Ontiveros

Right to left, Ted Spurgen AOC Ret, Ray Jones BMC Ret, Sandy Cunningham, Harold Feltman PNCS Ret(hidden in the corner), Fritz, and Tiny.

Right to left, Ted, Ray Jones' Asawa, Sandy, and a person to be determined.

Tiny and Jess

Harold's Trike