Goat Locker Chief (GLC) Joel Bear

DPC Jesse Miller transferring CPO Joel Bear to ENC Mike Bartik

Joel was certified as "Master, any tonnage, any ocean, sloop rigged vessel.

GLC in San Diego June 6th for the GL BBQ at ADC's house.

GLC at the BBQ in Sandy Eggo. GLC was getting counseling from the CMAA on how to indulge too much!

GLC's visit to Merced, CA Veteran Park.

GLC with Danny and Foxstep.

Headed for the moon and wound up on MARS?

Here are some pictures of Joel when he came aboard for the first time with the Seabees. These pictures were taken at Camp Covington, Guam. Joel, paid his mess dues, and is enjoying some snacks and a cold dark barley-pop after his ride.

He joined us in typhoon preparations on a roller, snuck off to Chamorro village and caught a water buffalo ride. He is also observing colors with me, when he stood AOOD. Thanks Foxstep

GLC ready to take the webmaster's Harley out for a spin.

GLC Bear using the Webmasters computer

Miss Martha (Bear) McCluskey the lady of loose morals.

GLC using his Goat Locker coffee cup

GLC Bear and RMC Leo F. McCluskey

GLC Bear and RMC Leo F. McCluskey telling Elk stories

Now, we've had a martini or two - more Elk stories!!

GLC Strapped in for the trip to the American Legion

GLC At the American Legion for a Special benefit

At the flagpole

GLC going to the Prom as a chaperone(would you trust your daughter with a Chief??)

GLC and ITC Anna on the Focsle of the USS North Carolina BB-55

GLC ready for Sea and Anchor detail

GLC explaining to Anna the workings of older comm equipment

Ready to enter the Chiefs Mess

GLC manning his GQ station

Annie and GLC's long trip! Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6 Photo9
Photo10 Photo11 Photo12 Photo13 Photo14 Photo15 Photo16 Photo17

Ag Don with his tenderloin while Joel's younger brother kicks back and relaxes in Joensy's, eat your heart out Greg

Ag Don's Donna and RPMs Marty with Joel's younger brothers flanking RPM and Marty's granddaughter Ari who is holding Joel. Don't tell me that Joel is not a chick magnet

Three retired Chiefs with three active Chiefs of the Bear family in front of Joensy's door before supper.

Three active Chiefs of the Bear family in front of Joensy's door before supper. The brothers Bear did not seem interested in the tenderloins, but Donna had a salad containing nuts and berries which interested them some, but the waitresses kept the Bear brothers so busy with their chick magneting that they never even got a bite.

GLC Joel Bear toured the John Deere Tractor Works this morning and the John Deere Engine Works this afternoon. The following two pictures were taken at these two facilities.

GLC's stay in DooDah Land. I promised the Recruiters, the Financial girls and Penny, from Lordsburg, NM, I would get their pics on the web. Also included is the xfer of GLC from AlfaDawg to DooDah and from DooDah to Chiefer, Tom Landreth, HMC, Ret., in Vegas.
Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6

GLC Joel Bear travels to date.
Mike Bartik, ENC, Ret. Versailles, OH
John Ellett, RMC, Ret. Merced, CA.
Paul Celli, EOC (SCW/SW), acitvated Reserve, in Guam
Dan Hagar, MMCS(SS) for a tour on a fast attack out of Guam.
Greg Peterman MMCM(SS) for a quick R&R.
Jeannie Malm HMC(SCW) for duty.
RMC Leo F. McCluskey, New Hampshire
ASC(SW/AW/NAC) Armand Rubbo
ITC Anna Allegretto
ADC Ann Prester(JetAnnie) tour of US
AQC Donald W. Roepke
Gary Hess, CMC(SCW), La Crosse, WI
Jess Miller, DPC, Ret Wichita, KS
Thomas C. Landreth, HMC, Ret Catalina, AZ

GLC/Jaydubya/Big Dave Keywest 2007-2008 Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5, Photo6, Photo7, Photo8, Photo9, Photo10, Photo11

GLC/ETC(SW/AW) Tim Anderson Antartica 2012 Photo1 Photo2, Photo3, Photo4

GLC/Ted Spurgin Cowpens 2012 Photo1, Photo2, Photo3

GLC/BUC Archibald Colorado Springs NMCB17 2011-2012 Photo1, Photo2, Photo3

GLC/CTRCM JW Smith Maryland Nov 2012-Mar 2013Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5, Photo6, Photo7

Regulations for CPO Joel Bear TAD Hosting:

The current host of CPO Bear will post on the Goat Locker BBS, the date CPO Bear reported in. CPO Bear will be TAD at that location for not more than 30 days. Upon request from new host, CPO Bear will be transferred to requestor with the following documentation:

All previous orders,
Orders to the next host, properly filled in.
All previous pictures which accompany him.
Picture of transferring host and CPO Bear and include name and location.
If possible, email a copy of the picture to the Goat Locker Webmaster or person to be designated.
Properly completed orders to next destination.

DooDah, Jess